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<klange> I have no idea, but the game itself also should do upscaling so you may be fine? You can also do the dumb thing and just change your display resolution.
<not_not> idk., microsoft is so much engrained with the millitary industrial complex that its a bitch and a half to really hurt microsoft
<not_not> but it can be done, i've robbed microsoft millitary technology before by tricking them into torturing me
<klange> not_not: Final warning. Please refrain from explicit language.
<Bitweasil> Ah hah! "Voice actor Richard Steven Horvitz, best known for his portrayal of Zim in the cult favorite animated series Invader Zim, provides the voice of Raz, the game's protagonist."
<not_not> kk
<Bitweasil> That explains a lot. :)
<zid> tempted to check the logs now klange :P
<klange> Rules for thee but not for me because I have +o
<Bitweasil> Anyway, my only gaming aspiration right now is to eventually, probably in like 2070, find a 3000 series GPU and play Minecraft ratraced.
<zid> wait, are we still logged here?
<Bitweasil> raytraced
<Bitweasil> zid, yeah.
<klange> zid: yes, newest logs are on whitequark
<zid> ah I see em
<klange> the log bot that was providing the old logs for years was coincidentally shut down around the the same time as the exodus from freenode
<zid> fuck sake the day ticked over right as you did it :P
<klange> so we had double the incentive to find another provider, and I asked whitequark who was already running logs for libera
* Bitweasil wanders out.
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<klange> I finished 100%'ing Psychonauts 2 literally the day before the devs announced an update to make it easier to do that.
<not_not> i just texted my uhm "boyfriend"
<not_not> wanna play video games with him
<gog> why the quotes
<not_not> cuz he's "not gay"
<gog> yeah i had a "boyfriend" like that once
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<not_not> but he don't know he been tactically placed there so i suddenly get a love intrest to distract me from the obscene amount of power in the tip of my fingers
<gog> oooooookay
<not_not> well they tried having a girl fuck me first
<not_not> but
<gog> this has gone way off the rails i think
<gog> so how about that osdev
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not_not was kicked from #osdev by klange [not_not]
<klange> Someone feel free to undo that when you feel appropriate.
<gog> i'm good with it
<sortie> Never try a c in the midst of yyyyyy
<sortie> *trust
<zid> I had him on ignore from.. previous manic episodes
<sortie> if [ "$2" = "!!" ]; then
<sortie> WANT=true
<kazinsal> or feel free to not undo it
<sortie> I did just write this line apropos heh
<zid> I'm not sure $2 is equal to !!
<kazinsal> I was wondering when they were going to eat a +b
<gog> i'm confused about this conditional
<moon-child> !! is expanded in double quotes right
<sortie> This is a /bin/sh type deal :)
<zid> shell scripts are always super weird because of how expansion works
<zid> I never quite got the hang of it
<sortie> I never actually learned what ! means in bash except it being one of those days
<moon-child> oh that's not a posix sh thing?
<moon-child> til
<gog> isn't it previous command?
<moon-child> i think so
<gog> ok it does a few things apparently
<gog> ! inverts command status
<gog> !! is previous command
<gog> ![n] executes the n'th command in history
<gog> ![pattern] executes the last command matching pattern
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<klange> ! is a source of common confusion because it is still parsed inside of double quotes, like a variable, but it isn't escaped by \
<moon-child> seems like zsh escapes it just fine
<klange> $ echo "hi\!"
<klange> hi\!
<moon-child> in zsh, that results in hi!, with no \
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<zid> huh how did I not know about ruby tags in html yet
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<geist> i've also been slowly converting from wanting to type `run_this_command` to $(run_this_command)
<geist> though i haven't really checked to see what the difference is
<geist> back ticks vs the $() that is
<klange> $() nests better
<klange> also I've got a super dumb use of ``s in a script here
<klange> So you know how you can't continue a line with a comment? And there's only line comments in sh?
<klange> You _can_ put a comment in backticks and it will be terminated by the ending backtick.
<klange> So you can put inline comments `# like this`
<klange> It evaluates to nothing, so it doesn't even yield a blank argument token.
