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<Guest48> Greetings
<Guest48> What is the operating temperature range of the entire beagleboard AI?
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<JustBoB> Hey folks. Just a question. Is there any GUI based image available for AI Beagle? Checking here and all of them are without GUI. The original one which came with the board is with explored certs and kina brick.
<JustBoB> overall im finding image support being bit obsolete. What people do in general?
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, updating for 2022-01-01 shapshots right now..
<JustBoB> Thanks. Would be good to update webpage too with some of these :)
<JustBoB> by any change cloud-inti is supported for these imageS?
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, sorry never heard of that... so not pre-installed... looks interesting..
<rcn-ee> ugh, it pulls in eatmydata... oh does that globally disable ext4/fsync, or do you have to force it..
<rcn-ee> okay, you need to call it from the wrapper.. so should be safe..
<JustBoB> We use it everywhere to bootstrap the devices and virtual machines. quite neat to bootstrap multiple devices. I don't think It can be called from wrapper as it very early in the process of OS boot
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<rcn-ee> JustBoB, can you create an issue here, tag me (RobertCNelson) and please include an example (data can be fake..)
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, biggest issue, we have a few startup scripts that assume, uid 1000 or user debian, so need to massage it...
<JustBoB> all this is before that. All cloud providers uses them to bootstrap vms. I suspect all your script could go into cloud-init (no-cloud provider) and just do all the job there. Ok, gonna try to create issue with as much details as I can
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<JustBoB> On a different topic. Im checking and quite hard to understand how do I move SD content to the eMMC bootable?
<JustBoB> is there enough just to do this
<JustBoB> sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/beaglebone-black-microsd-to-emmc /etc/default/beagle-flasher
<JustBoB> sudo reboot
<JustBoB> and enable service?
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, from command line, you can either run: sudo beagle-flasher
<rcn-ee> and it'll start coping the microSD to eMMC
<rcn-ee> or: sudo enable-beagle-flasher and it'll do it on the next "reboot"..
<rcn-ee> if you have a ton of services setup, the "reboot" flasher works better.. (it's just where rsync runs..)
<rcn-ee> as base image can be done either way..
<zmatt> beagle-flasher doesn't first stop all services not needed for flashing or ssh ?
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, didn't you say the BBAI? use "sudo cp -v /etc/beagle-flasher/bbai-microsd-to-emmc /etc/default/beagle-flasher"...
<JustBoB> I dont have much. I basically need Synpse agent ( ) and docker. All other management comes from Synpse and is deployed as containers. Im trying to write a blog post how to use BB and Synpse
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<rcn-ee> zmatt, correct it doesn't stop anything.. so not 100% safe..
<JustBoB> yap, sorry, copied from command from forum
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, just double checking.. it wouldn't boot. ;)
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, it just cordantes where the bootloader is installed and partition layout:
<rcn-ee> zmatt, main change... user doesn't have to figure out how to use nano or sed.. i'm working on moving it back to buster..
<zmatt> rcn-ee: should be easy enough to fix... just create a .target that declares dependencies on the things you want to keep running, give it AllowIsolate=true, and then use systemctl isolate to stop everything that's not a dependency of that target
<JustBoB> `Debian 11.x (Bullseye) Xfce Desktop Snapshot` should this after flashing boots to X env? after flashing I'm getting no Xfce
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, over hdmi you should see xfce load, there is a massive wait right now on first boot... not sure what's casuing the delay yet..
<rcn-ee> it's using the etnaviv open source 2d driver.. but yeah it's a massive regression from Buster..
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<rcn-ee> JustBoB, i just got xorg working with the 2d driver late last week.. so it's a prety fresh image right now..
<JustBoB> rcn-ee what is the massive delay? gonna try one more time but I suspect something might be off
<zmatt> rcn-ee: have you tried using systemd-analyze plot >boot.svg to see what's causing the boot delay?
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<rcn-ee> i don't remember, flashing a mciroSD..
