<set_> aw!
<set_> I am trying to figure out where I can place on a motor on this chip: https://imgur.com/a/ZwBS0Bg
<set_> So far, it is for other things.
<set_> Can you see where I would put a DC motor on this chip?
<set_> The idea is this...
<set_> I am using a controller, i.e. UC2637. The motor "driver," this LM1949, is supposed to handle different things like fuel injection but I am using it for a dc motor driver(s).
<set_> I was going to use the PowerCape for this idea.
<set_> And two more power sources, w/ the PowerCape, was the idea.
<set_> So, the PowerCape needs a DC barrel jack into the BBBW to work. This is done. The output of 5v to GND is done w/ the Cape also.
<set_> The issue so far is that I am not completely sure about ideas relating to connections. PWR, GND, all the circuitry, and how I can incorporate the PowerCape into it has been an issue so far. Do you see any ideas off hand?
<set_> I also have a ULN2002A darlington tran. array in chip form.
<set_> Would I use common cathode or common emitter for the darlington array?
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<set_> This array is givin' me the willies! Is there a simplified array use outside of guess work?
<set_> Tryin' to tie in arrays to arrays is not easy b/c of the circuit already being integrated.
<set_> okay so...w/out the integrated array, would this be easier? https://imgur.com/a/vnhHKvv
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<set_> NPN. Dang it. I have MOSFETs. Back to the ole, drawing board. Blah.
<set_> Forget what I described here.
<set_> Okay, I have some BJT NPN trans. here. Is there a way to use these instead of the darlington trans. listed in the datasheet?
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<set_> otay!
<set_> The powerCape worketh and the GPIO needs to be done now.
<set_> @zmatt: Do you know this lib? https://github.com/mvduin/sysfs-gpio
<zmatt> I wrote it
<set_> Nice.
<set_> Nice!
<set_> sd-event.h?
<zmatt> I should note it's not highly tested, but most of it is very straightforward
<zmatt> one of the examples shows how to integrate with libsystemd yes
<set_> Oh. I am receiving an error w/ sd-event.h not being found.
<set_> I can test it if necessary and you are right, it is understandable.
<zmatt> if you don't have libsystemd-dev installed then you can't build that example... I should probably add a readme or some kind of autodetection in the makefile
<set_> Oh. Okay. I can install it.
<set_> https://pastebin.com/YyXFPte2 are some other errors after installing it before the use of make.
<zmatt> set_: I've pushed an updated makefile that will avoid building the libsystemd example if libsystemd-dev is not installed (and just print a single warning instead of causing this vomit of errors)
<set_> okay!
<set_> I will test it!
<set_> Not right now but soon. My hardware is goofed up still.
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<jfsimon1981> Led detection working, with auto background-radiation adjustement and threshold with hysteresis. ALthout the c++ program is simple.
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<hnv> jfsimon1981: nice
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