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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: libsdl2: update to 2.26.4
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: stunnel: update to 5.69
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: conky: update to 1.18.3
<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: python3-setuptools: update to 67.5.1
<r0ni> i'm still familiarizing myself with the distro and I just found the "ports tree" and then I looked at a Pkgfile, and it's so clean, organized and formatted nicely. I think I'm in love
<SiFuh_> Heh
<r0ni> coming from slackware which the scripts are generally messy with poor formatting and no standards, it's nice to see
<ppetrov^> r0ni, similar story with me...
<r0ni> ppetrov^: yes I believe we spoke recently on the topic of slackware in #slackbuilds, I mentioned I read read your post about crux (which I was already interested in) but it made me want to play with it more, I've gotten as far as a chroot install to play with
<ppetrov^> ah yes, I remember
<ppetrov^> in my case, I spent with CRUX in a VM about 2 months before I decided to install it on bare metal
<ppetrov^> during that time, i made my own set of ports (including xfce) and got familiar with the system
<SiFuh_> I think Per Liden made a distro that can never die
<r0ni> ya i was wondering what to port to get me familiar, so far i'm thinking either asahi (mac linux port), nwg-shell (a sway wm), or gnome. since I've done them all for slackware, i'm familiar with them enough at least
<r0ni> gnome would really get me into the system, but may be a little to deep for now
<ppetrov^> roni, you really got gnome on Slackware?
<ppetrov^> in my humble opinion, translating SlackBuilds to Pkgfiles is a breeze
<r0ni> gnome 43 liveslak iso i maintain the system there, but theres a few of us that put the work in
<ppetrov^> amazing
<r0ni> as much as i like slackware, there's something bothering me these days about it
<ppetrov^> i feel you
<ppetrov^> for me, the release cycle got a problem, especially during the 5.5 years gap. Even with 15.0, I got hardware that was not supported
<SiFuh_> Yeah, it uses the Linux kernel :-P Hahaha just kidding
<ppetrov^> also, I dislike that fact that the dependencies relation between packages stays hidden. At the same time it is advertised as being 'transparent' distro
<ppetrov^> anyway
<r0ni> its a small community, no doubt large than the crux one, but it just feels like a dead community. The respected ppl like alienbob are IMHO rude and unaccepting of anyone or anything, and even Pat dont seem very friendly anymore. It's felt off for a while, and that damn LQ site is just terrible
<ppetrov^> alienbob does some great work, but he has been a dick to people in LQ, sometimes
<ppetrov^> at least on one occasion he admitted to having some personal-life difficult moment and took a break from LQ
<SiFuh_> What is LQ site?
<ppetrov^> i have nothing but respect for him, but i wrote to him that his reaction was not OK
<ppetrov^> LinuxQuestions.org
<ppetrov^> he's referring to the slackware's subforum
<r0ni> for years i just used the distro as-is, but it's gotten to big and full of old software, it needs reform
<SiFuh_> ppetrov^: last time I spoke to AlienBob he banned me when he realised I didn't take the injection for Covid-19. I thought that was weird
<SiFuh_> Not banned, put me on ignore
<ppetrov^> heh
<ppetrov^> even if i don't agree with you, i would not ban you for it
<r0ni> i dunno, i just feel like the entire community has some idea of use slackware full install as is or use something else
<ppetrov^> mhm, and not suggestions are welcome
<r0ni> yep, asking for pat to fix/update things jus gets ignored
<ppetrov^> same with SBo, I tried to ask why they would not simplify a few things, so maintainers have it easier -- nope
<ppetrov^> and about the package management: the fact there are so many thord party tools for this, is an indication that something is kinda lacking in this area...
<r0ni> sbo... ugh all i wanted is aarch64 in the scripts, no one is offering a guarantee of support for any of those barely maintained pkgs on that site
<r0ni> but we can't do that, can't test it... go buy a rpi, they are $20
<r0ni> (not currently, but normally ;)
<ppetrov^> heh, we are bashing slackware and sbo in #crux
<ppetrov^> maybe not the proper place
<r0ni> slackware had a arm port for a decade or more now, and the only repo anyone will use refuses to add it... unaccepting community
<ppetrov^> if you want we can chat separately and have a good rant
<r0ni> haha i'm going off the rails, it's late, i shouldn't start today
<r0ni> anyway, i want to explore crux and hopefully find a nice, quiet linux home
<r0ni> but i'm using the arm port so i know it's a red-headed step child everywhere
<ppetrov^> drop mi e line if you want to chat about such 'transition'
<r0ni> i'm browsing the handbook while checking the ports site to see what I should build up for me
<ppetrov^> yes, read the handbook, it is great
<ppetrov^> that's my opinion on CRUX, you may find it useful
<r0ni> i need to build a kernel, then maybe i can boot outside of my slackware system, but apple silicon is still very new stuff and it's picky
<r0ni> i have that post open in firefox on my other machine right now
<r0ni> i've read it a few times now, it's a great introduction
<ppetrov^> thanks
<ppetrov^> for a kernel, i used to grab pat's generic-config, but since 3.7, there's a very suitable one on the CRUX install media
<r0ni> well the kernel isn't upstreamed yet for the apples, you can build it, its just a diff branch
<r0ni> i can't just use any ol generic config, at least for now. some of the stuff is in 6.2 but i'm not sure how much has made it in yet
<ppetrov^> you may wish to grab the unofficial updated ISO
<ppetrov^> usually it comes with a newer kernel source, but I have not checked for 3.7
<r0ni> i've installed the 3.7rc4 (latest) for arm, but from what i was reading there isn't a kernel "package", just the source for 5.15 is there?
