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<nickoe> Hm, in the docs, the source lines includes linenumbers in the code listings and making it har dto copy multiple lines, is this intentional? :S https://amaranth-lang.org/docs/amaranth/latest/start.html#testing-a-counter
<nickoe> And the Lambda Concept tutorial is gone.. http://blog.lambdaconcept.com/doku.php?id=nmigen:tutorial Anyone from Lambda Concept here?
<miek> sounds like there's a fix for that in v1.0 of the rtd theme btw: https://github.com/readthedocs/sphinx_rtd_theme/issues/1168
<nickoe> ah great, so I guess the rtd builder just needs to be updated? Not that I know how this is built anyways.
<nickoe> I have a design where I don't frekin understand why the output of a FIR filter I snatched from the migen examples does not generate anything on the output data, so trying to simulate it standalone now instead of inside my litex design.
<nickoe> But I now see deprecation warnings like https://dpaste.com/2269NXSNG
<nickoe> But using from amaranth.compat import *
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<_whitenotifier-8> [amaranth-lang/amaranth] whitequark aa74956 - docs: update sphinx-rtd-theme.
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<whitequark> <miek> "sounds like there's a fix for..." <- fixed
<nickoe> thanks :) ^
<nickoe> I am currently sitting with this code https://dpaste.com/4UKH2M8AX, but it complains that "TypeError: Object '(sig i)' of type <class 'amaranth.compat.fhdl.structure.CompatSignal'> is not a Migen value"
<nickoe> I may be slightly confused as to how to take the self.submodules .. and just use those directly in a amaranth sim
<nickoe> Or mixing mingen, nmigen/amaranth ... and litex constructs.
<nickoe> The backtrace suggests that it is complaining about sink.data[0:iw].eq(fir.i) in line 66 of my paste.
<nickoe> Is it because my FIR class does not have a def elaborate method defined?
<whitequark> I think you can't use amaranth.compat with litex directly
<whitequark> yeah
<nickoe> I am using it in my SoC design though
<whitequark> you can't use litex streams, not even with amaranth.compat
<nickoe> mmm
<nickoe> The litex stream appears to use migen with from migen import *. So stuff with with from migen import * is not interchangeable with amaranth.compat?
<d1b2> <dragonmux> correct - the migen imports are from oMigen and won't work with Amaranth as they're two entirely seperate HDL systems
<nickoe> So I guess I would swtich back to just migen directly for this test.
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<nickoe> argh!! had forgotten a self.comb before foo.eq(bar)
<tpw_rules> just shouting into the void :D
<whitequark> ... of course, it's one of the things that Amaranth fixes...
<nickoe> yeah, well, it is not that I don't want to ue amaranth, but it is just that litex does not use amaranth.
<nickoe> :s
<nickoe> Better be happy on a "high note"... and call it day -- wurk tomorrow