<headius> that's great to hear!
<headius> I never liked that subprocess launch and it could constitute a security issue under some circumstances
<headius> now for sleep! back tomorrow to tidy up that fix and look at your PR
<headius> good morning
<headius> ok here it is enebo byteit101: https://github.com/jruby/jruby/pull/6820
<headius> byteit101: I added you as a contributor so you can do reviews
<headius> this includes tests for the two cases (Child < Parent with and without Child overriding the method) and spec:ji passes locally so I am optimistic
<enebo[m]> looks good
<headius> GREEN
<headius> I get that Ruby is about empowering users but this is pretty ridiculous
<headius> enebo: only two issues remain open: the one I just fixed + its PR, and the FileUtils mismatch with 2.6.8
<headius> the latter can be resolved by just using a newer FileUtils than 2.6.8, but I am trying to lean on ruby-core folks to get their house in ourder
<headius> so we are basically done
<headius> time to make coffee
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<enebo[m]> nice!
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<headius> Gonna have to spend some serious time after release improving arm64 and M1 stuff
<byteit101[m]> headius: I made two comments on the PR
<headius> Ok thanks
<headius> Hmm I don't see them
<byteit101[m]> Ah! I had to click comment
<headius> Aha!
<byteit101[m]> would also explain why everything was all yellow
<headius> Agreed on both
<headius> I am sometimes afraid to add more tests because I might find something broken 😀
<byteit101[m]> :-D
<headius> No test, no user, no bug!
<headius> 🙈🙉🙊
<headius> I hope that's enough!
<headius> amazingly I made only one typo in that whole thing
<headius> 💪
<byteit101[m]> Nice