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<fidothe> anyone actually posting here?
<Freaky> not yet
<Freaky> think we're just guarding it until someone redirects the matrix bridge
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<headius> hmm
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<headius> !msg chanserv op #jruby headius
<headius> oops
<headius> bam
headius changed the topic of #jruby to: Get! | | | | Paste at
<headius> hmm
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<headius[m]> it is done
<headius> and appears to be working
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<headius[m]> at least my matrix message showed up on libera, but not vice-versa
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<headius> testing
<headius[m]> the bot is a little slow
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<headius[m]> there it is
<enebo> yeah
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<enebo> yeah yeah yeah
<headius> still nothing going the other way
<enebo[m]> seems one way still
<headius[m]> yeah
<enebo[m]> or zero way
<headius[m]> matrix to IRC is working but slow
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<enebo[m]> ok I agree with your slow statement now
<headius[m]> fast enough
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<headius[m]> I will ask in the support channel
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<headius[m]> sounds like it will work once users have synced up both ways
<headius[m]> we can let things settled for a while
<headius[m]> message sync seems to be speeding up also
<headius[m]> maybe 2s lag now
<headius> test
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<headius> enebo: I got my matrix and libera connected with same name
<headius> how does it look on that end?
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<headius> hah
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<headius> honestly
<headius_> test
<headius> does appear to work right
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<headius> enebo: try message on libera
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<enebo> sss
<enebo[m]> sent something
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<headius> ok
<headius> I guess we wait a while
<enebo[m]> yeah perhaps it will just start working after a bit
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<enebo[m]> gnome 4 is in new FC release and it seems to have nuked an extension I added
<headius> courage
<enebo[m]> whenever you move mouse to upper left corner it shows all your windows in a minified view to fast select but that makes the upper left corner tricky to actually use
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<enebo[m]> so I have to download a full extension to remove that behavior because gnome people say we cannot have too many settings
<headius> man I am so confused about freenode
<headius> now I connected to and I see the five user #jruby
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<enebo[m]> It is possible it is a setting now though...I cannot possibly imagine who likes that behavior...
<enebo[m]> (and I know someone in this chat will end up saying they do :) )
<headius> I have some hot corners but only for stuff like turn off screen
<headius> on macos
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<headius> are you still on irc.freenode and seeing 20-some users?
<enebo[m]> upper left feels like a weird choice since you overshoot to go to like "File" on an app and you get the selection
<headius> seems like some kind of netsplit
<enebo[m]> yeah sounds like they have more than one server and one is not connected
<enebo[m]> it is a spanning tree network so ???
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<headius> now I can't reconnect
<enebo[m]> I find this whole freenode thing confusing at a higher level
<enebo[m]> Like what did the people who took it over actually gain
<enebo[m]> I guess they thought people would complain a few days and keep using it?
<headius> yeah seems like a big strategic error somewhere along the way
<enebo[m]> For that matter what do they have to gain from this anyways?
<headius> now they have control of an IRC network nobody wants to use
<enebo[m]> It is not like we pay for it
<headius> we don't pay for Travis either
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<enebo[m]> sure but someone does
<enebo[m]> is there a commercial irc offering on freenode?
<headius> that is probably the long game but they screwed it up
<headius> back on irc.freenode, still five-person room
<enebo[m]> yeah I guess. if you offered irc + logger + other plugins for a channel you could get a standard protocol and modern chat amenities?
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<enebo[m]> I find it amazing that in the late 90s people have drawing panes integrated into irc as a Java applet
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<enebo[m]> So you would join #x and your client would join #x_draw (or something) and it would send drawing primitves as text when you drew on a canvas and all clients connected would then draw that
<enebo[m]> lunch
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<headius> enebo: I can't seem to get back on the server that has 20-some people... I will update our chat page and you can set topic
<enebo[m]> headius: I disconnected from the server but I can try
<enebo[m]> 11 people
<enebo[m]> so I think I made it
<headius> enebo: yes?
<enebo[m]> in theory. It does not tell me what I am connected to on pidgin I can see but that is the host I have configured
<headius> I seem to be getting routed to the bad server still
<enebo[m]> so give me a topic and I will set it
<enebo[m]> I wonder who tracks how many people are each network
<enebo[m]> I saw stats a few weeks ago and I would love to see a graph :)
<headius> "Please connect with the JRuby community by visiting"
<headius> side complaint: why does our https not work with
<headius> something we did not set up right on GH pages?
<headius> i.e. brings up an error
<enebo[m]> yeah something. Although I feel this error is not what I remember being the issue
<enebo[m]> Whatever the original problem was I spent like 10 hours trying different things and I thought the issue was redirecting from http and not https
<enebo[m]> it now says we have the wrong cert
<enebo[m]> on chromium
<headius> enebo: did you do this process for #jruby on libera?
<enebo[m]> I have never seen this page
<headius> I believe will redirect to but not having https work with URL is ungood
<enebo[m]> it is only that single url too right?
<headius> what do you mean?
<enebo[m]> all the other names work?
