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<testuser[m]> hi
<testuser[m]> Gremlin8483: kiss update only rebuilds packages that have actually been updated
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<acidbong> Gremlin8483: 'kiss u' updates the repos and updates the packages if there's a newer version, the other one just rebuilds whatever is installed
<Gremlin8483> acidbong testuser[m] appreciate the help! i guess both the update and the rebuild is required for a fresh install, makes sense
<Gremlin8483> this system is amazing, i built a few simple packages on my own so far and it feels so good
<acidbong> it's here just in case you wanna rebuild all the programs with different flags (like -O2, -march=native or -fuse-ld=mold)
<Gremlin8483> ah i didnt even think of that, i just blindly threw those vars into .profile
<Gremlin8483> good point
<acidbong> speaking in Gentoo terms, it's `emerge -uDU @world` vs `emerge -e world`
<acidbong> (in case you're familiar)
<Gremlin8483> yikes, gentoo was what brought me here, i installed it halfway, thought it was over complicated, and immediately looked to kiss
<Gremlin8483> i appreciate what theyve done over there
<Gremlin8483> but kiss is a work of art
<Gremlin8483> one more question if you have the time, is it possible to point "sources" to a local path? im sure i can make it work if i thinker with the kiss script, wondering if theere is a native way
<acidbong> you mean path to repos?
<Gremlin8483> well repo/extra/package/source points to a https://version.targz
<Gremlin8483> can i have that https be /local/tar.gz
<Gremlin8483> i plan to put everything local anyway
<Gremlin8483> and pull sources manually
<Gremlin8483> the internet paths change occasionally and annoying
<acidbong> you can use kiss-community repo on codeberg, it's still fresh
<Gremlin8483> yes i plan to, the repos themselves still point to internet sources
<Gremlin8483> i guess i can just figure out a fork to the kiss script or something, not a huge deal
<Gremlin8483> i believe it just curls whatever is in source file by default
<Gremlin8483> just have to add an option to look for a local path and cp instead of curl
<acidbong> or just fork the repo, in case kiss is already capable of using local sources
<Gremlin8483> yea great idea
<acidbong> is it tho, testuser[m] ?
<Gremlin8483> thanks for the tips, every bit helps!
<Gremlin8483> ok you are right it does look for local paths, not just internet sources
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<testuser[m]> acidbong: yeah it works but i'd personally just setup a proxy or something that caches stuff. like download the file if it doesn't exist, else just relay the local file over sockets
<testuser[m]> bit more involved tho
<testuser[m]> but less work
<testuser[m]> in the long term
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<midfavila> some of you guys have experimented with PGO in the past, right? what's the overall performance increase, if you had to eyeball it?
<midfavila> i'm particularly interested in PGO'ing gcc
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<sewn> what about lto
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<midfavila> only interested in pgo right now
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<illiliti> imho pgo not worth it
<illiliti> unless you are compiling electron with it