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<midfavila> oh my god i have no idea how people use telegram
<midfavila> i gave in and signed up for another account a couple weeks ago
<midfavila> and it's been nothing but problems
<midfavila> messages regularly hang for 10+ minutes or just don't post themselves at all
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<sewn> works on my machine
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<midfavila> wow good for you
<midfavila> i'm sorry, that was mean
<testuser[m]> Hi
<testuser[m]> midfavila: works on mine too
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<sad_plan> hi
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<drez> » [22:33:14] <midfavila> wow good for you | this actually did not sound sarcastic at all
<sad_plan> depends on the tone drez :p
<drez> true
<drez> :D
<drez> but I think he actually meant it
<drez> because I mean it must be totally weak to have an unstable telegram
<drez> and then be told others have it good
<sad_plan> sure. but programs behave differently on separate systems. hell even with same hardware. looking at you consoles :p
<sewn> Hi
<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_
<sewn> plan
<phoebos> hi
<phoebos> do any of you have a working valgrind under musl?
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<sad_plan> phoebos: both yes and no. I dont currently have it installed, but Ive used it before anyway on kiss
<sad_plan> ehawkvu has it in his repo, which is where I fetched it from
<sad_plan> I did not however rebuild kiss with the flag mentioned in the buildscript though
<sad_plan> s/kiss/musl
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<midfavila> do any of you have trouble building x264?
<drez> last time I had an issue building x264, it was because of sbase's strings
<drez> and that got fixed
<midfavila> hmm. fair enough
<drez> i think this was when mcf used to be here
<midfavila> man i really need to keep up with KISS more... looks like shared-mime-info was removed?
<midfavila> looking at my repo, it's really apparent i've been slacking in keeping things up to date
<drez> why ._.
<drez> >i've been slacking
<drez> why not slack?
<drez> ;)
<midfavila> because autism
<midfavila> if i can't swap out my zlib implementation on the fly why even live
<drez> be the vulkandung of kiss distros
<drez> vulkandong
<midfavila> the what
<drez> the volcano penis man
<drez> aka the man
<midfavila> ...i'm going back to reading LFS
<drez> >Also known to many as "The Man" and as Slackware's BDFL, without Patrick, there would be no Slackware. He has worked for many years and continues to work on this popular and extremely stable distribution. Patrick earned his BS in Computer Science from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 1993.
<midfavila> >"We would like to ask a favor, however. Although this is a public resource for you to use, please do not abuse it. We have already had one unthinking individual download over 3 GB of data, including multiple copies of the same files that are placed at different locations (via symlinks) to make finding the right package easier. This person clearly did not know what files he needed and downloaded eve
<midfavila> d files is the site or sites set up by the source code developer. Please try there first."
<midfavila> okay which one of you did this
<drez> wat
<drez> where was that and who did that?
<midfavila> part of the BLFS preface
<midfavila> imagine getting scolded like that
<midfavila> i'd like
<midfavila> shrivel up and die from shame
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<drez> damn...
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<midfavila> is that you
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<davidgarland> that is a good picture
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<drez> windows 10
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<sewn> <midfavila> "is that you" <- yes :3
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