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<headius> ok so status at this point
<headius> The M1 builds are failing everywhere, I have to tweak some environment for the service... so that is just env work
<headius> test:jruby fails on Windows and I have not started investigating Windows
<headius> spec:ruby:fast:jit seems to be failing due to some kwargs handling... I'm not sure when this regressed
<headius> test:jruby:aot crashes Zulu JDK on GHA but not locally, so that needs further investigation
<enebo[m]> yeah I suspect kwargs handling for jit has been broken a long time with my frobnicate weirdness problem you fixed
<enebo[m]> which just means we wouldn't probably have ever seen it greem
<headius> the Sequel suite is still not passing on JRuby, have not investigated
<headius> -Ptest on OpenJ9 fails, have not investigated
<headius> other than that almost all of our core suites are green, with the expected MRI and WIP spec suites failing
<headius> I could probably merge this and incrementally look at the last few that should not be failing
<headius> they are all special cases of other suites so they should pass
<enebo[m]> I don't see why not if you get full green runs from some jobs
<enebo[m]> May as well just create new branches for remaining work in one or more swipes
<headius> I will merge in your fix for the Struct key thing and then merge
<enebo[m]> As far as kwargs failures I am down to I think a single ruby2_keyword issue on spec:ruby:fast (removing all tags)
<enebo[m]> but in test:mri there are still 14E/16F on test_keyword
<enebo[m]> not all of those are important but a few could explain rails problem which is still not working
<headius> hey where was that struct failure? I have it fixed locally so I have forgotten
<enebo[m]> as in the spec?
<headius> yeah
<enebo[m]> spec/ruby/core/struct/new_spec.rb
<enebo[m]> going to make lunch
<headius> thank you
<enebo[m]> but as a conclusion once I get interp finished the JIT part will be simple since I just have to push a temp for existing instrs and then add a simple impl for getting the keywords itself which is just doing an IRRuntimeHelpers call
<enebo[m]> I may do JIT this afternoon even if I don't since I do not anticipate any design changes now
<headius> FYI to_s does not appear to be needed to get the symbol name without :
<headius> I just pass symbol into RubyStringBuilder.str as I showed you
<enebo[m]> ah cool
<headius> I've merged it into master
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<kaleemullah123[m> Hello Guys
<kaleemullah123[m> I need your help on a problem specific to JRuby 9.2.10
<kaleemullah123[m> On JRuby 9.2.9 it's working fine.
<kaleemullah123[m> I'm loading a jar file in my ruby class
<kaleemullah123[m> Jar file (Package -> Class)
<kaleemullah123[m> and it's methods are not accessible.
<kaleemullah123[m> java_import 'com.nordea.oss.authenticatedencryption.AuthenticatedEncryption'
<headius> How are you loading the jar?
<headius> And hello!
<kaleemullah123[m> require '/platform-common/lib/trust_pilot/authenticated-encryption.jar'
<kaleemullah123[m> headius: thanks your your response
<kaleemullah123[m> java_import 'com.nordea.oss.authenticatedencryption.AuthenticatedEncryption'
<kaleemullah123[m> authenticated_encryption ='a', 'b')
<kaleemullah123[m> authenticated_encryption.methods should return a method :encrypt which is in java class
<kaleemullah123[m> with 9.2.9 it's returning but 9.2.10 it's not.
<headius> So it is able to construct it ok?
<kaleemullah123[m> NoMethodError (undefined method `encrypt' for #<Java::ComNordeaOssAuthenticatedencryption::AuthenticatedEncryption:0x7d49699>)
<kaleemullah123[m> yes, it seems to be constructed.
<kaleemullah123[m> this is the content of .jar file
<kaleemullah123[m> Weird thing is it's working perfectly with JRuby 9.2.9 but not with JRuby 9.2.10
<kaleemullah123[m> any idea?
<kaleemullah123[m> I'm stuck on this issue since days :(
<headius> Hmm yes that looks like it should work
<kaleemullah123[m> this is an organised gist of ruby code:
<kaleemullah123[m> headius: any help to debug this furthet?
<kaleemullah123[m> Just to inform, it's does not work with 9.2.10 onwards for any version.
<kaleemullah123[m> fidothe: any help?
<headius> I'll be back at my desk shortly and see if I can help you figure this out
<kaleemullah123[m> thank you!
<JasonLunn[m]> headius: Did JRuby end up submitting a GSoC application this year?
<headius> Jason Lunn: unfortunately not, we could have joined the Ruby organization but it would have been me and I just didn't have time to get together ideas and so on
<headius> I'm not sure we're going to have free cycles to do mentoring over the summer anyway
<JasonLunn[m]> Got it. I'm gearing up to finalize approvals to move forward on JRuby support for grpc. When I get to technical design, are you still interested in reviewing it before we break ground?
<kaleemullah123[m> headius: do you have some time now?
<headius> kaleemullah123: sorry, had a few things to do
<headius> so it does find the class and constructs it ok... could you show the output of `authenticated_encryption.methods.sort` please?
