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* anuejn waves
* modwizcode waves back
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<key2> hi
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<agg> o/
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<zignig> Congrats on the new name. :)
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<emeb> Nice name change! Tasty greens and nutritious grain, and when you're frustrated you can call it "pigweed". :)
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<mwk> please do not eat HDLs
<mwk> ~if I ever make a HDL I'm going to name it silica gel~
<emeb> chortle
<cr1901> From Google's quick view: >Amaranth Is Highly Nutritious
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<gatecat> > Cats can eat amaranth, but it should never replace their day-to-day diet. Also, there are reasons why amaranth would be great for some cats, and for certain cats it may not be a good idea. However, it is possible for cats to eat it.
<gatecat> i.e. cats can have a little amaranth; as a treat
<cr1901> Cats can have a little Ama- GFDI
<emeb> If you've ever eaten quinoa you've had amaranth.
<lofty> Apparently it's safe for dogs, so, maybe safe for wolves?
<cr1901> https://imgur.com/a/AtmpzHH There's something quite indignant about that 4-legged little ginger shit's face in the ad on the page: https://imgur.com/SVP0FwP
<lofty> My biggest complaint with the name is that we can't argue about pronunciation anymore /j
<lofty> (also, uh, what does the $ do in IRC ban syntax do? I couldn't find that from a Google.)
<lofty> Ah, thank you
<whitequark> that's a redirect ban, not an extban
<sorear> actually in this case it's https://libera.chat/guides/channelmodes «You can append $#channel to any ban to redirect banned users to another channel.»
<sorear> either way it's a libera-specific feature
<whitequark> extbans start with $, redirect bans have $ in the middle
<mwk> worked surprisingly well, /cycle in irssi even kept it in the same buffer window
<lofty> Thank you~
<lofty> Not for me, but, it's fine :P
<whitequark> by the way, if anyone's wondering: the new name comes from the Nightwish song of the same name
<urja> oh neat, that was what i thought of first when i read the name
<_whitenotifier-e> [amaranth] lethalbit closed pull request #624: sim: Implemented signal notability for use in generating actually useful GTKW files - https://git.io/JDY4G
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<_whitenotifier-e> [amaranth] lethalbit synchronize pull request #644: vendor.openlane: OpenLANE ASIC Platform - https://git.io/JDYBi
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<_whitenotifier-e> [amaranth] lethalbit synchronize pull request #644: vendor.openlane: OpenLANE ASIC Platform - https://git.io/JDYBi
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<lofty> With the rename, is the minimum supported Yosys version going to be bumped? It seems like requiring 0.10 would remove a couple of workarounds.
<cr1901> moving the nmigen directory is gonna break a few things T_T
<whitequark> eventually, yeah
<cr1901> I'll do pip install -e . again, but I think I'm gonna wait to change the name of the submodule/dirs until at least litex takes the name change into account
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<whitequark> can you elaborate?
<whitequark> after `pip install amaranth` you can still `from nmigen import ...`
<whitequark> there's a really ugly set of files committed into the repo to make the transition seamless
<whitequark> I didn't -just- rename the package
<cr1901> ls ~/Projects/FPGA/nmigen/
<cr1901> efbutils icebreaker-nmigen-examples nmigen nmigen-boards nmigen-soc nmigen-stdio
<whitequark> all of the existing downstream dependencies should Just Work
<cr1901> If I rename nmigen to amaranth, other apps, like my project settings in my text editor, will point to broken paths
<cr1901> if the old paths should "just work", fine. I'll leave it be
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<cr1901> I'm not 100% sure if my text editor is the only place depending on the current paths
<cr1901> whitequark: Also according to #litex, name change broke CI: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/litex/2021-12-10#1639147498-1639149562;
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<whitequark> the name of the repository checkout doesn't actually matter
<whitequark> some breakage is expected
<whitequark> the name change was done for extremely good reasons and is instrumental for the future of the project
<whitequark> I'm sure LiteX will be able to fix this shortly
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<tpw_rules> congratulations!
<cr1901> FWIW, I'm not disputing you had very good reasons for the name change.
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<mithro> whitequark: Any reason not to redirect #nmigen channel to this new one?
<cr1901> It already does
<sorear> is the existing redirect not working for you?
<mwk> mode got reset
<mwk> or hmm
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<mwk> ... what, IRC seems wonky
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<mwk> it claims I'm both on the channel and not on the channel
<mithro> Ahh, it appears I haven't reconnected since the rename was setup
<mithro> Also this channel lacks a topic?
<sorear> I still have it in /mode #nmigen +b
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<mwk> it does work for a new connection at least
<mwk> it'll settle down
<mithro> I think you need to kick everyone from #nmigen channel to force them to reconnect?
<mwk> no
<mwk> well-behaved clients won't rejoin on kick, this will just make things worse
<mwk> it's already as good as can be, it seems
<whitequark> I did!
<whitequark> this channel definitely should have a topic
ChanServ changed the topic of #amaranth-lang to: Amaranth hardware description language · code https://github.com/amaranth-lang · logs https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/amaranth-lang
<urja> well now it does :P (i just managed to do a /topic to verify there is none and then it was set lol)
<_whitenotifier-e> [amaranth-lang/amaranth] whitequark pushed 1 commit to main [+0/-0/±1] https://git.io/JDYbJ
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<electronic_eel> whitequark: congratiulations on the new name. i like it.
<electronic_eel> did you get, umm, trademarks? so that noone will be able to steal it
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<sauce> the new name has a much lower weeb index than I was expecting
<lofty> Also a lower catgirl index than expected
<agg> I wonder what short name to alias my imports to instead of nm
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* ebb migrates
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