<byteit101[m]> gem install sinatra threw this error for me on a clean-ish 9.3.4: NoMethodError: undefined method `ignored=' for nil:NilClass
<byteit101[m]> rvm/rubies/jruby-
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<kares[m]> <headius> "kares: https://github.com/jruby..."; <- created https://github.com/ruby/net-http/pull/52 which would be better than shipping _cb that do not work
<kares[m]> believe there was some confusion in the past about some of the _cb (there's one or two that are dummy already) not working under JRuby
<kares[m]> so adding more would cause more confusion ... but if net-http does not accept these I am okay withi shipping the dummy ones
<kares[m]> even with those we still issue a warn-ing from `session_cache_mode = ...` which is another dummy thingy (not that critical as a non-firing _cb though)
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<headius> kares: this looks good to me, I will lobby to get it applied and released
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