<rcn-ee> JustBoB, zmatt okay it's not as slow as last week...from bootup 13sec to screen init... 34sec to xorg cursor, 50sec to desktop showing..
<JustBoB> ok, I think there is something. Di you tried new build with AI boards?
<rcn-ee> this is a bbai..
<rcn-ee> i don't remember if this is outside my network...
<zmatt> what's pulling in systemd-networkd-wait-online.service ?
<rcn-ee> usb-gadget isn't plugged in a pc..
<rcn-ee> just a power supply so it just fails..
<zmatt> mark the gadget as [Link] RequiredForOnline=no
<rcn-ee> zmatt, that's with my override of: systemd-networkd-wait-online --interface=eth0 --interface=wlan0 --ignore=usb0 --ignore=usb1 --any --timeout=20
<zmatt> ew don't do that
<zmatt> you can configure this per interface in their .network file
<zmatt> what's the reason for using systemd-networkd-wait-online anyway?
<rcn-ee> they are all RequiredForOnline=no
<rcn-ee> before that overide, systemd-networkd-wait-online would time out at 2mins...
<zmatt> note that --interface=eth0 --interface=wlan0 is saying you're rewriting eth0 _and_ wlan0 and everything else is ignored
<zmatt> *requiring
<zmatt> rcn-ee: what cares about waiting for online?
<zmatt> like, why are you using this service at all?
<rcn-ee> i added those after --any failed... that was the only combination that actually worked without a 2minute delay..
<rcn-ee> debian enables it by default with you configure systemd-networkd..
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<zmatt> wtf
<zmatt> it should not be enabled at all, ever really
<rcn-ee> disabling... and reboot..
<rcn-ee> let's see what changes..
<zmatt> no wait, I'm sayign that wrong
<zmatt> it can be enabled, but it's pulled in by
<zmatt> so sorry, it's normal to be enabled
<zmatt> but it's not normal for it to actually get started
<zmatt> that means a service is pulling in
<rcn-ee> i'll kill it globally..
<zmatt> the proper fix is finding which services are pulling in and make them... not
<zmatt> systemctl show -p WantedBy -p RequiredBy
<rcn-ee> right now that's just cockpit-motd.service, working on killing that too..
<zmatt> I'm checking how wait-online works exactly
<rcn-ee> my biggest worry, PocketBeagle when no ethernet is connected..
<zmatt> because the intention *is* that succeeds when you actually have network up, i.e. it's means to be pulled in by services which _require_ working network
<zmatt> the beaglebone should not have any such service by default
<zmatt> but it's good form to ensure it does work for people who do need it
<zmatt> ah, setting all of them RequiredForOnline=false is what breaks --any
<zmatt> since RequiredForOnline=false means the interfaces are ignored, so then it never finds an interface up
<rcn-ee> so 'one' needs to be enabled... ugh... PocketBeagle, BeagleBone, Wireless..
<rcn-ee> we never have 'one' always...
<zmatt> no, just enable them all, but use --any
<zmatt> and by "all" I mean eth0 and wlan0 ... I don't think what the usb interfaces provide is what would generally by meant by "being online"
<zmatt> *be meant by
<zmatt> again, nothing on the image should pull in by default, but e.g. if someone writes a service that requires internet access and doesn't want to have to deal with dynamic network changes, that's where you'd add a dependency on
<rcn-ee> so with eth0 and wlan0... 7.411s systemd-networkd-wait-online.service
<zmatt> is that the time it takes for one of them to get link up? is it still being invoked with --any ?
<zmatt> obviously anything that depends on will not be able to start very early in the boot process
<zmatt> that's one of the big downsides of using ... but for some people that may be a price they're willing to pay to be able to assume the network is already up in their own code
<rcn-ee> 10.192s with -ignore=usb0 --ignore=usb1 --any --timeout=10
<zmatt> it should not have a timeout, that breaks things
<rcn-ee> lost 2.5 sections by removing --interface=eth0 --interface=wlan0
<zmatt> also, why are you timing your boot? again, nothing should be pulling in on the bbb
<zmatt> so the time it takes is unimportant
<zmatt> since it should get run
<zmatt> *shouldn't
<zmatt> certainly nothing that actually stalls the boot process in a user-relevant way
<rcn-ee> trying to figure out what's causing xfce to take forever to load... it's the only outlier
<zmatt> rcn-ee: can you share the svg from systemd-analyze plot ?
