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<mattb0ne> ssh works the same in windows right cannot ssh to beaglebone.local in win11
<mattb0ne> getting
<mattb0ne> ssh: connect to host beaglebone.local port 22: Unknown error
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<hnv> mattb0ne: can you reach the beagle with `telnet beaglebone.local 22` ?
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<fakuivan> Hello, I'm a noob with respect to the beaglebone boards. A university professor asigned me to look into how to get a beaglebone black running with a linux OS. What linux distros does that board support?
<fakuivan> It'd be great if I could get something familiar to run like ubuntu or debian server
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<hnv> The BeagleBone Black (and Green) are shipped with Debian pre-installed
<hnv> (booting from the eMMC). You can also boot from a uSD with another distro (supporting that particular board). I never tried Ubuntu though
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<mattb0ne> hnv: I will try that
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<Guest21> hi
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<zmatt> hnv: though people should be warned that booting from uSD when there's a substantially different distro on eMMC can cause weird problems due to u-boot incompatibility, solvable using the S2 button or by simply wiping eMMC (or at least wiping the bootloader from eMMC)
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<hnv> Right
<jfsimon1981> Hi good afternoon
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<fakuivan> I'm trying to flash the eMMC on a beaglebone black, the instructions I've found specify that the flashing is done once all LEDs turn off, this board is flashing all LEDs at the same time. Is the flashing process complete?
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, all on and all of; repeat is an error condition.. please plug in a usb-serial adapter into J1 and pastebin your serial log..
<fakuivan> I don't have a serial adapter on hand :c
<fakuivan> I've read about this being caused by a 4GB image trying to flash a 2GB eMMC
<fakuivan> This board has a "3da18 jw896" micron chip as eMMC
<fakuivan> I didn't try a 2GB image since those are not listed on the main section, but the "Older Debian images"
<fakuivan> If that's the case, is there a jumper I can bridge to always boot from the sd card?
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, if it's a 2GB model, there should have been a sticker placed on it saying A6* or A6* but that would have been stuck on the board 10 years ago...
<fakuivan> A5C in fact
<fakuivan> This board looks pretty old
<rcn-ee> Just flash a normal image to a microSD, insert in board... Use your finger hold the boot button, insert power.. then once booted, zero out the eMMC..
<rcn-ee> Sorry missed my coffee.. that first A6* should have been an A5*..
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<zmatt> fakuivan: Micron JW896 is indeed 2GB (more precisely, 1832 MB)
<zmatt> fakuivan: I'd generally recommend a console image for those
<zmatt> if you're comfortable using apt to install whatever packages you want/need after flashing
<fakuivan> rcn-ee: how do I zero it out? using dd?
<hnv> what about using a pulldown resistor to bot always from uSD?
<hnv> *boot
<zmatt> fakuivan: blkdiscard /dev/mmcblk1
<zmatt> hnv: possible, but wiping eMMC is more convenient
<zmatt> fakuivan: or rather, sudo blkdiscard /dev/mmcblk1
<fakuivan> I see
<fakuivan> Do I need to mount the emmc?
<zmatt> no, emmc must not be mounted
<fakuivan> got it
<zmatt> of course 2GB is plenty of space for many applications, just not for bloated images that include everything and the kitchen sink ;)
<zmatt> unfortunately the old micron eMMC was also kinda slow
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<zmatt> (though sd card may be slower still)
<fakuivan> This board will be used with a touch screen cape
<fakuivan> So I'm guessing a GUI will be mandatory
<zmatt> GUI doesn't necessarily require much space
<zmatt> depends on what kind of gui
<fakuivan> that and a web browser, those are pretty bloated from what I understand
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, "a web browser".... circa 2008, or circa 2022... that alone is bloated...
<zmatt> e.g. a single-window-fullscreen qt5 application running directly on the framebuffer doesn't require much space at all
<zmatt> fakuivan: a web browser? you have my condolences
<fakuivan> It's for an electron app, so sort of a web browser
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, it's going to be slower then crap...
<zmatt> (and possibly run out of memory)
<rcn-ee> 512Mb... electron + xorg.. (and probally web-browser)... yeah your out of memoryu...
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<jkridner> 3 months of unread messages.... yeah, not likely to read those. :-)
<Guest76> Hello,
<Guest76> I am a Senior Computer System Engineering student that needs the board as controller for a drone project, but I need to understand some critical points that are not clear. So who can I ask ?
