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<feinedsquirrel> just found that $COLORTERM is not set over ssh. Not sure if this is a product of my config, using foot-extra, or something else. I've got two machines using identical configs, locally at each one $COLORTERM echos "truecolor", but when I ssh into one from the other, it echos a blank line
<feinedsquirrel> putting off for now a whole slew of issues that I've just potentially found, if I ssh into one box from the other, then run "$ tmux" on the remote, $COLORTERM echos "truecolor", and e.g. "$ ls" prints with color.
<feinedsquirrel> so I guess my question is, is it expected that I need to set COLORTERM manually when I ssh into a remote box? (and if I don't want to start tmux)
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<cbb> feinedsquirrel: try adding `SendEnv COLORTERM` to your ~/.ssh/config
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<eckshton> anybody know how to get foot to cleanly draw to edges of screen like alacritty?
<cbb> eckshton: you're going to have to be more specific than that
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<eckshton> foot leaves a couple pixel gap between the last character and the width of the window. i've disabled padding, but i still see this. alacritty, with the same font size, won't have this gap.
<dnkl> eckshton: I don't see a gap. Please provide a one-line reproducer, along the lines "foot -c /dev/null -f <font> -o pad=0x0 --window-size-chars=NxM ..."
<dnkl> and preferabĺy, a link to a picture showing the issue (when launched using the same one-line reprocuder)
<cbb> maybe it's a maximized window and foot/alacritty don't have the same cell size at the same font size?
<cbb> i.e. just pure luck
<eckshton> no, i just figured it out. alacritty was apparently adding a 1 pt padding between characters
<eckshton> just added the same to foot, it's good now
<eckshton> didn't notice till i took pics and flipped between them
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<feinedsquirrel> I just added "SendEnv COLORTERM" to my ssh client config, and "AcceptEnv COLORTERM" to my ssh host sshd_config. $COLORTERM does echo "truecolor" now, and "ls" does print with colors. So is this just a limitation of what ssh allows, or is there a different way that foot can declare colorterm? I've only dove into LS_COLORS a tiny bit, would that be another way to solve it? I'd rather not have to
<feinedsquirrel> "AcceptEnv" in the root sshd_config for each server I connect to.
<dnkl> foot can't do anything else here
<feinedsquirrel> got it, thanks for verifying!
<dnkl> you could manually export COLORTERM in your shell RC scripts on the remote
<dnkl> perhaps behind a "if TERM == " guard
<dnkl> ideally (from our perspective), ssh should send COLORTERM automatically, just like it does with TERM
<dnkl> but they probably don't deem it (the variable) enough standardized
<dnkl> and given how many different env variables (some) terminal emulators set, they may be right in being conservative
<cbb> feinedsquirrel: dnkl: personally, I work around that kind of issue by setting LS_COLORS directly in my shell config
<dnkl> for LS_COLORS, I agree
<cbb> with some custom detection for color support
<cbb> (which includes checking if $TERM is foot)
<cbb> ...or more specifically: case "$TERM" in *-color*|*-16color*|*-256color*|*-direct|linux|foot)
<feinedsquirrel> yeah, that all makes sense. exporting it in a shell rc script on the remote seems easier, I was considering just exporting it manually after login at the beginning of longer sessions.
<feinedsquirrel> Or I'll dive into LS_COLORS. Problem is I'm going to want to customize some of them :) Thanks for that guard, cbb:
<feinedsquirrel> cbb: can you verify if setting LS_COLORS in /etc/environment still gets used when ssh-ing into a remote? Reason I ask is because I thought since foot is installed on the remote, and sets COLOR_TERM, it should be available, but I was mistaken that foot will only set COLORTERM upon starting the window, and ssh doesn't use the remote's "foot" to start the window.
<cbb> feinedsquirrel: the shell is running remotely, but foot is always running locally
<cbb> that's the whole point of a terminal
<feinedsquirrel> yeah, that's what I came to after thinking about it a bit longer. :)
<cbb> I'm not sure about /etc/environement, but the remote shell will load the remote shell config
<cbb> if you have other things that rely on COLORTERM, perhaps dnkl's suggestion would be better than mine
<cbb> i.e. setting COLORTERM from your shell config, depending on the value of "$TERM"
<feinedsquirrel> :thumbsup: I'll give it a try once I get the rest set up. From reading the wiki home page, it seems all of this came about because dircolors? I don't believe I have other things that depend on COLORTERM, but, I'm not a pro at this stuff, as you've probably deduced. :) Might end up defining both to cover all bases.
<dnkl> typical example would be editors, like vim or emacs
<cbb> dircolors is usually what sets LS_COLORS
<cbb> it's just a very over-engineered way of setting a single env var
<cbb> with it's own config etc.
<cbb> but you can literally replace the whole thing with something like that guard I mentioned above and then manually setting the variable
<feinedsquirrel> vim has the same syntax coloring on remote as local, without sending COLORTERM. So, I think that indicates it is relying on remote's LS_COLORS, and not COLORTERM?
<feinedsquirrel> yeah, I've tinkered with generating an LS_COLORS using dircolors in the past, then manually setting LS_COLORS, I just never got to the point where I understood it enough to feel comfortable leaving it uncommented in my shell config. It is still in there, commented out. I think it was because a small manual tweak was not generating the output I expected/wanted, so I placed it on the backburner.
<cbb> LS_COLORS is used by ls and maybe a few other things... I don't think it has anything to do with vim
<cbb> I could be wrong though, I'm not a vim user
<feinedsquirrel> makes sense. I'm looking through my vimrc, but I got a bunch of it from a friend who is much more a vim power-user than I am. Could be something in there. :shrug: Meanwhile, I've pasted your guard into my config next to my commented-out LS_COLORS definition. Hopefully I get around to testing and finishing that up this week. I've got about 4 other things I'm trying to solve in my free time right now.
<feinedsquirrel> :)
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<feinedsquirrel> cbb: Oh, one other thing, I assume it is safe to add "foot-extra" to your guard?
<dnkl> not all vim themes are/require truecolor, afaik. Some (probably the default one too) use the base 16 colors
<dnkl> fein
<dnkl> feinedsquirrel: just use "foot*"
<feinedsquirrel> wondered that! :) awesome, thanks
<cbb> feinedsquirrel: https://pastebin.com/Xd7CUaCe
<cbb> that's the full snippet
<cbb> you can use foot* or add any other $TERM that supports colors
<cbb> the `tput` fallback should cover almost everything... the `case` part is just to avoid sub-processes for the common case
<feinedsquirrel> That is awesome, thank you for sending the whole thing! And thanks for the explanation that `case` avoids sub-processes. I didn't know that before. Is that just for speed? Might be able to alter a couple lines in my own shell scripts (all 4 of the primitive ones that I've written :D ).
<cbb> no worries
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<cbb> it's partly for "speed" and partly just in case `tput` isn't available for any reason
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<cbb> although that's not too likely and not having colors isn't the end of the world haha
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<ljackson330> hey. trying to set the colour of the text in the csd window bar/title but am having some issues. poked around the manpages and have spent some time googling but have not been able to figure it out. i tried just adding font=cantarell:color=FFFFFFFF under [csd] (as well as the regular six-digit hex code) and that doesn't seem to work. is it perhaps
<ljackson330> just pulling from one of the system default colours?
<ljackson330> i guess since the bar colour defaults to the foreground, the text colour probably defaults to the background? but i don't see any way to edit that
<ljackson330> lol, yeah - it does. but that doesn't really work as a solution for me... want to keep the background and just edit the window bar text colour on its own
<ljackson330> any help much appreciated :)
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