<zmatt> you said was being pulled in by cockpit-motd.service ... whatever that is
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<rcn-ee> cockpit-motd.service is jsut figureing out the Ip address and updating motd... i'm working on disabling it globally..
<zmatt> doesn't look like anything in the boot is waiting for it anyhow?
<zmatt> hmm, or is it
<zmatt> no, doesn't look like it
<zmatt> lightdm starts way before systemd-wait-online finishes
<zmatt> so, if this cockpit-motd.service wants to know your "real" ip address, then yeah it makes sense for it to pull in
<zmatt> though such a thing probably shouldn't be on it in the first place
<zmatt> but it also doesn't look like it's slowing down boot
<zmatt> it's done all the way at the end after everything else
<zmatt> with nothing waiting on it
<rcn-ee> yeah i nuked it, and rebooted.. boot time is hte same, but systemd-wait-online doesn'tshow up..
<zmatt> exactly
<rcn-ee> so yeah.. wonder if it's just entropy and xfce...
<zmatt> so, don't put a low timeout on ... by definition it should wait for network online, that's the purpose it provides to whichever unit is depending on it
<zmatt> or any timeout really
<zmatt> on systemd-networkd-wait-online.service I mean
<rcn-ee> i'll stick it back to it's default. i'm not using it..
<zmatt> the --any option sounds like a good idea, can't imagine why it's not default (assuming it isn't)
<rcn-ee> it's not...
<zmatt> and RequiredForOnline=false on the usb interfaces
<rcn-ee> yeap, usb0/usb1 are too be locked out at all cost..
<zmatt> yes, no need to use commandline args for that, RequiredForOnline=false in the [Link] section of the .network takes care of that
<rcn-ee> makes you wonder thou.. is anyone shipping systemd-networkd 'enabled' by default... seems like some of the final tweaks are just missing (--any)...
<zmatt> I'm still checking what exactly --any vs default does, since even by default it apparently only needs "at least one link to be online" though it needs all of them "fully configured or failed"
<zmatt> my ethernet interface shows as "configured" even when not plugged in
<zmatt> then again usb0 on a bbb here shows as "configuring"
<rcn-ee> usb0 should change from configuring -> configured when it gets plugged in..
<zmatt> hmm, so my ethernet when unplugged when networkd starts indeed gets stuck in "configuring", and in fact only goes to "configured" well after the operational state is "routable"
<zmatt> but
<zmatt> it subsequently remains "configured" even after unplugging
<zmatt> I'm not sure what systemd-networkd means by this
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<zmatt> rcn-ee: summary of how wait-online works:
<zmatt> I still don't quite get the logic behind the link state being "configuring" while carrier is down (but not going back to "configuring" if the carrier goes down again once configured) and wait-online failing on that if --any isn't specified
<zmatt> it is possible to get the interface to go to "configured" even if the carrier is down by ConfigureWithoutCarrier=yes (in which case you'll also want IgnoreCarrierLoss=no) in the [Network] section but I'm not sure if that has bad side-effects
<rcn-ee> thanks zmatt i think i have eerything cleaned up in git, and pushsing deb builds out..
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<CoffeeBreakfast> I just bought one of the latest bbg available in my country ... and I haven't seen a bbb for sale in a long time. I have a bbb though..
<zmatt> CoffeeBreakfast: farnell says they'll get 10,000 BBBs in stock in 2-3 weeks
<zmatt> CoffeeBreakfast: digikey has 5337 BBBs in stock
<rcn-ee> oh man! thanks @zmatt those have the new phy fix.. i need to pick a up couple asap..
