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<drez> ohhhh yeah son
<drez> pex, never heard of it
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<testuser[m]> Hi
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<sewn> Hi
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<midfavila> man i really need to learn JS
<midfavila> if for no other reason than to ste-i mean pira-i mean borrow anime more efficiently from streaming sites
<midfavila> bunch of them have scripts that will prevent a page from loading, or redirect you to their home page or w/e if it's detected that you have developer tools open
<midfavila> which is just the most annoying thing ever when i all i want to do is get a raw feed of a video
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<midfavila> easy enough to get around for some sites since you can just prevent JS from fucking with menus in PM, but if the site in question stores resources as blobs or whatever then it's not quite as easy to work around
<midfavila> should probably learn more about web tech just so i can work around it but ugggh
<midfavila> but man, just the thought of some smug overpaid web developer out there chuckling to themselves at the thought of being able to do this sort of shit pisses me off
<midfavila> if i want to open a debugger and poke around in something running on *my* computer, and you try to stop me, that's fucking bullshit, copyright, trademark, whatever other law be damned. ought to be able to see what's going on in front of me
<midfavila> and don't even talk to me about "minification"
<midfavila> i really ought to just torrent stuff
<sewn> what sort of anime
<sewn> you can just make a script that can do it all for ya
<sewn> it was called ani-cli or something
<midfavila> yeah i've considered writing one
<midfavila> there was a site with really simple HTML that would be trivial to handle from within a shell script but i forgot its name
<midfavila> that and their homegrown search engine was really bad
<midfavila> could just use another but at that point i'm basically writing a spider and that's more effort than i'm willing to go through for my sweatshop-animated CGI cartoons
<midfavila> ...although right now it's actually not CGI in the slightest to my knowledge. wanna watch attack on titan: the final season: for real this time guys: now it's the final part, part 1
<midfavila> the annoying thing is that if i had the money to go out and buy a disc with a high-quality recording on it, i would, but i don't even know if it's common practice to release blu-ray discs of stuff nowadays
<midfavila> because "just stream it bro"
<midfavila> oh course then you have to deal with retarded DRM and it just uggggggggggh makes me want to pull my hair out
<midfavila> like i get the whole "well if we can't make money how are we supposed to pay artists" argument but making my life inconvenient just makes me want to not watch it at all-
<sewn> just buy the cd from ebay
<midfavila> maybe i should start buying blu-rays or whatever and then downloading copies via torrenting
<midfavila> i'm pretty sure that counts as a "backup copy"
<midfavila> god i fucking hate the USA so much
<midfavila> the DMCA is a trashfire
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<illiliti> why
<illiliti> you don't like being taken down?
<midfavila> i don't like having to fight just to see the code that's running on my own PC, at the end of the game
<midfavila> if I want to copy shit on my PC, that's my goddamn right, fuck anyone who says otherwise
<illiliti> problem is that you don't own that shit to copy it or do whatever you like
<illiliti> you're renting it basically
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<Ogromny[m]> <midfavila> "god i fucking hate the USA so..." <- Same
<midfavila> illiliti: it's on my computer, i don't give a shit
<midfavila> it's my copy, i'll do what i want with it
<sewn> i will get someone in my house and do what i want with them
<sewn> they are in MY house, i don't give a shit
<illiliti> actually you can as long as you don't violate law
<illiliti> and to not violate the law, "someone" must not resist at least
<sewn> the same applies to copyright right illiliti
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