<headius> Jason Lunn: Yeah sure! I am looking into some download numbers to get a rough idea of things on our end
<kaleemullah123[m> [:!, :!=, :!~, :<=>, :==, :===, :=~, :__id__, :"__jcreate!", :__send__, :class, :clone, :com, :define_singleton_method, :display, :dup, :enum_for, :eql?, :equal?, :equals, :equals?, :extend, :finalize, :freeze, :frozen?, :getClass, :get_class, :hash, :hashCode, :hash_code, :inspect, :instance_eval, :instance_exec, :instance_of?, :instance_variable_defined?, :instance_variable_get, :instance_variable_set, :instance_variables, :is_a?,
<kaleemullah123[m> :itself, :java, :java_annotation, :java_class, :java_field, :java_implements, :java_kind_of?, :java_method, :java_name, :java_object, :java_object=, :java_package, :java_require, :java_send, :java_signature, :javafx, :javax, :kind_of?, :marshal_dump, :marshal_load, :method, :methods, :nil?, :notify, :notifyAll, :notify_all, :object_id, :org, :pp, :private_methods, :protected_methods, :public_method, :public_methods, :public_send,
<kaleemullah123[m> :remove_instance_variable, :respond_to?, :send, :singleton_class, :singleton_method, :singleton_methods, :synchronized, :taint, :tainted?, :tap, :toString, :to_enum, :to_java, :to_java_object, :to_s, :to_string, :trust, :untaint, :untrust, :untrusted?, :wait, :yield_self]
<headius> it's hard to get aggregate numbers because we can be downloaded and installed several ways
<headius> kaleemullah123: aha... I just noticed that class has default (package) visibility
<headius> at some point, possibly 9.2.10, we stopped attempting to bind classes and methods that you could not call from a piece of Java code
<headius> are you running on Java 8 or 9+?
<kaleemullah123[m> Java 8
<kaleemullah123[m> Just for info, here is the output of authenticated_encryption.methods.sort with JRuby 9.2.9:
<kaleemullah123[m> [:!, :!=, :!~, :<=>, :==, :===, :=~, :__id__, :"__jcreate!", :__send__, :class, :clone, :com, :decrypt, :define_singleton_method, :display, :dup, :encrypt, :enum_for, :eql?, :equal?, :equals, :equals?, :extend, :finalize, :freeze, :frozen?, :getClass, :get_class, :hash, :hashCode, :hash_code, :inspect, :instance_eval, :instance_exec, :instance_of?, :instance_variable_defined?, :instance_variable_get, :instance_variable_set,
<kaleemullah123[m> :instance_variables, :is_a?, :itself, :java, :java_annotation, :java_class, :java_field, :java_implements, :java_kind_of?, :java_method, :java_name, :java_object, :java_object=, :java_package, :java_require, :java_send, :java_signature, :javafx, :javax, :kind_of?, :marshal_dump, :marshal_load, :method, :methods, :nil?, :notify, :notifyAll, :notify_all, :object_id, :org, :pp, :private_methods, :protected_methods, :public_method,
<kaleemullah123[m> :public_methods, :public_send, :remove_instance_variable, :respond_to?, :send, :singleton_class, :singleton_method, :singleton_methods, :synchronized, :taint, :tainted?, :tap, :toString, :to_enum, :to_java, :to_java_object, :to_s, :to_string, :trust, :untaint, :untrust, :untrusted?, :wait, :yield_self]
<kaleemullah123[m> and you can see ":encrypt" and ":decrypt" methods
<headius> right, that makes sense for when JRuby would let you call methods on private or protected or package-visible classes
<headius> I assume this is not the way a Java user would call this API but since you were able to do it you did it this way
<headius> do you control that class or is it a third-party library?
<kaleemullah123[m> it's (.jar) a third party library.
<headius> Jason Lunn: quick maven central stats show around 30-40k downloads per month with an uptick recently ( most likely)
<headius> that's 30-40k across all versions so occasional old ones in there too
<headius> is still the most downloaded as the last stable release of the previous major version 9.2
<headius> the jruby-complete jar which contains all of JRuby and the ruby stdlib averages 300k-350k downloads per month, but it is used by all the JRuby-based build tools and by nearly everyone embedding Ruby into Java apps
<headius> the 30-40k stats were for the standard JRuby dist tarball that unpacks into a working Ruby install
<headius> jruby-base is a stripped-down jar that only contains JRuby and has averaged 5000-7000 downloads a month and climbing since we introduced it in Oct
<headius> this is just maven central though so no stats on federated servers and mirrors
<JasonLunn[m]> Are those stats somewhere anyone can see them or are they visible only to the maintainers?
<headius> this is only via the sonatype OSS maven hosting console, I'm not sure if they're public
<headius> kaleemullah123: ok back to you
<kaleemullah123[m> thanks :)
<kaleemullah123[m> headius: Can you please guide me how can I fix this issue?
<headius> well the short answer is that you can't... we don't bind methods on package-visible classes because on Java 9+ we simply can't (modules prevent it or warn loudly about it)
<headius> kaleemullah123: could I get you to open a discussion about this? I'm not sure if we have a workaround for you but we can discuss it there and try to get you an alternative or workaround
<headius> if it is not public, then you would not be able to call it from a Java class so we do not bind its methods
<kaleemullah123[m> Sure! Should I open an issue in github?
<headius> I think a discussion would be better, since this isn't really a bug (we made the choice for a reason)
<headius> but either way is fine, I can turn an issue into a discussion
<kaleemullah123[m> I'll open a discussion for it.
<kaleemullah123[m> Between, Thank you so much for your time and support! 🙏
<headius> yeah sorry we don't have an answer for you now but we'll work through it
<JasonLunn[m]> <headius> "this is only via the sonatype..." <- Thanks. When you have a spare minute, would you mind snapping a screenshot or two and sending them to me by email so that I can forward it internally?
<lopex[m]> this is madness
<lopex[m]> recommend the whole thing, quicksort is an endless topic