<demon36[m]> so what's the plan?
<demon36[m]> establish the automated cross compile environment ?
<headius> I guess so!
<demon36[m]> it appears github has action for linux, windows and mac, aren't these enough for 2.0
<headius> None of them are arm64 so that's one issue
<headius> demon36: so that wasn't quite correct... we do save the artifacts from building on windows and macos (x86_64) but also linux on several platforms (i386, x86_64, arm, arm64, armv5, and s390x)
<headius> I can hook up a runner to also do macos on M1
<headius> macos and windows builds were not working... I am getting the macos build hooked up to our M1 runner now
<byteit101[m]> kares: all the TODO's are because I requested some reviews, but I think the PR was big enough to overwhelm and so it was decided to just merge it as-is.
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<headius> ok progress
<headius> M1 runner for jnr-ffi is moved to jnr org for all projects, and I have M1 builds hooked up and working here now: https://github.com/jnr/jffi/pull/124
<headius> we are missing a lot of checked builds but mostly Windows and BSDs
<headius> Windows can use GHA runner so just needs tweaking probably... the BSDs and Solaris will be harder because they'll need to run in VMs
<headius> hmm the mips64el debian openjdk build doesn't want to work
<headius> the ppc64el run not looking great either
<headius> ppc issues may be fixed on qemu master but doesn't appear to be released in a deb package
<headius> well, the good news is that we can add riscv64 to supported platforms, I guess
<headius> ppc64le and mips64le seem to have some issues