jaeger changed the topic of #crux to: CRUX 3.7 | Homepage: https://crux.nu/ | Ports: https://crux.nu/portdb/ https://crux.ninja/portdb/ | Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/crux/
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<politemrFox> How many ports does Crux have?
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<ocb> 4118 (unique)
<SiFuh> On the unofficial ports page of jaeger's it says 56 collections, 5566 ports (4700 unique, 866 duplicates)
<SiFuh> I wonder where the other 118 went
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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: lvm2: update to 2.03.20
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: unison: update to 2.53.2
<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.193
<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: coreutils: update to 9.2
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<jaeger> The other 118?
<SiFuh> Yeah bottom of the CRUX repo
<SiFuh> https://crux.nu/portdb/ <-- 4118 (unique)
<SiFuh> https://crux.ninja/portdb/ <- 56 collections, 5566 ports (4700 unique, 866 duplicates)
<jaeger> The original portdb automatically hides repos which fail to sync
<jaeger> Mine doesn't
<jaeger> I bet that's most or all of the difference
<SiFuh> Yet yours has less
<SiFuh> Oh sorry, idiot I am
<jaeger> how do you figure? 4700 is still > 4118 last I checked :D
<SiFuh> :-P
<jaeger> I was very confused, heh
<SiFuh> Hah, sorry for your confusion :-P
<jaeger> All good. If the portdb has a real issue I want to fix it, so just had to make sure I was understanding
<SiFuh> Understoor
<SiFuh> *d
<farkuhar> jaeger: isn't the original portdb also different from yours in that it only supports httpup and rsync? If a repository is only accessible by git, then it shows up on the unofficial portdb but not the official one.
<farkuhar> sigma's repository, for example.
<SiFuh> .. and bubby
<SiFuh> Discrimination!
<SiFuh> farkuhar: good catch.
<SiFuh> Guess jaeger has a fix now ;-)
<jaeger> yeah, that's correct
<SiFuh> Mine has no issue since I provide both httpup and git
<SiFuh> But I prefer the git engine, it is much faster for github/gitlab and other git repos
<ukky> Hi! What is the recomendation on full system update from sources? There are 153 packages to update after fresh install.
<ente`> compiler party \o/
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<jaeger> ukky: the usual way is 'prt-get sysup' after updating your ports
<jaeger> Then use rejmerge to update config files and revdep to check that linking didn't break
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