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<dnkl> ahesford: there's one more thing we should test. That's dragging a floating windows between monitors with either different DPIs (dpi-aware=yes), or different scale factors (dpi-aware=no). It's important the window doesn't keep shrinking, or growing, when moving it back and forth
<dnkl> sterni: pretty sure it's impossible to guarantee reproducibility. Especially across different systems.
<dnkl> ahesford: tested on river
<dnkl> it's slowly shrinking
<dnkl> (different DPIs and scaling factors in my case, but only DPI should matter since I use dpi-aware=yes)
<dnkl> with resize-by-cells=no it works as expected: the grid size is different on the two monitors, but it's correctly "restored" when moving the window back
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<ahesford> dnkl: I was not able to reproduce this with labwc by changing the resolution of one display, even though foot sees a different DPI
<ahesford> the window changes size as expected, but dragging back and forth repeatedly always keeps the grid the same size and the window has the same size on the original display
<ahesford> can you see if rounding instead of truncated fixes the problem? https://somebits.link/u/p/5b24f7a993/stream
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<ahesford> another possible fix is to only apply the cell-size truncation if render_resize is given a nonzero width and height and is not given RESIZE_KEEP_GRID, i.e., when the compositor is trying to resize; we can just live with whatever rounding errors accumulate for dpi or scale factors
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<sterni> dnkl: partial PGO is reproducible across multiple machines according to my testing, so it is possible at least in some cases
<dnkl> sterni: partial pgo should be completely deterministic. Or doesn't start any threads, or depend on I/O.
<sterni> that's my experience, too!
<sterni> I guess that is the recipe for deterministic PGO, just add a fake executable that tries to hit as many of the big cost centers without introducing nondeterminism somehow
<sterni> this is probably not very feasible for e.g. firefox, but I'd hope you can do so for python, gcc, …
<ahesford> hrm, I can reproduce the size shrink on my work laptop with external displays
<ahesford> but not with a non-zero pad, hrm
<ahesford> alright, I understand the problem
<ahesford> it's not resize-by-cells; I can reproduce it even with that option disabled
<ahesford> seems like the grid-preservation logic applies on display change before the scale has been updatedj
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<ahesford> fixed, with an explanator comment left in the PR
<ahesford> explanatory*
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