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<headius> Good morning
<headius> byteit101: Did the doco for the annotation API changes get into the wiki somewhere? I can't find it
<headius> I have decided we will do a best guess at release notes with a link to a wiki page for "extended release notes" that we can continue to update after the release
<byteit101[m]> I'm not sure
<headius> byteit101: if you get a chance you could copy the final notes and doco snippits you had in the PR to a basic wiki page
<headius> Finalish release notes are now available here:
<headius> enebo: use the source of that for the release and we can continue updating the page as necessary
<headius> I did another pass over all issues and PRs marked for and I think this is a pretty good list of the major items
<headius> enebo: we should probably create the branch right away since we'll want to get master going on 9.4
<enebo[m]> headius: yeah I have been thinking about this...
<enebo[m]> I think maybe for two weeks we leave master as-is and perhaps make a branch for 9.4 right away so anyone who submits fix will not target wrong branch. Perhaps this is no longer needed though with how easy it is to retarget to another branch.
<enebo[m]> My only concern there is that 9.4 may no longer be a clean PR if people target master first
<headius> mmm that is possible
<headius> sure, I'm fine with that for the short term
<headius> I think we want to shoot for end of year to get 3.0 support released, so we will want that to be master pretty soon
<enebo[m]> yeah end of year by latest
<byteit101[m]> headius: will do after work today
<enebo[m]> yay we did it.. is out
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<enebo[m]> I think I may be feeling optimistic but I bet this series takes much less updating to stablize
<headius> especially if we get 9.4 out by year's end 😀
<enebo[m]> or we will have two releases not stabliized :)
<headius> damn the torpedos
<enebo[m]> 🚀
<headius> reddit, fb, linkedin updated
<headius> once this settles I will mark it ready and Docker should be good to go:
<enebo[m]> cool
<headius> docker update is green
<headius> "latest" will now point at but all the 9.2 images are still there
<headius> perhaps I should spend the rest of the day doing the company-mandated macOS update to 11
<headius> hopefully it will be seamless
<enebo[m]> "seamless"
<headius> jbang-catalog updated for 9.3
<headius> I think that's everything
<ahorek[m]> nice! 🚀
<lopex[m]> numbers
<byteit101[m]> Oh no, java_annotation must be only partially deprecated, classes still "support" it
<byteit101[m]> headius: and from the how the internals work page, I updated too, though I wasn't sure how much to put there
<headius> That's great, I'll have a look and add links to the release notes page