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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: [notify]: irssi: updated to version 1.4.4
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<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: cmake: update to 3.26.2
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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: ruby-doc: update to 3.2.2
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: [notify] ruby: update to 3.2.2
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libheif: 1.15.1 -> 1.15.2
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: p7zip: add wrapper script
<cruxbot> [compat-32.git/3.7]: libinput-32: 1.22.1 -> 1.23.0
<cruxbot> [compat-32.git/3.7]: libvisual-32: 0.4.1 -> 0.4.2; new dependency: autoconf-archive
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: discord: 0.0.25 -> 0.0.26
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: p5-image-exiftool: 12.58 -> 12.59
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: gpg-tui: -> 0.9.4
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libmediainfo: 22.12 -> 23.03
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libreoffice: ->
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: mediainfo: 22.12 -> 23.03
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: mujs: 1.3.2 -> 1.3.3
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: npm: 9.6.2 -> 9.6.3
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: p5-datetime-timezone: 2.59 -> 2.60
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-filelock: 3.10.6 -> 3.10.7
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-matrix-nio: 0.20.1 -> 0.20.2
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-phonenumbers: 8.13.7 -> 8.13.8
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-pytz: 2023.2 -> 2023.3
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-socks: 2.0.3 -> 2.2.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-tomli-w: updated to use python3-installer, if python3-flit-core is installed
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-tomlkit: 0.11.6 -> 0.11.7
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-tox: 4.4.7 -> 4.4.8
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-tzdata: 2023.2 -> 2023.3
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: abseil-cpp: 20230125.1 -> 20230125.2
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: rust: 1.68.1 -> 1.68.2
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<ukky> jaeger: Found a way to rebuild all installed packages taking into account dependencies and rebuilding toolchain first.
<ukky> Using 'prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)' might rebuild openssh before openssl, for example, and this will make ssh non-functional if openssl is newer than currently installed.
<SiFuh> ukky: Yeah we do that too sometimes, but it doesn't build in the correct order.
<ukky> SiFuh: There is getBuildOrder.sh script in Crux-arm project. With a small change it can return all installed packages in the local system, ordered according to dependencies. Original script returns list of packages for target crossrootfs.
<farkuhar> ukky: 'prt-get listinst --depsort' will return a list sorted by dependencies, so it should rebuild in the correct order if you do 'prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst --depsort)'
<ukky> farkuhar: getBuildOrder.sh returns toolchain packages first, and then the rest. '--depsort' might not do it (I don't know).
<SiFuh> Could always build it 3 times like you are bootstrapping it ;-)
<ukky> gcc, glibc and binutils are not part of dependencies
<farkuhar> my forked version of prt-get also allows optional dependencies to be considered by the sorting algorithm: prt-get listinst --depsort --softdeps. Toolchain is not pushed to the front of the queue, though.
<SiFuh> farkuhar: Any chance your implementations will be become part of CRUX soon?
<farkuhar> SiFuh: that's a question for #crux-devel
<SiFuh> I liked some of your new features
<ukky> farkuhar: What are 'soft' dependencies? Implied? Not-actually-required? User-specified?
<farkuhar> ukky: soft is another word for "Optional"
<ukky> farkuhar: okay.
<farkuhar> sorting by optional dependencies was a feature requested by beerman, when he noticed that prt-get sysup would update ffmpeg before vulkan stuff, even though it makes more sense to update vulkan first.
<ukky> and how would you force vulkan being built before ffmpeg? '--softdeps ffmpeg vulkan'?
<farkuhar> actually beerman was only the most recent one to raise the issue; the need for this feature was anticipated back when the "Optional:" field was first introduced: https://lists.crux.nu/pipermail/crux-devel/2008-May/003375.html
<farkuhar> with my forked version it should be enough to do 'prt-get sysup --softdeps', and then any optional dependencies are taken into account by the sorting algorithm.
<ukky> going to 'cat' Pkgfile for ffmpeg...
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: gpg-tui: 0.9.4 -> 0.9.5
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: nextcloud-client: 3.7.4 -> 3.8.0
<ukky> farkuhar: --softdeps is really important if optional dependencies are installed
<ppetrov^> farkuhar, your forked prt-get sounds very nice
<farkuhar> ppetrov^, SiFuh: thanks for the feedback. Feel free to try out the forked version on your own machines (or VMs) before recommending it for general adoption.
<cruxbot> [xorg.git/3.7]: xorg-xwayland: 23.1.0 -> 23.1.1
<ukky> Planning ahead, what is the process of upgrading CRUX from 3.7 to 3.8 (if that is the next release)? Do we need to boot from ISO image, then run 'setup' again?
<darfo> Yes, boot ISO and run setup. It will ask to install or upgrade.
<darfo> I usually mount the ISO and review the Handbook to see it there is anything to watch out for on the upgrade.
<ukky> Is there any advantage of upgrading via bootable ISO? Besides linux kernel, what other packages are getting updated from ISO? Linux kernel can be updated without ISO. Upgrading from ISO would be required if, for example, a root directory structure is modified.
<darfo> It takes care of things like updating repo versions in /etc/ports/* and other config files. Most upgrades have software changes that would break things is simply applied as software changes (incompatible ABIs, etc).
<darfo> s/is simply/if simply/
<darfo> The linux kernel is not upgraded by ISO. That you have to do yourself.
<darfo> So if some port upgrade is going to break, say pkgmk or any of the other tools needed to upgrade a package, it is usually done through a CRUX release.
<darfo> See https://crux.nu/Main/ReleaseNotes3-7 for some examples. Older release notes are avaiable in https://crux.nu/Main/ReleaseNotes3-6 (3-5, etc.) if you want to get an idea about it.
<darfo> Some do manually apply the changes without using setup from the new ISO but it can be tedious.
<ukky> Does, let's say gcc, ever upgraded between CRUX releases?
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<ukky> Moving from '/var/run' to '/run' would definitely be easier from ISO's initramfs environment
<darfo> I'm not sure if that has happened before. The core team is really good about upgrading ports that won't break the system without a new release of CRUX.
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