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<headius> bleh, can't sleep, guess I'll do these releases
<headius> basshelal: a couple of the tests you added to jnr-ffi appear to fail on Darwin
<headius> seems consistent, may be a valid platform difference
<headius> since it is just these two failing I will skip them on Darwin for now but if you can look into that it would be helpful
<headius> I tested on Darwin x86_64 if it matters
<headius> I guess we need to get a Darwin CI set up eh? ðŸĪŠ
<headius> and we need an automated release process... I forgot to update things along the way again ðŸ˜Ē
<headius> thank goodness for maven release staging
<headius> there's really not much value to having these be separate libraries when we have to update all dependencies to appease maven... just a lot of separate error-prone releases every time something changes
<basshelal[m]> I was just thinking about that yesterday like "Damn, maybe some of the library locating tests will fail on Darwin" 😁
<basshelal[m]> I'm not too surprised given our recent troubles
<basshelal[m]> Added an issue for the failing tests so that I can deal with it later when I have time
<basshelal[m]> Been quite busy with my day job recently 😐ïļ
<headius> basshelal: ahh good call
<headius> enebo: so you mentioned last 9.3 issue but I see two
<headius> I assume you mean the one related to JI concrete class extension... the refinement issue could be punted and looked at after 9.3 release
<headius> I describe the problem there... we copy the refinements at "using" time and MRI continues to reference them from original location, so we aren't seeing new refinements adding to an existing refinement module
<headius> so there's a clear fix it is just cumbersome and refinement method lookup and caching needs some overhaul anyway
<headius> 9.4 is gonna be rad
<headius> JNR update is looking green so that is one of the last items for 9.3: https://github.com/jruby/jruby/pull/6792
<headius> I'll audit a couple other libs and make sure we are current there
<headius> I did a pass over bundled/default gems and pushed PRs to update them
<headius> unfortunately two of them, rdoc and rexml, do not have gem releases despite being in Ruby 2.6.8
<headius> We still need to do an update of the non-gem stdlib and make sure that settles
<enebo[m]> headius: missed these message but yeah I thought only the JI one was left
<headius> it was a one-off from bjfish probably as he investigated some refinement behavior a while back
<headius> I don't think it has been independently reported by a user
<headius> of our owned dependencies, only "options" and "backport9" were behind... I have pushed a PR to update them
<headius> so I think as far as updating libraries the only missing piece is 2.6.8 stdlib changes
<headius> we still report 2.6.5 so there are a few levels of changes to pick up (but still probably very minor)
<enebo[m]> getting close
<lopex[m]> numbers?
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