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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: sdl2_{image,mixer,net,ttf}: adopted, new build system cmake/ninja
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: bftpd, help2man: adopted
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: wavpack: adopted, new build system cmake/ninja
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: clink: adopted, cleaned up Pkgfile
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: soundtouch: adopted, new source url, tarball shasum changed
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: sdl2_mixer: fix cmake build when opusfile is not installed
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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: pango: update to 1.50.14
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: harfbuzz: update to 7.1.0
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: exfat-utils: update to 1.4.0, new dependency: fuse -> fuse3
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<frinnst> seems ffmpeg update broke a bunch of stuff. some firefox-bin video/codev playback amongst other stuff
<frinnst> again, a friendly [notify] commit that things will break would have saved some time....
<frinnst> *commit message
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<jaeger> ugh. I hate ffmpeg updates, seems like that happens with every major version
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: sandwine: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-babel: pull correct cldr version
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: grafana: 9.4.1 -> 9.4.3
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libdiscid: 0.6.3 -> 0.6.4
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: lua-language-server: 3.6.11 -> 3.6.13
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: mercurial: 6.3.2 -> 6.3.3
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: npm: 9.5.1 -> 9.6.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: p5-cgi: 4.55 -> 4.56
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: qownnotes: 23.2.5 -> 23.3.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: raptor: 2.0.15 -> 2.0.16
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: wireshark: moved from opt
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: gst-libav: fixed build with ffmpeg 6.0
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: wireshark: moved to contrib
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: wireshark: 4.0.3 -> 4.0.4
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: sdl_net, sdl_ttf: adopted, dropped obsolete patches, updated urls
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: sdl_gfx, sdl_image: adopted
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: smpeg, sdl_mixer: adopted
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: chntpw: adopted
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: ntfs-3g: adopted, updated README, fuse now an optional dependency
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libmodplug: adopted, updated source url, new build system cmake/ninja
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: sdl_pango: adopted
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libsoxr: adopted, cleaned up Pkgfile
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: chromaprint: adopted, bumped release to trigger rebuild with newer ffmpeg
<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: elfutils: 0.188 -> 0.189
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: faudio: 23.02 -> 23.03
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: multimc: marked unmaintained
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: p5-text-csv-xs: 1.49 -> 1.50; marked unmaintained
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: streamlink: 5.3.0 -> 5.3.1; marked unmaintained
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: rocksdb: 7.9.2 -> 7.10.2; marked unmaintained
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: steam: ->
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: firefox: 110.0 -> 110.0.1; marked unmaintained
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-cryptography: 39.0.1 -> 39.0.2
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: p5-digest-sha1, p5-compress-bzip2, p5-sdl: adopted, with minor footprint changes (u-w -> u+w)
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: p5-tie-simple, p5-archive-zip, p5-archive-extract, p5-alien-sdl: adopted
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: raptor: fixed footprint
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-{chardet,lxml}: adopted, with minor footprint changes (g+w -> g-w)
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-{soupsieve,beautifulsoup4}: adopted
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: flatbuffers: 23.1.21 -> 23.3.3
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