<zmatt> woo
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<CoffeeBreakfast> Import taxes are insane these days. Well.. at least I have a couple now..
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<Guest95> hi can anyone
<Guest95> help me
<Guest95>  end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
<Guest95> help please
<zmatt> uhh
<zmatt> how'd you manage that
<Guest95> i don't get it
<Guest95> what do u mean
<Guest95> >
<Guest95> ?
<zmatt> this needs a lot more context... what device are you using? what image are you using? what are you trying to do? what is the context of this error? can you share the whole kernel log? (please share using, don't paste it directly into chat)
<zmatt> Guest95: do not send unsolicited private messages
<Guest95> ok
<Guest95> i'm using beagle bone black
<Guest95> AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 1GB SD console
<Guest95> that's image i use
<zmatt> and what did you do that resulted in this error?
<Guest95> okay
<Guest95> setenv bootargs console=console=ttyO0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk1p1 rw
<rcn-ee> Guest95, why?
<zmatt> where are you doing that and why?
<rcn-ee> Guest95, what book are you reading?
<Guest95> n't book i just watch tutorial on udemy
<zmatt> how old that tutorial?
<Guest95> i'm doing that
<zmatt> when was it published?
<Guest95> cause i'm still learn hoe to write
<Guest95> uEnv.txt
<rcn-ee> Guest95, what's the name of the "course?
<zmatt> generally speaking you have you reason to mess with uEnv.txt
<zmatt> *no reason to
<zmatt> and what you showed isn't even valid syntax for that file
<Guest95> Embedded Linux Step by step with beaglebone
<Guest95> why
<Guest95> ?
<Guest95> [ 2.702606] VFS: Cannot open root device "mmcblk1p1" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6
<Guest95> [ 2.710539] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:
<Guest95> [ 2.719008] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
<Guest95> [ 2.727319] CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 4.14.108-ti-r113 #1
<Guest95> [ 2.734135] Hardware name: Generic AM33XX (Flattened Device Tree)
<zmatt> it does say it's recently updated
<Guest95> [ 2.740302] [<c0113180>] (unwind_backtrace) from [<c010d690>] (show_stack+0x20/0x24)
<Guest95> [ 2.748094] [<c010d690>] (show_stack) from [<c0ce54b4>] (dump_stack+0x80/0x94)
<Guest95> [ 2.755358] [<c0ce54b4>] (dump_stack) from [<c013f7f0>] (panic+0x100/0x284)
<Guest95> [ 2.762360] [<c013f7f0>] (panic) from [<c14015d4>] (mount_block_root+0x1b8/0x2a4)
<Guest95> [ 2.769883] [<c14015d4>] (mount_block_root) from [<c1401800>] (mount_root+0x140/0x15c)
<Guest95> [ 2.777838] [<c1401800>] (mount_root) from [<c140197c>] (prepare_namespace+0x160/0x1a8)
Guest95 was kicked from #beagle by zmatt [u]
<rcn-ee> when he comes back, it looks like 2017.03.19 image was used as a base..
<rcn-ee> i think this is the repo...
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<Guest95> thnx
<zmatt> Guest95: also, the fragment you pasted is showing kernel 4.14.108-ti-r113 .. but you claimed you were using AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 1GB which does _not_ use that kernel
<zmatt> I can't really tell anything from this other than that the kernel didn't see any mmc devices
<Guest95> how??
<Guest95> when i restart it
<Guest95> it can boot from mmc
<zmatt> I have no way to guess based on the negligible information provided
<zmatt> okay, so what are you doing to cause t to fail?
<Guest95> what other info do u need
<Guest95> ?
