<byteit101[m]> totao number of jrubyfx module opens: 184
<byteit101[m]> JRubyFX 2.0 released!
<byteit101[m]> headius: releasing that was the last of the 4 things that needed to be done for the blog post. Post it whenever (might be good to have someone run through the code to make sure it works first, though)
<byteit101[m]> enebo: ^ 2.0 released
<byteit101[m]> only took about 6 years since the last release :-)
<headius> That's a lot of modules
<headius> Congratulations 🎉
<byteit101[m]> Indeed quite a lot, hence my asking about them a few days ago
<byteit101[m]> *8 modules, but 184 module opens (module X package)
<headius> Any idea how many of those are just for protected calls?
<byteit101[m]> I probably could grab javaparser to find out and clean it up a bit, but I just did the commands here: https://github.com/jruby/jrubyfx/wiki/Getting-Started#java-modules-using-java-9
<byteit101[m]> so to answer your question: no. that's literally everything that could be, not reduced to the necessary
<byteit101[m]> on various apps I've actually developed, it's varied between 2 and 6 add-opens, so I figured I'd play it safe by adding everything :-)
<headius> Ok I get that
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<Freaky> sigh
<Freaky> my git revision walker code keeps crashing with "invalid byte sequence in UTF-8"
<Freaky> but walking every single revision in a test script is fine
<Freaky> "3eb67b534cab6a78b44b13e4323fd60353003089 (\x98\xF6\x90V\b~3)\n"
<Freaky> k, that's more coherent than I was anticipating