<klange> Useful for comment individual arguments in a long command, as you can then stick a line continuation after the backtick.
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<geist> good to know
<geist> yah as far as i can tell there's no downside to $()
<geist> except maybe its as bashism or whatnot
<klange> It is POSIX.
<kingoffrance> eh, some ppl like builtins for "speed" but i feel "make external commands launch faster then" is better than "shove everything in $lang"
<klange> I still do intend to write a reasonbly compliant shell, if not just as an exercise in the insanity of the spec.
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<moon-child> geist: I actually went the other way--from $() to ``
<moon-child> learned about $() first. But eventually decided for interactive use `` is less keystrokes so I should train myself ot use it
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<geist> fair enough
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<Jari--> morning all, from EU, Finland
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<geist> morning!
<zid> oh no
<zid> btw when you were acting as a carnival attraction and opening your mouth for us to throw peanuts, did I end up with enough points for a stuffed toy in the end?
* klys bought this item this evening: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002856721588.html ;it should arrive in feb.
<zid> 2023?
<klys> even a year before that
<moon-child> ;o
<moon-child> so fast
<zid> Depends if they calculate shipping on the device or not, if they do it might be 2024
<klys> so eh, just found out about this device today, "sipeed nezha featuring allwinner d1 riscv64 cpu"
<klys> with 1 gb ram
<klys> previously I got a "sipeed maix dock featuring k210 riscv64 cpu, 32 mb ram"
<klys> and ran uclinux on there
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* kingoffrance gives zid a cursed krusty doll and a free frogurt
<kazinsal> the topping contains potassium benzoate
<geist> klys: oh yeah reminds me i should try to get one of those
<geist> iirc the allwinner d1 is a bit nonstandard, uses an old riscv spec
<geist> but beggars cant be choosers, etc
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<heat> morning
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<geist> good morning heat
<vdamewood> Morning?! Where? Don't let it get me!
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<geist> I think i finally fully grok how to set up an unconfigured pci bus now. Will have to start on implementation tomorrow.
<sham1> It's so darn bright outside. I can see it though my blinds
<sham1> Morning indeed. Although it's basically noon here
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<geist> sham1: oh no you have a daystar infestation
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<gog> can i have some of that sunlight pls
<vdamewood> gog: No, you get volcano heat, instead.
<heat> volcano me >>
<GeDaMo> The sun's shining here, it's lovely :P
<heat> same here
<bslsk05> ​www.windy.com: Windy: Wind map & weather forecast
<gog> i don't want volcano heat i want sunlight and a warm day
<vdamewood> gog: How about a warm 20-hour night?
<heat> gog, come to lisbon
<heat> gr8 city
<heat> 10/10
<gog> hmmm
<gog> an iberian winter sounds cool
<vdamewood> I don't speap Portal Geese.
<vdamewood> speak*
<heat> gog, nah its not cool its warm
<gog> lots of icelanders winter in the canary islands :p
<vdamewood> heat: > 25 degrees?
<heat> chill lol
<heat> not that warm
<heat> that's like spring temperature here
<heat> although we've had a few 20ºC winter days two months or so ago
<gog> a 25 degree day would be heavenly
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<vdamewood> How about a 25-degree pool?
<gog> maybe
<gog> idk
* vdamewood gives gog a fishy
* gog chomps fishy
<gog> ope
<sham1> gog irl
<gog> :o
<gog> i'm not that chonky :(
<sham1> Chonk is good
<vdamewood> Not if you want to get through the kitty door.
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* vdamewood gives gog a scratchpost that looks like GeDaMo
* gog scratches
<GeDaMo> :|
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<vdamewood> GeDaMo: Would you rather I give her the real you?
<GeDaMo> Are those the only options? :|
<vdamewood> GeDaMo: What else is gog going to scratch?
<GeDaMo> What about something made of wood? >:-D
<gog> ^w^
<bslsk05> ​'Original Log Commercial | The Ren & Stimpy Show | NickRewind' by NickRewind (00:01:15)
<gog> as an adult it blows my mind the stuff they had on nicolodeon back in the day
<vdamewood> My entire childhood was double entendres and innuendo that want over my head.
