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<set_> @zmatt: Thank you. i will review that idea in a bit.
<set_> bbl!
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<set_> phew. Back. What a ride!
<set_> @zmatt: I am pretty sure my error(s), many-many-many error(s), are not specifically direceted at me via output b/c of the TLS libraries.
<set_> But...if they are due to TLS libs, blah.
<set_> I would not know how to handle putting a driver. ha.
<set_> Golf humor.
<set_> Sorry.
<set_> Anyway, back to the old BBB and trying to replicate something I cannot do so far.
<set_> Native_SDK is a vast lib. w/ many different confurations that need to take place at different intervals. So, it is a bit too in depth for me to handle, esp. when an error shows me this: !
<set_> If you are bored or happy to pick and choose, jump on in!
<set_> Would I need to reorganize the source or just use ld <someFile> ?
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<Guest15> ti gstreamer libs on bbai?  Have they been packaged up?
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<zmatt> set_: what does this have to do with "wget does not work w/ that download" ?
<zmatt> set_: that's the part I was responding to
<zmatt> set_: the part you pastebinned is useless, you didn't include the actual error
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<set_> @zmatt: I will get the error later. Sorry. wget would not work. You are right. I got the download to the BBB already. This is done now.
<set_> @zmatt: Okay about you replying to the wget errors. No issue now. It is on the BBB now.
<zmatt> set_: it's still worth executing one of the two workarounds in the pastebin I linked to avoid future issues (assuming you're using a debian buster system)
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<set_> Okay. I will try it but later. Destiny await! BBL!
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<Guest15> I've noticed that after some time of no activity, the attached hdmi display goes to sleep.  Haven't started any gui.  Any ideas on how to stop that?  The attached hdmi display should always stay on.
<zmatt> if you're still on the text console then that's controlled by console blanking
<zmatt> iirc it can be changed at runtime using setterm or at boot-time using a kernel parameter (configured into the cmdline variable in /boot/uEnv.txt)
<Guest15> Thanks, I will test.  I have this in my uEnv.txt: video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080@60e
<Guest15> Does the @60e at the end mean anything to blanking time?
<zmatt> no. if you don't understand what this does, why did you add it?
<zmatt> normally it will auto-detect the video mode
<zmatt> the 'e' forces the output on even if no monitor is detected, which is generally not an appropriate thing
<zmatt> the video kernel parameter is documented in detail here:
<Guest15> Thanks again.  I had always wondered what that meant.  All I did was change the resolution in that line (already in the uEnv.txt) to force my particular hdmi monitor to work.  Then I moved on to more pressing issues.  In the end the issue I had was a bad cable.  But anyway always on is good for my case.
<Guest15> Do you know if any work was done to bring gstreamer ti plugins to beaglebone ai?
<zmatt> no idea
<Guest15> Okay thanks.
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