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<ninewise> dnkl, seem like I'm on the latest version of foot
<ninewise> I've found a workaround with `TERM=st ncspot` though, and things seem compatible enough
<dnkl> ninewise: it's not the foot version, but ncurses
<dnkl> assuming you use the default TERM
<ninewise> I did before that workaround, yes. My ncurses version is 6.4, I'll have a look at their releases
<ninewise> looks like that's the latest as well
<dnkl> ninewise: run "infocmp -x | grep kxOUT"
<dnkl> if you have a match, your terminfo is good
<dnkl> and if so, the issue is in ncspot
<ninewise> I have a match
<ninewise> Sadness. I'll go and have a look there.
<ninewise> Thanks for the help!
<dnkl> my guess would be that it uses the XM capability
<dnkl> it enables the focus events
<dnkl> (among other things)
<ninewise> Oh interesting, they allow compiling with different curses backends by just changing an option...
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<psusi> so I'm reading an article on grapheme clusters, and it shows two versions of a grapheme, one with the zero with joiner, and one without. It's πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ and πŸ§‘πŸŒΎ. Firefox seems to treat the former as a single character, but emacs and foot seem to treat them both as one... at least foot here on my older debian system.
<psusi> err, sorry, I meant to say emacs and foot treat them both as two characters
<psusi> is this what changed? new versions of foot properly treat this as one character?
<psusi> but emacs doesn't, so the two don't agree?
<psusi> how the hell have we come to the point that 32 bits isn't enough to represent all characters? heh.
<psusi> 4 BILLION... how can there be more characters than that?
<psusi> ohh, it seems someone has come up with a way for the program to negotiate with the terminal whether to use proper grapheme support, or stick to using wcwidth(). https://mitchellh.com/writing/grapheme-clusters-in-terminals
<psusi> maybe foot needs to implement this?
<psusi> ohh, it says that foot does... hrm...
<psusi> also bash treats that as two characters here on my older version of foot in debian
<rockorager> psusi: you probably need a newer version of foot
<rockorager> I think it needs to be compiled with harfbuzz too
<rjarry> rockorager: in order to support fonts with embedded WASM code ? lol
<psusi> I have the new one on my gentoo machine and that's where the terminal gets all fubar
<psusi> I bisected it back to where this change was made to not use wcslen
<psusi> when I look at it using putty from windows, it looks like a little credit card icon. When I look at it on my gentoo machine in foot, it shows as two blocks.
<psusi> emacs describe-char says it is unicode point 9000
<psusi> how can I try typing that in foot? I thought it was ctrl-shift-u to type unicode points?
<psusi> but that doesn't seem to work in foot
<psusi> ⌨
<psusi> I think I manged to type that correctly in emacs with C-x 8 ret
<psusi> hrm.. but when I paste that into foot it thinks it's just a single width character
<psusi> hrm... when I open it in my local gui emacs it shows two characters. describe-char says the first is hex 2328 and the second is variation selector 16
<psusi> what the hell is "variation selector"?
<rockorager> you don’t want to know
<psusi> emacs in the terminal thinks it is only one character and does not show the variation selector
<psusi> ugh... I hate unicode.
<psusi> I just want to go back to ASCII
<rockorager> you probably want to set 'grapheme-width-method=wcswidth'
<rockorager> in foot.ini
<psusi> I'm still not over the whole pipe vs bar vs broken bar thing.
<psusi> I still have a keyboard at work that shows | with a whole in the middle. But most of my coworker's keyboards don't have the whole. Neither does this one at home apparently.
<psusi> s/whole/hole
<psusi> it always had a hole in DOS... how did I not get the memo that this was changed until like two months ago?
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