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<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: libcap: update to 2.68
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: ruby-sqlite3: update to 1.6.2
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: iwd: update to 2.4
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: ghostscript: update to 10.01.1
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<mike_of_earth> I haven't spotted it in my browsing of the crux site... what init does CRUX use?
<jaeger> sysvinit
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<Menelkir> hi, does crux have a root tar to be used in a chroot env?
<jaeger> Hi. If you mean statically linked, no, not by default
<Menelkir> No, I mean a tar that I can just untar and chroot into it, for test purposes instead of using a full fledged VM
<jaeger> Oh, I see. I'm dumb. :)
<jaeger> Again not by default but that's trivial to make from the ISO
<jaeger> I can give you an example if you like
<Menelkir> yes but using a ISO I would have to boot the entire machine and choose the directory, right?
<jaeger> no
<jaeger> You can mount the ISO via loopback, then install the packages from it into a directory that will be your base
<jaeger> There's a copy of pkgutils built on the ISO you can use, even from another distro, or you can simply untar the packages into the right place (though they're not tracked by the package database this way)
<Menelkir> I'm looking to the iso contents now, it seems there's a rootfs.tar.xz there, isn't possible to use it as an initial image or it's incomplete?
<jaeger> That one's designed specifically for the installation environment, it's not the same as an installed system
<Menelkir> yeah i thought that was something like it, to fill a ramdisk and start the install or something like this
<jaeger> yeah, exactly
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: [notify] nvidia-fb: updated to version 530.41.03, use pkgadd -u -f to update library symlink ownership
<cruxbot> [compat-32.git/3.7]: [notify] nvidia-fb-32: updated to version 530.41.03, use pkgadd -u -f to update library symlink ownership
<jaeger> Something like this, without pkgutils installed: mkdir target; mount -o loop,ro <ISO> /mnt; for P in /mnt/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.*; do tar -C target -Jxvf ${P}; done
<Menelkir> but those packages will registered with the package manager after that? I mean, can I register then later to not be orphans?
<jaeger> You could, but if you're willing to install pkgutils first, it's even easier
<jaeger> Something like: mkdir -p target/var/lib/pkg; touch target/var/lib/pkg/db; mount -o loop,ro <ISO> /mnt; for P in /mnt/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.*; do pkgadd -r target ${P}; done
<Menelkir> I was thinking about something like this: untar the pkgutils into the lets say /mnt/crux, and then a for with ./pkgadd -r <chroot path> -c <chroot path>/etc/pkgadd.conf $for_var
<jaeger> Sure, should be able to do that
<jaeger> pkgadd.conf won't existr in <chroot path> until you copy it yourself or install pkgutils, but you could also use any other path where it already exists
<jaeger> (like the pkgutils source)
<jaeger> Incidentally this is pretty much how I make a clean docker image for crux work
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