<ppetrov^> yes
<r0ni> i'll likely just clone the upstream repo and build it with their arch linux config
<ppetrov^> you configure and compile it yourself
<ppetrov^> compiling is not an issue for me, configuring it, though... that's a bit beyond me
<ppetrov^> r0ni, yep
<ppetrov^> i made myself a port that creates a package, but that's only for when installing crux on my ancient Thinkpad
<r0ni> i could config a 2.4 kernel but this day and age i wouldn't even try anymore, too much hardware
<r0ni> i have a pinebook as well and i can't imagine compiling a kernel on it... daysit would take
<r0ni> can you build a port like on freebsd? cd to it's dir and run make?
<r0ni> nope lol
<ppetrov^> why not?
<ppetrov^> you have your port, go to the folder and run `pkgmk`
<r0ni> ahh
<ppetrov^> or `pkgmk -d` to download the source, though you can se this to be automatically done
<ppetrov^> you can install the package by pkgmk -i (from within the port folder) or pkgadd /path/to/package
<r0ni> i just tried "make" just to see, i see it's a dedicated command
<r0ni> i did a "pkgadd install git" and it downloaded, built and installed git
<ppetrov^> you did prt-get install git
<r0ni> whoop sure did
<ppetrov^> prt-get is like sbotools
<ppetrov^> or the other way round, actually
<ppetrov^> and with much more features
<r0ni> is there binary packages? i'm still confused on that, or is everything just the build script?
<r0ni> outside of the initial install
<r0ni> ahh there we go, pkg-get installed
<ppetrov^> the install media comes with binary packages
<ppetrov^> all updates are source-based
<ppetrov^> the pkg-get is meant for your own repo of packages
<r0ni> perfect, i can build on the fast machine and give to the poor one
<ppetrov^> i am sorry for the shameless self-promoting links...
<ppetrov^> r0ni, exactly
<r0ni> haha it's ok, there don't seem a lot of links out there
<ppetrov^> similarly to slackrepo
<ppetrov^> keep in mind that dependencies will be pulled from the ports, however when packages are build on your machine, they may link against something more, which will not be indicated among the deps. So the installed package may have missing libs. Therefore, you run `revdep` to see what more you need to install
<r0ni> ya, running a few different OSes has made me a little more aware of deps overall. I know what i need for most stuff i use, when it gets down to xorg stuff tho, that's what i'm not too sure of a lot
<ppetrov^> you know what `revdep` is?
<r0ni> i just came across it in a doc a minute ago, but outside of that, nope
<ppetrov^> it checks packages if they are missing libraries. When you do a system update by prt-get sysup, then check with revdep to see if you need to recompile something against the updated lib
<ppetrov^> r0ni, these are very useful: https://crux.nu/Wiki/PrtUtils
<r0ni> revised dependencies maybe
<r0ni> oh so when libs get bumped and you need to rebuild stuff etc
<ppetrov^> sometimes
<ppetrov^> if a package linked against foo.so.1 and you upgraded to foo.so.2
<ppetrov^> running revdep will give you a list of packages that have missing libs. Running `revdep package -vvv` will print yoy a list of what libs are missing
<r0ni> you musst rebuild against foo.so.2 else your broken
<ppetrov^> exactly
<r0ni> so it's like ldd a little
<r0ni> ok well thanks for the reading and chats ppetrov^, i must head out for some dreaming of compiles, i'm sure i'll be idling around same hours tomorrow learning some more
<r0ni> hopefully i can migrate to a running kernel by then!
<ppetrov^> r0ni, it's like ldd, sbut much more easier and convenient to use
<ppetrov^> yep, good luck
<SiFuh_> r0ni: There is a contrib kernel on the CD. If you do decide to compile that and modify it for apple then it would be a nice addition
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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: apache: update to 2.4.56
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