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<demon36[m]> my implementation for the getString() is is doing too frequent native calls per non-single-byte-null string value retrieval
<demon36[m]> I was thinking of adding a getZeroTerminatedByteArray() variant in jffi that takes null terminator width as an argument, for better performance, because its a bottleneck in my use case
<demon36[m]> what do you guys think of that ?
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<headius> demon36 hello! Yes that seems reasonable. Would this go into the native library?
<demon36[m]> headius assuming you mean jffi project, yes
<demon36[m]> also do you think its better change the function getZeroTerminatedByteArray directly or create another override ?
<headius> Probably another override
<headius> This big issue though is getting new native builds. We have not modified the native code for many years because we do not have a way to rebuild it on several exotic platforms
<demon36[m]> build process is very straightforward though, u might just leave that to the library user
<demon36[m]> its good enough that you already provided prebuilt binaries for major platforms
<demon36[m]> its good enough that you already provide prebuilt binaries for major platforms
<headius> That is what we have done, perhaps we will be able to rely on this who have built in the past
<headius> We have had many improvements on hold because of this
<demon36[m]> good luck with that
<demon36[m]> it appears now that I will have to override putZeroTerminatedByteArray too, in addition to checked variants
<headius> Just so I fully understand...this needs native changes because it is too costly to look for the terminator before also reading the bytes
<demon36[m]> yes exactly
<headius> Ok