<jkridner> read the topic.... just ask, don't ask to ask.
<jkridner> I've built a few quadcopters. I like BeagleBone Blue and Ardupilot for that. Depends on what you want to get into. There are small, cheap, open-source MCU-based controllers out there.
<Guest76> I am thinking of building the fight controller from scratch. is that possible with beagle blue ?
<Guest76> or as a second option try to edit and add some other functions on the Arudupiolt program. Is that possible ?
<rcn-ee> Guest76, big write up here:
<zmatt> Guest76: with enough time and dedication you can build anything from scratch
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<Guest76> those links are to install aurdopilot on beaglebone , I am thinking about building a flight contoller, but thanks anyway.
<Guest76> yes, i know its possible , but is there any controllers that are better from othe in building flight controller from scratch ?
<Guest76> other**
<rcn-ee> Guest76, so your asking us to help you build it from scratch?
<zmatt> it may be worth using off-the-shelf software to get the hardware side working before trying your hand at custom software, that way you avoid debugging software and hardware at the same time
<zmatt> your question is confusing
<zmatt> if you just want to drop in a custom flight control algorithm, presumably your best bet is customizing ardupilot so you can reuse the code that deals with stuff like hardware interfacing
<zmatt> of course if you want to start entirely from scratch, that's totally an option... if you have the time to spend on that (including the time to acquire the necessary knowledge)
<Guest76> i am sorry is my questions seems confusing, that actually reflects how i am also confused in my thoughs. how much time it may require building it from scratch?
<Guest76> if**
<zmatt> that seems like an impossible thing to answer, given the vagueness of the scope of the project and the fact that it will heavily depend on your abilities
<Guest76> and are you saying that i can add or edit functions on  arudopilot program so it can function the way i want ?
<zmatt> ardupilot is open source, so yes
<Guest76> what language do i need to use for the program ?
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<zmatt> if that's not information you're able to find out on your own, I'm worried for your project
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<Guest80> Hello
<Guest80> I want to ask about beaglebone blue
<Guest80> Can you help me
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<fakuivan> rcn-ee: I might reconsider rebuilding the app for NodeGUI
<fakuivan> It uses Qt in the background, so no chromium
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<mattb0ne> mattbone is back with problems
<mattb0ne> i am getting dns server errors
<mattb0ne> i may of blew things up with resolv.conf file
<zmatt> resolv.conf is normally auto-generated and should not be touched
<hnv> fakuivan: I was looking for a lightweight html+css rendering tool...
<fakuivan> Qt supports css, I think NodeGUI is only responsible for translating the html components to the Qt ones
<mattb0ne> what if i did zmatt
<mattb0ne> is there a way to force an auto generation of the file
<mattb0ne> i cannot ping at the moment
<zmatt> mattb0ne: typically it would be regenerated at boot, but it depends a bit on what you did
<zmatt> if you can't ping then your bbb doesn't have internet access
<zmatt> which is not a problem related to resolv.conf
<mattb0ne> hmmmm
<mattb0ne> had this working and like all things beagle it is not cooperating
<mattb0ne> the LCD cape has gone kaputz and I lost internet connection after having this work
<mattb0ne> windows sucks
<mattb0ne> ok I had to disable sharing and reenable
<mattb0ne> now on to the cape
<mattb0ne> need your expertise zmatt
<mattb0ne> this cape once worked and now I cannot get LED to light up when the board is plugged in
<mattb0ne> I had two of the same LCD cape and the other one power cycles
<mattb0ne> I already did the modidication you suggested by taking out the R1 resistor
<mattb0ne> ok the 2nd LCD cape power cycles and a completely different brand also power cycles
<mattb0ne> I get to see the tux for a bit
<mattb0ne> i will paste the serial output
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<fakuivan> I have this cape model . Should I expect to plug the bbb in and have it show a terminal on the screen?
<fakuivan> Because it's currently not doing that :P
<zmatt> most capes will be autodetected, unless nobody (including the manufacturer) bothered to contribute support for it in the form of an overlay
<zmatt> never heard of this one
<zmatt> try logging in via ssh and use sudo /opt/scripts/tools/
<fakuivan> What should I look for on that output?
<zmatt> can you share it via so we can take a look?
<hnv> The detection and overlay happens at U-Boot stage?
<zmatt> this is not hopeful, it doesn't look like it recognized your cape
<zmatt> yes
<zmatt> I thought it woulld also show the identifiers of detected capes but maybe I'm wrong
<fakuivan> @zmatt: rip. Is there anything obvious I could try?
