<set_> Never mind me.
<set_> oh!
<set_> did anyone get the PVRCamera to work?
<set_> i have a SPI Camera for now.
<set_> Here is the log.txt from the building of the PVRCamera mechanism: https://pastebin.com/L7f3AQW3
<set_> So, it seems it is looking for it in /dev/tty?
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<set_> Oh well. I will read more. It seems it is asking for permission to access the USB Cam? Anyway, I have a SPI cam. and need to alter the source.
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<Muser> I am super new to Beaglebone.  I just got my first board this weekend, a Black.  I am looking for a uSD image that has gui support but I am confused about which one I need from the images page.
<Muser> I have downloaded a few but I don't know which to try, the flasher images or the uSD images.  I tried the 'OMAP3/DM3730 Debian 9.5 2018-10-07 4GB SD LXQT' image and could not get my board to boot from the uSD.  I switched to a different one with no issues.
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<set_> Hello! How would one work w/ PWM on the BeagleBone Black Wireless currently?
<set_> I am asking b/c I am trying to work w/ some motors from a Cape and PWM is not an option so far. Rebooting!
<set_> I am also asking b/c I do not have permission on Bullseye so far. Hmm.
<set_> Maybe it is b/c of the Cape. I shall find out.
<set_> how can I tell if CONFIG_SYSFS is enabled on the system I am using?
<set_> Forget it.
<set_> Something was wrong w/ the Cape and making the PWM/GPIO pins available when it was attached.
<set_> Does the Cape automatically identify itself when attached?
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<set_> Hey!
<set_> Dang it. Forget it.
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<set_> Well...dang.
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<ME> hello
<ME> what config to use for building u-boot image for beaglebone black? am335x_evm_defconfig?
<ME> or is it possible to get the vendor u-boot.bin somewhere?
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<hnv> that defconfig is being used in buildroot for the BBB... I also was looking for the script used for building the official images (for learning purposes)
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<ME> but the beaglebone u-boot does seem to have some extra functionality enabled
<ME> for example if I build stock u-boot, I definitely don't get this:
<ME> Loading Environment from EXT4...
<zmatt> I *think*
<hnv> zmatt: do you know if there is a script available for building the (e.g.) console image?
<ME> zmatt: cool, thanks!
<hnv> thanks zmatt
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<jfsimon1981> Hi Good evening
<rcn-ee> zmatt: over the weekend, i added a build/install script to: https://github.com/beagleboard/u-boot/tree/v2021.10-bbb.io-am335x so users can clone/build/install on target...
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<Guest97> Can I use the usb port in an application so that I can read and write to it as a normal file descriptor?
<Guest97> I have ubuntu installed on it
<Guest97> On a beagle bone black, not sure which rev it is :(
<rcn-ee> Guest97: you can do and write anything you want... But your question is missing details... What is the USB port connected too... PC... FLash Drive... another random device??/
<Guest97> the usb port on a laptop
<Guest97> so usb-to-usb ... basically 2 bbbs talking to each other
<Guest97> IDK if there are issues with power in the lines... dont want to fry anything if thats even possible, or if a special cable is needed (like old school crossover for rs232 or something strange)
<hnv> what about using ethernet?
<Guest97> The app is required to use a usb port
<Guest97> I could use rs232 if the bbb had that
<rcn-ee> Guest97: without thinking about it too much... So use cdc over usb, so on both sides of your app it's a simple usb-r232 usart conneciton..
<Guest97> IDK what cdc is, sorry :(
<rcn-ee> by default usb-cdc is enable... we have it setup to become a second getty login terminal.. just disable it and use it as a simple usart connection..
<rcn-ee> By default, the usb is configured as a usb-cdc... USB-Serial + USB-Ethernet + USB-Flash..
<Guest97> ok. thanks!
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<brook> Is it possible to connect wires to the serial console pins when a cape board is used?
<set_> Hello! I am exactly who not to chat w/ but I answer a lot!
<set_> And by me not "being the person to chat w/," I mean I know so little. It is such a vast subject.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Sorry.
<set_> Wrong timing as usual.
<set_> Gosh.
<set_> Yes, you can use a serial console and Cape.
<set_> Unless something is odd and not fitted well enough.
<brook> Where do you plug the serial console cable in? It looks like the 6-pin header would be blocked by a cape.
<set_> On the BBB?
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Yes.
<set_> There is a small issue w/ that idea.
<set_> But! You can use another UART!
<set_> No, no. Sorry.
<set_> I think that UART is dedicated to serial communication via that specific header.
<set_> But yea, I get what you are saying.
<set_> It is a bit overwhelming to adjust an entire cape around the serial console on the BBB.
<brook> Yes, and I would like to connect a console, but there seems to be no space. Do you know of right angle connectors that would fit?
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Um, no. Not personally.
<set_> Let me check.
<set_> I can find some maybe but I cannot promise anything. Oh!
<set_> Try an Adafruit 3.3v cable converter. I know they probably still sell them.
<set_> I will get the link.
<set_> I should have been more patient but who could resist?
<hnv> There were a talk about this the other day, I'm looking in the logs
<set_> Thank you.
<set_> Phew.
<brook> Thanks for the link. I am familiar with those types of cables. Do you think the wire-end connectors would fit in the space with the wires bent 90 degrees?
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> Good question. Let me check.
<set_> I would say maybe, i.e. big maybe. I say maybe b/c depending on the Cape and the leads on such Cape, there would be some awkward friction being made. I know there are right-angled headers that one could purchase.
<set_> or...
