<set_> Hey GenTooMan: I am learning again and taking notes!
<set_> I got curses.h and menu.h down pat!
<set_> But...
<set_> I still have no clue as to how to use that lib. w/ my MotorCape, i.e. Adafruit_BBIO. I think Bullseye hates it.
<set_> It is like a zinger but a Bullseye instead. Ha.
<set_> bbs!
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<Guest6689> anyone know how to decode what is going here I am trying to use a cape but I am power cylcing
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<set_> Gues6689: wait a while (I guess). I am sure someone will arrive here shortly. I a mouth w/ fingers but I have other issues. I am sorry. Maybe someone can help soon...I will try to look at it soon.
<set_> I got like 30 files w/out a Makefile. I am going bananas, i.e. if it is safe to say so.
<set_> Guest6689: Yep. Just as I thought. You are going to have to wait for someone more involved and educated on this subject.
<set_> I looked finally and I am not as educated on the LCD Screens as of now.
<set_> organization is a perk and I am just gettin' started!
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<set_> make has cured me!
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<set_> GenTooMan: Reboot?
<set_> FYI...
<set_> My old 'puter crudded the shoot. This 'puter needs rebooting every time I put it to sleep. Argh.
<set_> Bu!
<set_> t
<set_> The BBB still boots w/out concern!
<set_> I am actually surprised how long these boards can run and take a whomping.
<set_> bbs!
<set_> GenTooMan: I am learning now how to make static libraries!
<set_> Some classes are awesome and full of joy while others are just full.
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<set_> You guys?
<set_> Oh forget it.
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<zmatt> Guest6689: my guess would be the backlight gets turned on, causes a sudden inrush of current that your power supply can't handle, resulting in a power-cycle
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