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<gst> hi, when I foot, ssh, term=foot vim, sometimes there is some garbage inserted in vim; white lines and "6 Mod key". I tried without my vimrc and still the same. This does not seem to happen with vi and nano. Any ideas?
<j`ey> does the machine youre ssh-ing into have the foot terminfo?
<gst> yes, I also tried term=foot-extra, same
<gst> and yes it is TERM not term
<gst> my fault, it is related to vim config (still searching for it). not foot issue. sorry for the noise.
<gst> it was caused by ttimeoutlen=0, that I used to fix an issue with my old setup urxvt + ssh + tmux + vim. I reverted to default timeout and there is no more garbage.
<rjarry> dnkl: with the kitty-is-text branch, my altgr modified keys do not produce any text in kitty enabled applications
<rjarry> I have a fr keymap
<rjarry> foot version: 1.16.2-78-gdf958cbb77a6 (Mar 01 2024, branch 'kitty-is-text') -pgo +ime +graphemes +assertions
<dnkl> rjarry: works for me. maybe try with a "standard" keymap instead of your custom one?
<rjarry> dnkl: what keymap are you using?
<dnkl> standard "us" and "se"
<rjarry> dnkl: after `swaymsg input type:keyboard xkb_layout fr`, nvim does not register any keypresses :(
<rjarry> dbg: input.c:1569: released: i (105/0x69), seat=seat0, term=0x158d2b0, serial=23191, mods=<none> (0x00000000), consumed=Shift+Lock+Mod5 (0x00000083), locked=Mod2 (0x00000010), repeats=0
<rjarry> sorry,
<rjarry> dbg: input.c:1569: pressed: i (105/0x69), seat=seat0, term=0x158d2b0, serial=23190, mods=<none> (0x00000000), consumed=Shift+Lock+Mod5 (0x00000083), locked=Mod2 (0x00000010), repeats=1
<rjarry> this is not registered by nvim
<rjarry> $ printf "\e[>1u" && cat -v
<rjarry> ^[[105;129u <----------- pressing the i key
* rjarry hates kitty keyboard
<dnkl> your commit hash, from version output, doesn't match any of the commits in the kitty branch
<dnkl> make sure you're up to date with that branch
<dnkl> looks like you're on an interim commit that emitted CSIu whenever a locked modifier was enabled (NumLock)
<rjarry> oh you updated the branch again
<dnkl> the specification was then changed
<rjarry> changed again ?
<rjarry> ok, I tested with the latest kitty branch
<dnkl> first time the specification was updated, was to clarify all enabled modifiers, locked and normal, are to be included in the key event
<dnkl> that meant all keys turned into CSIu when NumLock is enabled
<dnkl> the specification was then updated again
<dnkl> to say that locked modifiers do not cause text to become CSIu
<rjarry> -_-
<rjarry> ok
<rjarry> shift+space still cause CSIu
<dnkl> i.e locked modifiers are only included if emitting a CSIu for other reasons
<rjarry> maybe because of my keymap
<dnkl> still believe that's because your shift isn't building
<dnkl> consumed
<dnkl> phone...
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<rjarry> dnkl: I just tested with a "standard" keymap https://0x0.st/H7Bd.txt
<rjarry> same issue
<dnkl> well, the issue is the same. The keymap doesn't consume shift. I can't explain why. Maybe you have a different version of XKB. maybe there's something else on your system that changes the keymap somehow. maybe your distro has changed something...
<rjarry> T_T
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<mvdan> hi all! back after some time, out of the loop on the whole matrix bridge stuff not working anymore
<rjarry> out of curiosity, what distro are you on?
<rjarry> I have libxkbcommon-1.6.0-1.fc39.x86_64
<rjarry> dnkl: I tested with an us keymap and numlock disabled
<rjarry> same behaviour https://0x0.st/H7uk.txt
<rjarry> shift is not consumed
<rjarry> for the record, kitty does see a real printable space character when I do the same thing, same keymap
<rjarry> here is a kitty debug output for the same key presses: https://0x0.st/H7un.txt
<qyliss> dnkl: for --pty autocomplete, we could either complete paths where PTY files usually live (/dev/pts/*, /dev/pty*, etc.), or we could just complete all paths. Do you have a preference?
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