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<headius> Good morning
<headius> kares: hsbt said it looks good, so I will see about getting it merged and released
<headius> At least to preview gem we can use
<kares[m]> great, also looking into the remaining failures from the test suite - whether we could improve
<kares[m]> one particular case leads to an ugly Java exception, that should not happen, rest might need to get skipped on JRuby in a follow-up PR.
<byteit101[m]> headius: since enebo hasn't been around recently, I'd like your thoughts on this. Which of the global imports in https://github.com/byteit101/JRubyFX-FXMLLoader/blob/master/lib/jrubyfx-fxmlloader.rb should we keep in jrubyfx 2.0? My thought is Only FXCollection, plus maybe the bean ones?
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