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<set_> I made it back in once piece! Geaux BBB!
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<mewt> hm ok, so I've got a serial console and am looking at this suspect beaglebone
<mewt> I'm running the latest default image, off an SD card
<mewt> eth0 comes up, but if I send DHCPDISCOVER with dhclient, I cannot see the DHCPOFFER from my router
<mewt> I know it's being made, because I see it in LuCi's logs...
<mewt> Does this point to hardware failure, misconfigured uboot, ... ?
<mewt> In uboot the phy does come up on mdio address too, but I mean I can see the interface from debian, etc. etc. and one direction clearly works
<mewt> It just...cannot see the dhcpoffer for some reason (tm)
<mewt> ah nvm
<mewt> ah no no, that is right -- i thought i was looking at another client but I see the mac addr there
<mewt> It does come up on mdio addr 2 but the image seems to be able to deal with that just fine
<mewt> Ok, the LAN8710 register contents tells me: BCR = 0x1000 (auto-negotiate mode, not in reset), BSR = 0x7809 (100basetx and some-other-stuff-capable, can autonegotiate, supports extended capabilities)
<mewt> No fault is shown in the auto negotiation advertisement register, expansion register says no faults & auto-negotiation is possible. Not sure what else to check in there
<mewt> guess it's getting about time to check physical continuity and then blame software again...
<mewt> "cpsw Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete......... TIMEOUT !" but the symbol error register...reads as 0
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<zmatt> mewt: maybe phy got damaged?
<mewt> yep, seems like that's about all I can think now, or something else in the path...
<zmatt> we had a case where a customer connected the ethernet port to a phone line... it kinda survived, except after that phy could no longer detect link changes without manually resetting the phy
<mewt> I didn't read closely enough in the LAN8710 datasheet to see how that register stuff works
<mewt> hmmm
<mewt> It just seems odd it'd read fine over MDIO and have only one way broken, but I guess it could also be stuff later in the chain
<mewt> I guess I could try to probe pins
<mewt> It does have near and far-end loopback to play with too right?
<mewt> near-end would rule out any digital issue
<mewt> There's also some kind of link integrity test. But there's no way I could look at that til tomorrow, much too tired
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<mewt> Seems quite hard to get another one right now, as well -- backordered everywhere I looked... so it's probably worth trying a bit more
<markand> if I have /dev/ttyO4 that means it's already enabled right? we have a peripheral connected to it but I'm unable to talk with it at the moment
<mewt> >I cannot see the DHCPOFFER from my router
<mewt> sorry, that should read "I cannot see the DHCPOFFER from the beaglebone". It is logged by LuCi
<zmatt> markand: you mean ttyS4 ?
<zmatt> markand: unfortunately the 8250 driver that creates the ttyS devices is a bit weird... they're created unconditionally, regardless of whether they're enabled in DT
<markand> hmmm, I've seen that it's ttyO4 somewhere over the internet, let me try with ttyS4
<markand> oh well, it's a symbolic link to ttyO4
<markand> I mean the opposite, ttyS4 -> ttyO4
<zmatt> (the number of ttyS devices created can be set in the kernel config or overridden at boot time using the 8250.nr_uarts kernel parameter)
<zmatt> yeah ttyO* are symlinks to ttyS* for backwards compatibility
<markand> I've read that I should use uboot_overlay_addr2=/lib/firmware/BB-UART4-00A0.dtbo
<zmatt> markand: sounds like you're reading a lot of old info
<markand> heh
<zmatt> if you're on a modern image in its default configuration, "cape-universal" is enabled which enables most peripherals and creates "pinmux helper" devices that allow the pins to be muxed to peripherals at runtime (using the "config-pin" utility or by directly writing a sysfs attribute, e.g. )
<zmatt> so to use an uart all you then need to do is configure the pins using config-pin
<markand> so it's P9.11 and P9.13 for uart 4 ?
<set_> Yes!
<set_> 11 and 13!
<set_> config-pin p9.11 uart && config-pin p9.13 uart <<< This does it!
<markand> okay it goes better, thanks
<set_> Nice!
<markand> so I'll need to wrap my application into a sheel script to enable this before
<markand> shell *
<markand> oh and by the way, never buy any feig product
<set_> Yes...
<set_> Feig?
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Sounds like a Italian car.
<set_> In your shell script, you do not need sudo for config-pin.
<set_> markand: What file do you use to start your shell scripts on boot?
<markand> it's the worse company for RFID identification products
<set_> Oh.
<set_> .bashrc?
<markand> needs a large proprietary C++/Java SDK, are pretty unhelpful, anaemic documentation, needs proprietary software to read documentation (yes, a .exe file that shows up docs, really!)
<set_> Ha.
<markand> SDK throws undocumented errors
<set_> Hahhaha. That does sound terrible.
<markand> :(
<set_> Sorry.
<set_> Frowns all around!
<set_> I see .service files pop up on the google searches but I thought there was another way to boot files when the board starts, i.e. shell scripts in particular.
<set_> In this dir. /etc/init.d/?
<set_> or symlink the file in /etc/init.d/ to /etc/rc.d/?
<set_> Anyway. Off to test!
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