dnkl changed the topic of #foot to: Foot - fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator || 1.16.2 || https://codeberg.org/dnkl/foot || channel logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/foot
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<sewn> does foot implement cursor-shape protocol?
<ifreund> yes
<sewn> foot seems to load my full cursor theme upon startup & when my cursor is hovered on the window
<sewn> and it takes quite some time to do so
<sewn> should this have it's own specific Codeberg issue report?
<sewn> for me, a workaround is to use foot-server & footclient
<bapt> m
<sewn> i love you, dnkl
<sewn> yes, that solves the problem
<dnkl> sewn: great! Just merged it :)
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<Guest4> Hi, I'm using foot on Hyprland with fractional scaling. There's a problem that font size is really small. How would I configure it properly? From what I understand dpi-aware is not a good option for that.
<dnkl> Guest4: just increase the font size?
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<Guest4> dnkl thanks! I just didn't restart the server so it was stuck on default :)
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<newchair> is the pipe-command-output mentioned in <https://codeberg.org/dnkl/foot/wiki#piping-last-command-s-output> deprecated? I can't find any mention in the manual
<dnkl> newchair: just like it says on the wiki, that feature will be available staying with foot 1.17
<sewn> why isnt footclient called feet
<newchair> dnkl: oh sorry somehow missed that, thanks
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<newchair> how can i make this work?
<newchair> pipe-scrollback=[less] Control+Shift+p
<newchair> its a command line program run in the same terminal
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