<gog> same
<vdamewood> went*
<vdamewood> No, *finger* prince
<GeDaMo> Douhle entendres haven't been invented when I was a kid :|
<vdamewood> GeDaMo: To be fair, everyone was still excited about fire.
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<sham1> I'm sure they existed, you just didn't get it
<klange> yanking a ramdisk out of fw-cfg and successfully decompressing and mounting it https://klange.dev/s/Screenshot%20from%202022-01-25%2021-07-18.png
<klange> all the critical stuff is still stubbed, but ay, we got a filesystem
<sham1> Neat
<klange> (and theoretically those are aarch64 binaries that will 'just work' when I get as far as loading them...)
<klange> (modulo, like, three or four functions that were stubbed because my x86-64 implementations of them were assembly)
<j`ey> did you already have the fw-cfg stuff or is that new?
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<klange> I had to rewrite it as the mmio interface is different and my existing implementation is for the port i/o interface.
<klange> I use fw-cfg to provide boot options to VMs; bootloader accepts an arg to skip the menu, and there's stuff in my init as well
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<klange> Anyway, this is all just silly verification of architecture-independent stuff; really should focus on mmu, interrupts, context switching...
<heat> got ipv6 ping done this morning
<heat> not bad
<sham1> Really nice
<heat> it was just burocracy
<heat> i already had all the icmpv6 code fleshed out, just didn't wire it up to /bin/ping
<heat> otoh ping google.com stops working with user mode networking since it finds an IPv6 address and for some reason there's no external icmpv6 ping in slirp
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<heat> can you use LGPL/GPL documentation to write a non-GPL implementation of something?
<heat> was looking at squashfs
<zid> yes
<zid> same for headers
<sham1> It's hard for me to know if that would count as derived work since I am not a lawyer, but I'd say that you should be able to look at the implementation. But yeah, if you want a real answer, ask an actual lawyer
<sham1> What I would do is I'd look for some kind of a specification for squashfs somewhere
<sham1> Although I don't know if such a thing exists
<heat> yes, I was talking about docs
<sham1> Well then it's fine
<heat> pretty sure you can't use the implementation though
<sham1> Well, IANAL, but just because the documentation is under GPL doesn't mean that the implementation you write will get infected by it
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<zid> You can even use gpl headers in a non gpl thing
<zid> see: gcc
<zid> there's no special "you can use stdio.h in your program and still be non-gpl" exclusion
<sham1> Yeah but isn't that only when the license has the exception GCC and such have where the executables and such produced don't need to abide by the license, only the compiler and standard library do
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<sham1> IIRC it's somewhat similar to the CLASSPATH exception
<heat> the gcc exception is for libgcc and other runtime libraries afaik
<heat> where you can unknowingly statically link GPL object files
<sham1> Mmhm
<sham1> Don't want that
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<sham1> "Developing nonfree software is not good for society, and we have no obligation to make it easier. We decided to permit this because forbidding it seemed likely to backfire, and because using small libraries to limit the use of GCC seemed like the tail wagging the dog."
<bslsk05> ​www.gnu.org: GCC Runtime Library Exception Rationale and FAQ - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
<sham1> Stay classy GNU
<sham1> I actually don't recall if glibc uses a similar exception. It probably should, but I have no idea
<klange> glibc is lgpl and has not supported static linking for many years, so it's kinda moot?
<sham1> I suppose
<sham1> glibc would be a very chonky boi to statically link anyhow
<j`ey> and it needs to dynamic link for some things, since it uses dl_open itself
<heat> LLVM also has an exception for its runtime libraries
<heat> sham1, the fsf is the one that requires firmware to be in ROM in order for a computer to be FSF certified :) they will always be classy
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<heat> i should actually make a decent TCP implementation based on the rfcs
<heat> instead of the weird, hacky thing I have going on
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<zid> what do I do about finding the ioapic if I don't have an madt table?