<zmatt> check which of /sys/bus/i2c/devices/2-005[4-7]/eeprom exists and then hexdump -C /path/to/eeprom | head that one
<fakuivan> `ls /sys/bus/i2c/devices/2-005{4..7}/eeprom` throws "cannot access '/sys/bus/i2c/devices/2-0054/eeprom': No such file or directory" for all of them
<zmatt> ehhhhhh
<fakuivan> The cape also came with a DVD drive, I could boot up an old server of mine and see if there's anything useful about the board
<zmatt> well that at least explains why your cape wasn't autodetected
<zmatt> sounds like it doesn't even have an identification eeprom
<fakuivan> @zmatt: how bad is not having an identification eeprom_
<fakuivan> ?*
<zmatt> well it precludes auto-detection obviously
<fakuivan> The can bus is detected, so I'm guessing the BBB is attached correctly
<zmatt> no the can bus isn't detected
<zmatt> cape-universal just enables everything and the kitchen sink
<fakuivan> debian@bbb-unam:~$ dmesg | grep CAN
<fakuivan> [ 9.172744] CAN device driver interface
<zmatt> yes that means nothing
<fakuivan> Oh
<fakuivan> dang
<zmatt> your cape hasn't been detected (since it's undetectable) hence nothing _on_ your cape is detected either
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<fakuivan> I see
<fakuivan> How did people do the cape thing before automatic detection?
<zmatt> I'm pretty sure capes were always supposed to have an identification eeprom
<zmatt> but if you have an overlay for it then you can force-enable it via /boot/uEnv.txt
<zmatt> but it sounds like this cape is so old it predates devicetree, it's from the board file era
<zmatt> based on an old thread I found
<fakuivan> Dang, this thing must have been like 10+ years in a closet
<zmatt> something like that yeah
<zmatt> the thread is from 2012
<zmatt> getting this thing to work may require writing an overlay based on the cape's schematic
<zmatt> (assuming you have the schematic on that DVD)
<fakuivan> oh no
<fakuivan> I'll see what I can find on that DVD
<fakuivan> Thanks for the help so far
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, that one is fun... the i2c eeprom... is on the wrong 2 pins..
<zmatt> lol
<zmatt> fail
<rcn-ee> there are two models, one oem made them for a bunch of downstream re-sellers.. (SVTronics/etc..)
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<rcn-ee> and that's as far as i cared for that mess of lcd. ;)
<rcn-ee> so either boot v4.14.x-ti/v4.19.x-ti and dtb=am335x-boneblack-bbb-exp-c.dtb
<zmatt> custom dtb even rather than overlay? o.O
<rcn-ee> or r= dtb=am335x-boneblack-bbb-exp-r.dtb
<rcn-ee> (resistive vs capacitive)
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<rcn-ee> the dvd was just a schmatic and a 3.8.x kernel..
<fakuivan> rcn-ee: what do you mean by "the i2c eeprom... is on the wrong 2 pins"
<fakuivan> Could I rewire those and fix automatic detection?
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, when they designed the board, they screwed up.. the i2c bus for eeprom is 2 pins over... then the bus for i2c, is can...
<fakuivan> I see
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, so either use v4.14.x-ti or v4.19.x-ti and set the dtb.. ;)
<zmatt> he's already using v4.19-ti
<fakuivan> this one is running kernel 4.19.94-ti-r42
<rcn-ee> dtb=am335x-boneblack-bbb-exp-c.dtb
<fakuivan> is that for the capacitive board?
<rcn-ee> yeap
<fakuivan> nice
<fakuivan> So do I add that to uEnv.txt?
<rcn-ee> open /boot/uEnv.txt and just add it..
<rcn-ee> echo "dtb=am335x-boneblack-bbb-exp-c.dtb" >> /boot/uEnv.txt
<fakuivan> echo 'dtb=am335x-boneblack-bbb-exp-c.dtb' >> /boot/uEnv.txt then?
<fakuivan> thanks
<fakuivan> is the file included with the kernel or do I need to download it from that github link above?
<rcn-ee> it's pre-built in that version..
<fakuivan> that's the output from `sudo /opt/scripts/tools/`
<fakuivan> The screen shows nothing. I'm expecting a blinking cursor or something
<fakuivan> Do I need to do more configuration?
