azonenberg changed the topic of ##openfpga to: Open source tools for FPGAs, CPLDs, etc. Silicon RE, bitfile RE, synthesis, place-and-route, and JTAG are all on topic. Channel logs:
<azonenberg> looks to have some issues, guessing the site hasnt been maintained in a while
<azonenberg> seems to have gotten pwned
<azonenberg> anybody (gatecat, mithro?) have contact info for claire?
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<tnt> azonenberg: domain belongs to a spammer now.
<tnt> azonenberg: She didn't renew it when she abandonned that name.
<azonenberg> oh i see
<azonenberg> so the spammer is serving cached content or something?
<azonenberg> and then added their own junk on top?
<azonenberg> thats a nasty seo tactic
<tnt> Yup seems so. Probably for SEO as you say.
<azonenberg> the risk of that kind of thing is one of the reasons i still own the domain for my old consultancy from circa 2010
<azonenberg> (the other being that i had a bunch of email boxes on that domain i was too lazy to move elsewhere... i've been gradually transitioning some accounts away from it but many are still there)
<tnt> Yeah, when I saw it wasn't renewed I actually tried to register it to 301 it ... but missed it ...
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