<set_> Another route is to solder them on. I sometimes just use the cape as an extension to the board if I need serial debugging from that UART.
<brook> Yes, I could solder, but I'd like to avoid that. The right-angle headers I see are ones made for mounting on the board, i.e., in place the of existing headers we are discussing. Any idea on ones that would plug onto the header pins?
<set_> I know Seeed made a Cape w/ extremely long leads that fit onto the beagleboard.org family of boards, i.e. (2 * 23) * 2 headers.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Like an extension instead of wires
<set_> Some mounted headers?
<set_> There was one company a while back when the A5c came out. Maybe they are still around. I will check.
<brook> Are you suggesting plugging in an extra pair of headers on the BBB and then plugging in the cape? Interesting ...
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I thought that is what you were saying or using the wires verbatim from BBB to Cape.
<set_> I have done this on many builds.
<brook> No, this is not to connect _to_ a cape, just to connect a remote console to the main board (but with a cape mounted for other purposes on the board).
<set_> For instance...if I wanted to put on a Cape but needed additional functionality.
<set_> SPI Cam or another thing like additional circuitry.
<set_> brook: I have a LCD Cape on a BBGW now.
<set_> It is not attached like a regular cape would be attached.
<set_> It is attached w/ about 25 wires and some other circuitry. The Cape is only useful b/c of the wires attaching and in between the BBB and Cape.
<set_> I thought long and hard about this once, i.e. to the point of no answer. I understand so far you just want the board to have TTL to USB and a Cape for use.
<set_> hnv saves the day.
<brook> I am interested in mounting a normal cape on the BBB, but also having access to the console serial port 6-pin header. So far these are the ideas mentioned: (i) add an extra layer of 46?-pin headers to raise the cape above the normal position and use wire-end connectors, (ii) solder. It sounds like the first option without the extra headers would be too tight on space.
<set_> brook: I am not affiliated if you have not noticed. I am an avid fan, i.e. if there was ever such a thing. But yes...
<set_> I think anything that works is productive.
<hnv> that link is from the logs, rcn-ee mentioned that
<brook> Thanks for the link. It seems like it would work as a spacer.
<set_> I might get some too. hnv: Thank you.
<rcn-ee> i really need to take a photo of that setup ^.. but yeah it gives you a lot of space...
<brook> OK, will do.
<brook> Now, what is known about the BB Enhanced and the capes? I am interested in the load cape, particularly.
<set_> Me again? Well, I know nothing about the BBE but the load cape works and at medium voltage. GPIO! I think it is controlled via GPIO. Let me check.
<set_> Hmm...I wonder if there is another way to control the loads from that Cape.
<set_> GPIO works.
<set_> Hey brook: If you ever stack two of them on a BBB, please return service and direct it at me.
<set_> I have been trying to configure stacks of these Capes but, again, I know so little. Vast, vast, vast, all encompassing subject.
<set_> It is like I want more. But, it never will end. How could it? anyway...sorry.
<brook> Yes, lots to learn!
<set_> Right!
<brook> I appreciate your time discussing this.
<set_> You got it. No issue whatsoever.
<set_> brook: I have an older script for the LoadCape.
<set_> It is useless now but will work on older images.
<set_> It is just some random ideas that may be helpful.
<brook> Thanks. I'm not quite ready for that, yet, but it seems that driving GPIO pins is really easy.
<set_> Oh. It is such a pain on the newer images. Linux kernels now have new ideas every step of every day.
<brook> Yep. That's why I don't use Linux. :)
<set_> I learn one thing. Bam. Change.
<set_> Now, time to learn something else.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> QNX?
<brook> No, NetBSD. But I don't want to go into the pros/cons; there is too much personal preference, usually.
<set_> Oh. No and okay. No issue. I know nothing about anything. I am completely blank.
<hnv> brook are you using NetBSD on the BBB?
<brook> I have in the past and will be again soon.
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<set_> Whelp. I, set_, tried again to make a keeper. I failed you.
<set_> So, what is going on w/ the pwm instances right now on the Linux images?
<set_> Should I be someone else outside of debian to handle pwm instances?
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<zmatt> set_: no?
<zmatt> as far as I know nothing has changed with pwm, although some versions of the udev rules have broken the auto-export: https://github.com/beagleboard/Latest-Images/issues/82
<set_> Aw.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I knew something was admist.
<set_> I knew it.
<set_> I could not figure it out.
<set_> You guys.
<set_> Off to the Latest-Images/issues/82
<zmatt> obviously I can only hypothesize what you're talking about since as usual you've been rather unspecific about whatever problem you're having
<set_> Right. I know but when I type config-pin p9.14 pwm, for example, I get a slosh of output saying permission something or other.
<set_> I will get the exact error for you in a bit.
<set_> I just got back.
<zmatt> okay that sounds completely unrelated
<zmatt> are you using some weird image?
<set_> It is the exact same thing.
<set_> no root
<zmatt> no it's not
<set_> Oh.
<set_> And yes about the weird image.
<zmatt> the issue I linked to has absolutely nothing to do with config-pin
<zmatt> nor with permissions
<set_> No. It has to do w/ root permissions for pwm instances.
<zmatt> no
<set_> Not the config-pin issue.
<set_> it could be pwm anything.
<zmatt> ??
<set_> Any listed pwm on the header, i.e. for instance p9.14!
<zmatt> just share the actual errors
<set_> Right. I will
<set_> Give me a sec. or two.
<set_> Now, I got to remember which board.
<set_> I think it is this one. Booting!