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<zid> I have facp/apic/hpet/mcfg
<zid> can't find a doc for the 'apic' table because I can't search for it
<zid> oh is the madt.. specified by 'A P I C' I wonder..
<zid> yep! phew
<geist> ya
<vdamewood> zid: Yay!
<Griwes> yeah the signature for madt is a bit... mad
<Griwes> I've also forgotten about this when porting my old acpi code the last time lol
<zid> FADT FACP FASC crap too
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<zid> hmm why is my list of entries in that table empty though :(
<zid> offset 2C should be byte tuples of type/len and the first is 0/0
<zid> and length of table suggests there's 16 valid bytes there..
<zid> is there just.. two null entries at the start?
<zid> but that makes no sense either heh because after the perfectly normal apic table I have,, 00 00 00 B0 so even if that's 0/0 then 0/B0 which is too long again :P
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<zid> "After the Flags field, starting at offset 0x2C, the rest of the MADT table contains a sequence of variable length records"
<zid> offset 0: entry type, offset 1: record length
<zid> any ideas?
<zid> length byte not filled out and that's apic processor 0, apic id 128?
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<Griwes> ...0x3ffe20a9? that is suspiciously non-aligned
<zid> blame seabios, it's obviously an MCFG
<zid> wait..
<zid> That's the wrong table !:D
<Griwes> ...also it's the wrong table lol
<Griwes> yeah
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<zid> well that solves that mystery
<Griwes> lol
<zid> I did it all in hex until I made the picture and just went "yea that's probably right, looks like ascii"
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<zid> Turns out my on screen display for which table has which address has an off by one
<zid> code doesn't care, but the printf is wrong
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<geist> yay
<geist> yeah parsing the simple ACPI tables is almost kinda fun. lot of bang for not much buck
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<zid> Griwes: you'll be pleased to know I just wrote u32 and u64 unaligned accessors.. the compiler can figure out if it's allowed to turn it into a cast
<Griwes> the trick to make a compiler emit that code for you is to access members through pointers to packed structs
<zid> I'm too lazy to write structs for these tiny things
<zid> I'm just accessing the fields via offset
<zid> it's 7 structs with 1 or 2 fields each
<zid> I'm just switching on the type and printfing an offset
<zid> Hmm I was expecting to get a lapic base override considering the one in the madt appears to be 0, oh well
<zid> https://github.com/zid/boros/blob/master/acpi.c#L125 Pretty boring in the end, easier if I could read basic numbers though
<bslsk05> ​github.com: boros/acpi.c at master · zid/boros · GitHub
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<sham1> "unaligned accessors" and how are you accessing them
<zid> is there a sentence hidden in there somewhere
<sham1> Just a bit of a sentence
<sham1> Like what are you doing for the access
<zid> dereferencing a pointer?
<sham1> That sounds like undefined behaviour to me
<zid> It's perfectly defined, that's why it exists, to make it so
<zid> I mean, the pastebin is right there if you wanna see it
<zid> u64_at
<sham1> Oh, you're actually doing it properly. I was just assuming you were doing `return *(u64 *)ptr;`
<sham1> It sounded like it
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<zid> knowing the rules that make it UB but implementing the 'doing it properly' part would be funny
<zid> incorrectly*
<sham1> Yeah. I can't assume since some people at the forums and such have made me oversensitive towards UB because of their disregard of it
<zid> I'm a very good C programmer, just not much else :p
<sham1> That's good because not everyone who does this is
<zid> I've *heard* of python
<zid> and I once saw a picture of a high level language
<GeDaMo> There's a garbage collector under your bed :|
<zid> That can't stop me, I can't read
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<zid> halp, my burrito is both very hot, and very hot
<mats1> i bet
<zid> was that a flert
<sham1> Do hot burritos explain monads in Haskell
<zid> Do you need to explain anything in haskell? I thought you just wrote some math that proved it was true, your cpu got hot, and then it exited.
<zid> with no output
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<Oli_> Write only CPU to keep you deepest programming secrets with
Oli_ is now known as Oli
<geist> mmmm burritos
<zid> Just the one burrito actually
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