<zmatt> hmm this looks like it ignored the override
<zmatt> which is odd, I thought dtb= took priority over most things
<zmatt> try disabling cape-universal maybe?
<zmatt> (comment out enable_uboot_cape_universal=1)
<rcn-ee> ftop: uboot_overlay_options:[enable_uboot_cape_universal=1]
<rcn-ee> drop: enable_uboot_overlays=1
<zmatt> you can't use overlays in combination with a custom dtb ?
<zmatt> especially selecting the pru overlay would still be useful
<fakuivan> omg
<fakuivan> I think this is the first tux this screen has ever seen
<fakuivan> or showed rather
<rcn-ee> and you need to force 24bit mode..
<zmatt> force 24bit mode?
<rcn-ee> in xorg...
<zmatt> why? isn't that the default? also, should be autodetected based on the pixelformats lcdc supports?
<fakuivan> can I build kernel modules using the dkms from apt?
<zmatt> why not?
<fakuivan> apt also installs "linux-headers-3.8.13-xenomai-r86"
<zmatt> what
<zmatt> why
<zmatt> no
<fakuivan> I think those are not the correct headers for this kernel xd
<zmatt> that makes no sense
<zmatt> install dkms does not do that for me
<fakuivan> dkms fakeroot libfakeroot linux-headers-3.8.13-xenomai-r86
<fakuivan> The following NEW packages will be installed:
<fakuivan> that's the output for `sudo apt install dkms`
<rcn-ee> sudo apt install linux-headers-`uname -r`
<fakuivan> I see
<fakuivan> it stills wants to install `linux-headers-3.8.13-xenomai-r86` lol
<fakuivan> does it change anything to have those headers installed along the correct ones?
<zmatt> something must be weird or broken, it shouldn't be attempting to install that
<zmatt> I would not let it install it
<zmatt> hmm, I've set apt to not automatically install "recommended" packages
<fakuivan> `sudo apt install --no-install-recommends dkms` installed only dkms
<fakuivan> I guess that's fine
<fakuivan> what CONFIG_PLATFORM_ should I enable for building this on the bb black?
<fakuivan> But like 20 other variations on arm
<zmatt> all of them are wrong... why does it care so specifically about the platform?
<fakuivan> No idea tbh
<fakuivan> I was wondering the same thing
<fakuivan> They add `EXTRA_CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_IOCTL_CFG80211 -DRTW_USE_CFG80211_STA_EVENT` for the raspberry pi
<fakuivan> Should that also work for the SOC on the bb black?
<zmatt> from their name those don't sound SoC-related at all
<rcn-ee> sorry what did i miss? weekly call went long... that driver should be package?
<rcn-ee> no sorry... rtl8723bu and rtl8821
<mattb00ne> ok i got a serial output
<rcn-ee> fakuivan, uninstall linux-headers-3.8.13-xenomai-r86
<mattb00ne> i got tux and the login screen before a cycles
<rcn-ee> mattb00ne, powered by 5Volt rail?
<mattb00ne> I believe so it comes with a plug that goes into the P8 and P9 rails
<mattb00ne> but the board is powered by an adadapter
<mattb00ne> its weird why it can get to the log on before failing
<rcn-ee> looks like a power starve, rebooting cycle to me...
<rcn-ee> What does the power supply show for rating? 5~10Watts..
<mattb00ne> 5V 2Amp adapter
<rcn-ee> should be fine... disable 'quiet' in /boot/uEnv.txt and lets what my have been cuasing the issue..
<mattb00ne> ok
<mattb00ne> so just delete quiet in that one line
<mattb00ne> #cmdline=coherent_pool=1M net.ifnames=0 lpj=1990656 rng_core.default_quality=100 quiet
<mattb00ne> there is one that is un-commented
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<fakuivan> What are the recommended desktop environments for debian on the bb black?
<mattb00ne> none
<mattb00ne> cli
<mattb00ne> why waste the space
<mattb00ne> what are you doing with it
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<fakuivan> it's not a waste of space if it's the only reason why someone at my uni bought it :P
<fakuivan> idk what they're doing with it, they just want a dekstop environment to run diagnostics software
<fakuivan> it's running from an SD card anyways, I don't think space is a concern
<mattb00ne> depends on the usage but they may big sd cards
<mattb00ne> why not just stick with debian
<mattb00ne> since you are on an sd card anyway
<mattb00ne> and put cinnamon on as a gui
<mattb00ne> i like that one
<mattb00ne> very windows like
<mattb00ne> or gnome
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