<rebelwarrior[m]> Where can I find a non-apple silicon Java? I just ran the Adopt Open JDK and while the website claims its x86... ```
<rebelwarrior[m]> Changed jdk version got this:
<headius> That's weird
<headius> It should actually be x86 in adopt but you could try from Azul (Zulu) or Amazon Corretto
<headius> Or just oracle
<headius> That is a very strange error
<meckispaghetti[m> I received the same error message yesterday when using rbenv, but in the end it was installed successfully 😅
<meckispaghetti[m> I wonder, what are your favourite ways to create GUIs in JRuby?
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<klobuczek[m]> has something changed in regarding referencing java interface constants this way: `org.neo4j.driver.internal.util.Clock.SYSTEM`?
<headius> klobuczek there was an issue filed about this against 9.2. I can't remember whether the feature was removed or never actually existed because I always thought you needed to use the double colon syntax
<headius> Aha, so it was deprecated in 9.2
<klobuczek[m]> the above works for me on
<headius> Okay right, it was inconsistent because constants on classes never were accessible this way. It only worked on interfaces because of a probable typo in the code
<klobuczek[m]> ok, the explains it
<headius> My analysis on that bug shows that it stopped working for 9.2 when running Java 9 or higher because the constants no longer appear to be fully accessible
<headius> So rather than fix that and keep the inconsistent behavior we just ditched it
<klobuczek[m]> thank you for the clarification
<headius> meckispaghetti I think most of us would recommend JavaFX via JRubyFX, byteit101 and enebo can probably point you in the right direction
<headius> If you want something quick and basic there's the JDK Swing GUI components
<headius> Frames, buttons, text entry, etc
<meckispaghetti[m> Thank you! Is there a place where using Swing GUI components in JRuby is shown via examples?
<headius> Yeah there are some basic examples in the samples dir
<meckispaghetti[m> Thank you!