<zmatt> *cause it
<Guest95> i rellay appreciate your help
<zmatt> I have no idea what you're doing or trying to do, what steps are leading you to this error... all I know is that you're apparently trying to do something weird with u-boot, and that you're having trouble booting your kernel
<zmatt> and that what little information you provided isn't actually correct (since this kernel isn't the one on the 10.3 2020-04-06 image you said you're using)
<zmatt> I cannot magically guess what you might have done wrong if you don't even know what you did in the first place
<zmatt> *if I don't even know
<zmatt> rcn-ee: you any idea why the kernel might not see any mmc devices? (since it's not listing anything after "here are the available partitions:")
<Guest95> can i send
<Guest95> commands
<Guest95> here
<rcn-ee> Guest95, use pastebin for anything over a line..
<rcn-ee> zmatt, without a full boot log (and quiet) disabled, it's a guess. .;)
<rcn-ee> i'm afraid to ask them that..
<rcn-ee> probally /dev/mmcblk1 -> /dev/mmcblk0 name issues..
<rcn-ee> Guest95, you seem to be mixing a bunch of different guides... Which guide are you trying to do right now? igrning all other guides you'd touched?
<zmatt> Guest95: honestly, the list of topics in this course doesn't sound like it's particularly suited for for novices
<zmatt> like, details of the boo process, TFTP booting, buildroot, building kernel and bootloader, NFS booting... that's all really advanced stuff
<zmatt> some of it is really obscure... like, serial booting? wtf?
<zmatt> who on earth uses that
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<rcn-ee> the comments on that course are hilarous... it's a 10 year old version of Angstrom... no way those are 5 stars...
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<zmatt> Guest95: regardless, if you can clearly communicate exactly what steps you performed then we may be able to provide feedback, but otherwise there's no way to guess
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<Guest95100> ?
<Guest95100> i'm guest 95
<Guest95100> sorry
<zmatt> you know you could also try setting a better name than the "Guest" and some digits
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<jfsimon1981> Good evening,
<jfsimon1981> the test lab is online
<jfsimon1981> zmatt, the modbus probe indeed responds immediately, it does not wait 3.5 char ...
<jfsimon1981> I asked the manufacturer. Someone suggested 3.5 char is a maximum recommended wait time, not mandatory minimum. I'm a bit lost but i can perform tests, great.
<set_> Nice!
<set_> Way to go, fine person.
<set_> I am working on something completely different. Motors (still)!
<CoffeeBreakfast> (to all) What is your favorite new command that you discovered the past year? (from someone on twitter). I go first: `remake`
<set_> Twitter? Does have commands now?
<set_> I twitted a couple times already in the last month. But...I was unaware of their commands.
<set_> I found macrofab outside of twitter for building my TIDA-00320!
<set_> Servos!
<set_> Oh and @zmatt: I saw your posts on the forum. Thank you for still pitching in to support people who are lost in a world of electronics...
* set_ <<<
<CoffeeBreakfast> I mean Linux commands
<set_> Oh. I learned from jfsimon1981 about the / -name command when searching for specific things in the file system.
<set_> I am sad to admit, I know very little of Linux commands on Twitter b/c they will not allow me to have their SDK any longer.
<set_> I am boycotting them.
<set_> A lot of my source was dedicated to their SDK for use in the system of twittering. Now, they say no to me. Boo!
<set_> "How are you going to use our software," they asked. I told them exactly how I would use it. Blam. "No set_, you cannot have our SDK any longer."
<set_> CoffeeBreakfast: I understand your question. I was poking fun w/ you. Please forgive me.
<zmatt> jfsimon1981: wtf, no it's most definitely the minimum _required_
<zmatt> jfsimon1981: "In RTU mode, message frames are separated by a silent interval of _at least_ 3.5 character times." (the _at least_ is underlined in the spec itself)
<zmatt> jfsimon1981: and the maximum idle time between two consecutive bytes of a single frame is max 1.5 character times
<zmatt> jfsimon1981: it also explains that the 3.5 char idle is used to delineate frames: "When the link is in idle state, each transmitted character detected on the link is identified as the *start of a frame*. The link goes to the "active" state. Then, the *end of frame* is identified when no more character is transmitted on the link after the time interval t3,5."