<ahorek[m]> I agree, but I don't really believe they'll change their workflow. I hope that hsbt will help at least release appropriate versions. It's frustrating to compare each library...
<headius> all I want is for them to guarantee they never release without aligning the gem versions
<ahorek[m]> they should ensure that all gems are released it before each ruby release, but each gem has a different maintainer. So the question is, who should be responsible to do it.
<headius> Yeah, they want the gems to have maintainers, but then they want everybody that's not a maintainer to also be able to make changes to the gem. I don't see how that's supposed to work
<headius> I still don't understand why they make changes to the gyms directly in that repository. If it's easier to keep a local copy for testing, so be it, but why do they make the changes there?
<headius> Gems
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<headius> well, made some progress on test suite for stringio: https://github.com/ruby/stringio/pull/21
<headius> still a bunch of minor failures
<headius> needs a re-port of some methods I think
<headius> pushed this for io-wait support: https://github.com/ruby/io-wait/pull/2
<headius> enebo: I have been using 3.0.2 as my standard for stdlib updates. Most libs are updated via gems. sync_ruby will update others but they are out of sync and need to be addressed
<headius> ok, I think I'm done for tonight
<headius> may not be around tomorrow... anyone who wants to help with these ext gems, please do 😀
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<rebelwarrior[m]> Question: Has the 9.3 release been tested on Mac's M1 computers? I've been using the nightly builds on my M1 and they work but when I want to `bundle install` a rails5 project I get errors involving the `waitpid`. Could be that my java version is M1-native so just wanted to check with you guys first.
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<meckispaghetti[m> <rebelwarrior[m]> "Question: Has the 9.3 release..." <- I wish I could test this, unfortunately I have no M1 machine in reach at the moment.
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<headius> rebelwarrior m1 is only partially supported right now but I hope to get it fully supported in a point release
<headius> If you use an x86 jdk it will be fine although that's obviously not ideal
<enebo[m]> headius: not sure this will help but it feels like the workflow could be fairly easy for everyone but the release manager with my suggestion
<enebo[m]> but to me the big problem is I do not think there is any motivation for them to keep this stuff synced. If nobu makes a fix for someone elses gem he probably looks at the syncing as not his problem
<enebo[m]> There are also multiple ways they could detect version conflicts with an automated script but that is asking someone to do a bunch of work
<enebo[m]> headius: to answer your other question I have not looked at rbs at all (until now)
<enebo[m]> We may not be releasing rbs support initially since it means porting ~4000 lines of C (lexer at least uses a tool but parser is hand-written)
<meckispaghetti[m> Hey folks, can you guide me into a direction? I'd like to package a JRuby program including gems to a self containing executable for machines that don’t have Java installed. What is the easiest tool for such a thing?
<headius> Probably warbler still but not sure how well it is being maintained
<headius> enebo yeah it is pretty clear they want the gems to have maintainers but they also want everybody else to be able to make changes too
<headius> It makes very little sense to me since it makes it impossible for those maintainers and I think that's why hsbt has been getting irritated by these issues
<headius> I do feel like if someone were to fix their CI to pull head of the gems or a specific tag, maybe they would see it's not that bad
<headius> Everyone who has commit rights on Ruby has commit rights on the GitHub repos for the gems anyway
<headius> Another problem with their current system is that we can't test against the real head of the gems
<headius> I almost want to set up a job that pulls the version of gem they report on master and compares the contents with what they have in the repo
<headius> I would not be surprised if 50% or more are out of sync at any moment
<meckispaghetti[m> <headius> "Probably warbler still but not..." <- Thanks, I'll look into it
<headius> If it is not working let me know because I have wanted to clean it up and update it for a while
<meckispaghetti[m> <headius> "Probably warbler still but not..." <- One more thing. If I wanted to also include a Java runtime environment into the executable (let’s say .exe for Windows), do I have to use Java Packager or does warbler do this, too?
<enebo[m]> meckispaghetti: you will need some more generic installer. We use install4j for our JRuby windows installer but looking for install4j competitors should get you a list of various others.
<enebo[m]> Also I should say we actually stopped shipping an exe with a pre-bundled jvm because keeping a non-CVE JVM up to date is just another point where you have to re-release
<meckispaghetti[m> Good point! Thanks for mentioning this, I'll keep this in mind.