<headius> no
<headius> anything at* is also broken
<headius> like chat, which is what I tried first
<enebo[m]> ok I will take another look. We had an issue but this feels like it is different
<enebo[m]> I don't recall since this was changed years ago
<headius> I updated chat page to point at Libera
<enebo[m]> ok
<enebo> test
<headius> enebo: try a message on libera again when you get a chance
<headius> woot
<headius> you can merge your accounts now if you want
<headius> so there is just enebo on both sides
<enebo[m]> oh how do you do that?
<enebo[m]> I never did it before and in fact this is first time I heard of this feature :)
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<headius> open a chat to appservice
<headius> then "!username enebo" followed by "!storepass your_nickserv_pass"
<headius> it should take over the registered enebo on libera
<enebo[m]> cool
<headius> I kinda wish the libera folks and matrix folks would have just directly integrated these but I suppose matrix wants to support other IRC networks too
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<headius> enebo: confirmed that all http URLs do redirect to https www version
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<headius> but I keep trying URLs because www is so 90s
<enebo[m]> once the release is out I will mess around and see if I can slay the dragon
<enebo[m]> I believe the prefixed names are fine as whatever the CNAME method of redirecting is fine
<enebo[m]> something about the lack of the www. and just being the domain name is somehow an issue
<headius> yeah it is just some recipe we don't have right
<enebo[m]> time heals all domain issues
<headius> ok we will call the great chat migration completed
<headius> time to finish up release
<enebo[m]> yeah some text for release notes and I am finalizing gem/maven right now
<enebo[m]> cool...just waiting on maven
<headius> one more edit coming... the asciidoc issue was not targeted
<headius> it is now, and closed
<enebo[m]> maven files are there
<enebo[m]> gem is too but that one never takes time
<enebo[m]> so I will push site and make GH release
<enebo[m]> we will email/social after that
<headius> ok
<headius> basshelal: reviewing your library query/preference PR now
<enebo[m]> hmm how do I find chanserv on libera?
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<enebo[m]> more than one way to skin a cat
<headius> hmm
<enebo[m]> I actually have chanserv as a channel for freenode
<headius> yeah
<enebo[m]> but I was able to connect via pidgin to change topic so it is something for later
<enebo[m]> headius: I am going to send out emails now including let release know
<headius> add person and you should be able to find the libera chanserv
<headius> I just did and seems to work
<enebo[m]> yeah that little dude is in my list now
<headius> hmm, or not? doesn't seem to respond
<headius> oh nevermind, maybe it does
<headius> I can't tell if I got opped or not
<enebo[m]> It is super slow
<enebo[m]> I was able to do help
<headius> yeah
<headius> must be working
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<headius> I guess it did
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<enebo[m]> emails sent
<headius> ok socials happening
<enebo[m]> cool and you are handling docker?
<headius> yeah will do momentarily
<headius> all socials are done and docker PR created
<headius> happy release day!
<enebo[m]> huzzah
<headius> like and subscribe
<enebo[m]> smash the like button
<headius> if you get a chance enebo fzakaria have a look at
<headius> enebo: minor FYI, this was not marked for .18 until today:
<headius> I marked it for 9.3 but did not retarget when it was clear we should fix this in .18
<headius> enebo: sassc does appear to install properly on Windows if you have the dev tools installed:
<headius> it ought to be able to use the dll they push in the windows platform gem but so far nobody on sassc gem has shown interest in helping us set that up
<enebo[m]> heh CRuby Devkit?
<enebo[m]> ok well I guess there is an enhancement to be made on windows for us somewhere
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<headius> I guess?
<headius> must basically just be the tools for building CRuby exts
<enebo[m]> but we would need ruby installed?
<enebo[m]> If I had to bet I would say it is just to access a compiler
<enebo[m]> perhaps though it somehow requires c ruby headers or something
<headius> I think the dev kit is just an easy way to get Ruby plus the build stuff but we definitely do not need Ruby for our build
<headius> So if we could figure out what compiler pack the dev kit uses we can just recommend that for jruby users
<headius> Mohit can figure that out maybe
<ahorek[m]> - fixes the runtime issue, but you have to install it with a static option
<headius> aha
<headius> well that is one issue solved
<headius> I'd rather Windows users not have to install a dev kit whenever it can be avoided, and this is such a case
<ahorek[m]> would be a better choice, but a native integration is tough
<ahorek[m]> 1/ execjs = slowest
<ahorek[m]> 2/ shelling = works fine, but you still need a runtime which is pretty big
<headius> what is the deal with sass, is it maintained or what?
<ahorek[m]> google leads the development in their own language. Sassc/Libsass is behind and it's unlikely to change soon
<ahorek[m]> the original implementation was in ruby, but it's completely dead
<headius> well for compat with sass gem I guess jsass would still be a good option
<ahorek[m]> same library, different integration
<headius> right
<headius> I would assume most of the same ffi endpoints exist in the Java wrapper API, so it could be one and done and never need to be built
<headius> well, at least on platforms jsass prebuilds for
<headius> linux, windows, macos 🙄
<headius> freebsd is the discover card of the unix world
<fzakaria[m]> Thanks for tagging me on that PR. I'll try to get to the remainder by EOD
<fzakaria[m]> I will also try to push the JRuby "build from source" derivation into upstream again.
<fzakaria[m]> Here's a simpler version that is easier to work with by relaxing Nix's sandboxing.
<fzakaria[m]> (Lets you build any arbitrary commit)