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<zmatt> technically the LCD controller supports a few more things: https://goo.gl/Jkcg0w#gid=1280625524
<zmatt> (albeit with no driver support)
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<renrelkha> what is the appropriate pin name for the can pins on blue to use with config-pin
<renrelkha> 9.24 & 9.26?
<renrelkha> i search but only find reference for black
<zmatt> renrelkha: for its integrated can interface? those pins are not configurable with config-pin, that would be kinda pointless
<renrelkha> yes, the integrated interface. ok i thought i had to use config-pin to enable it before
<zmatt> no, config-pin only applies to runtime-reconfigurable pins
<renrelkha> thank you
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<zmatt> renrelkha: for future reference, I've added a "config-pin" column to my bbblue pins summary showing which pins can (currently, kernel 4.19-ti) be reconfigured using config-pin and what it calls them: https://pastebin.com/hBiyzGWL
<renrelkha> Amazing, thanks zmatt !
<zmatt> I have no idea why only some of the pins in the first section are reconfigurable, instead of making all of them reconfigurable for consistency
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<ds2> is anyone maintaining useable fbdev (or equiv) drivers or the SPI connected LCDs?
<rcn-ee> ds2, tinydrm?
<ds2> let me look it up... trying to make use of the sea of low res tiny displays
<ds2> thanks, the docs seem about right
<ds2> bad choice of names.... "MIPI DBI" blah
<ds2> Happy New Years, RCN
<ds2> hope things are not too frozen :D
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<Guest1919> Anyone know where to source Pocketbeagles? I'm from Canada and all distributors are out of stock. Is it possible to source PocketsBeagles directly from manufacturers in larger quantities (~100)?
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<Black_Ice_80> Anyone familiar with the Beaglebone Blue board?
<Black_Ice_80> Particularly, using the RoboticsCape/LibRobotControl library.
<Black_Ice_80> I'm trying to use the board's DMP (Digital Motion Processor), but upon calling rc_mpu_initialize_dmp() I get an error saying "ERROR: opening gpiochip: No such file or directory"
<zmatt> hmm
<Black_Ice_80> It also happens when I use the rc_test_dmp program that's included
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<zmatt> lol, looks like the gpio code in librobotcontrol is broken on kernel 4.19
<zmatt> that's what people get for hardcoding dynamically assigned numbers I guess
<zmatt> oh never mind
<Black_Ice_80> ?
<zmatt> I was looking at /sys/class/gpiochip numbering, not the /dev/gpiochip numbering, which actually differs
<zmatt> (obnoxiously)
<zmatt> then I'm not sure
<zmatt> I mean, it's still a bad idea to hardcode /dev/gpiochip numbers which are presumably still dynamically assigned, but in practice I'd expect gpiochip0..3 to all exist and correspond to the gpio0..3 controllers
<Black_Ice_80> i dont even have a sys/class/gpiochip directory, or a /dev/gpiochip
<zmatt> uhh
<zmatt> those aren't directories but prefixes
<zmatt> as in, /dev/gpiochip0
<zmatt> I see it gets the gpiochip number from the rc_mpu_config_t argument to rc_mpu_initialize_dmp()
<zmatt> but rc_mpu_default_config() should fill that in correctly
<zmatt> or rc_mpu_set_config_to_default()
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<zmatt> specifically it should set it to 3, i.e. it would be looking for /dev/gpiochip3
<Black_Ice_80> My gpiochip0 (and 32, 64, 96, etc) are all under the /sys/class/gpio/ directory, could that be an issue? since on yours, is under /sys/class/
<Black_Ice_80> i dont see a gpiochip3 here on mines
<zmatt> it's /sys/class/gpio/ yes, sorry
<zmatt> what kernel version are you running (uname -r) ? and what image version? (cat /etc/dogtag)
<Black_Ice_80> 4.4.59-ti-r96
<zmatt> that's reaaaly ancient
<zmatt> so that's almost certainly your issue
<zmatt> try reflashing with a recent image
<zmatt> download the "AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB eMMC IoT Flasher" image from the "Flasher Debian images" section of https://beagleboard.org/latest-images
<zmatt> flash to microsd card using https://www.balena.io/etcher/
<Black_Ice_80> Okay
<zmatt> and boot the beaglebone from that sd card. it should automatically erase and reflash the on-board eMMC
<Black_Ice_80> I'll try that
<Black_Ice_80> and see if it works
<Black_Ice_80> Thankyou!
<zmatt> since your current system is really ancient it's possible you may need to force SD boot by holding down the boot button while applying power (you can let go once the power led turns on)
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<zmatt> the "SD" button I mean
<Black_Ice_80> I should probably backup my code files on the system before doing this too, I assume?
<zmatt> yes, backup anything you don't want to lose
<Black_Ice_80> kk
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<Black_Ice_80> zmatt how do I confirm that the beaglebone is being flashed? I held down the "SD" button on the corner of the board while I plugged it in/applied power. and i saw 4 LEDs at the start. then those went off, and there's just been 2 LEDs flashing back and forth really fast, ever since then. but it's been well over 60 minutes now
<rcn-ee> Black_Ice_80, are the LEDS' doing a cylon pattern? board will shut down when done..
<Black_Ice_80> rcn-ee not sure what a cyclone pattern looks like. But there's 2 LEDs flashing one at a time
<rcn-ee> if just 2, it's not a the flasher..
<Black_Ice_80> I guess its not flashing then :/ thats not happening
<rcn-ee> Black_Ice_80, what file did you flash to your microSD?
<rcn-ee> (actual file name)
<Black_Ice_80> bone-debian-10.3-iot-armhf-2020-04-06-4gb.img.xz
<rcn-ee> Black_Ice_80, well that's not the flasher... so login into running board ;)
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<Black_Ice_80> ooh i had the wrong file
<Black_Ice_80> thankyou
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<Black_Ice_80> zmatt updating fixed the issue :D
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<hnv> zmatt: are you using BBs in D&D speakers?
<zmatt> Black_Ice_80: nice!
<zmatt> Black_Ice_80: I did explicitly mention to get the flasher! from the flasher images section!
<Black_Ice_80> yeah, that was a mistake on my part. once i got the flasher, everything worked out!
<zmatt> hnv: BBBs yes, we started on an osd335x-based design but other stuff has had priority
<hnv> The osd sip in a custom pcb?
<zmatt> yeah
<zmatt> but there hasn't really been much time to work on that, and the BBB-based board works fine so there also hasn't been a ton of motivation
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