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<dnkl> finally... chat.sr.ht is back! From what I can see in the logs, my presence wasn't really needed anyway :)
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<ahesford> bah, this fractional scaling thing is driving me insane
<ahesford> I'm convinced there is no good solution with the tools available
<ahesford> I can get the desired behavior... foot... by modifying the saving of stashed_{width,height} to only record it if either a) win->configure.{height,width} are nonzero, so the compositor has requested a size, or b) win->stashed_{height,width} are non zero, so we update the stashed size whenever there already is one
<ahesford> this causes foot to reapply the default sizing every time it is given a choice of size *until one is explicitly set*, which seems ok, but this breaks placement algorithms
<ahesford> i.e., client is configured with 0x0 sizing to allow it to choose a preferred size before mapping, which has no fractional scale information and guesses; window is mapped, so compositor is notified and decides to place the window based on that size; initialization continues and eventually foot is told the right scale, so it wants to resize, which may or may not violate the intent of the original
<ahesford> placement
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<dnkl> yeah, we really *need* to know the scale *before* we're mapped...
<ahesford> is there even a good way to know that?
<ahesford> hrm
<dnkl> the compositor has to emit the event before mapping the window. I know I've seen at least one compositor do that; not sure which I've it was. Maybe hyprland, or possibly mutter
<ahesford> we might be able to that in labwc
<ahesford> just pick the output when the surface is created
<ahesford> instead of when it's mapped
<dnkl> that seems very reasonable
<dnkl> on foot's side, it seems reasonable to not stash, or ignore stashed dimensions, as long as the window hasn't been mapped
<ahesford> that was my first attempt to fix the issue, but then I realized the scale didn't come until later
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<ahesford> this might work without any changes to foot
<ahesford> fractional scale notification is sent even before the first configure
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<ahesford> thanks dnkl and Consolatis for insight into this problem
<dnkl> awesome!
<ahesford> now I have to reconcile the cognitive dissonance that I want 90x30 terminals with Hack:size=9, but I also want four terminals to fit width-wise on my 4k scale 1.5 display
<ahesford> I was almost happier being lied to
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