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<GaurishSharma[m]> what I am missing?
<headius> That is confusing
<headius> Does it also fail in a normal IRB session?
<GaurishSharma[m]> yes
<GaurishSharma[m]> within rails
<headius> I mean not rails console, just irb
<GaurishSharma[m]> trying, give me 1min
<headius> The last thing to try would be loading the script that works from within IRB
<GaurishSharma[m]> works as IRB
<GaurishSharma[m]> jruby- :003 > connection = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(ENV['SNOWFLAKE_DB_URL'])
<GaurishSharma[m]> => #<Java::NetSnowflakeClientJdbc::SnowflakeConnectionV1:0x2b1d1a5>
<headius> Okay that's interesting, so it's something with the rails console messing up the JDBC driver load
<headius> Is the path to the jar file correct? Pointing at the right file?
<GaurishSharma[m]> yes. the same file I used in irb session just now
<GaurishSharma[m]> the file also gets added to $CLASSPATH
<GaurishSharma[m]> I am not sure what else to check
<GaurishSharma[m]> don't know much about java, so sorry if I am missing something silly.
<headius> Could you open a bug for this? I am not in the office and can't help very much today but others will see it
<headius> They may not be a bug but it's a good way for us to figure out what's wrong
<GaurishSharma[m]> done. Thank for taking time to respond! Have a great day
<headius> Maybe kares or enebo have an idea