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<jmcantrell> anyone here use foot with tmux and are able to view sixel images? foot without tmux works here, but i'm just trying to rule out foot as the culprit
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<bookworm> tmux has sixel now?
<bookworm> heh, least on Arch the thing is still in the testing repo that has the option enabled. Might be that
<jmcantrell> yeah, nevermind. thanks bookworm
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<sgm> Hey, is there any way to prevent my terminal going nuts after trying to display "combined" emoji that should (from what I've read) be represented as one emoji instead of two, like here: https://i.postimg.cc/htdmnbJC/2024-02-17-T11-39-35-011762935-01-00.png
<bookworm> gotta make REALLY sure it's a male emoji :D
<dnkl> sgm: foot supports them just fine, as long as it's compiled with grapheme shaping support.
<dnkl> it's likely the application that doesn't support them
<sgm> bookworm: well, who has time for this ;-)
<sgm> with grapheme support I think I'm just fine: foot version: 1.16.2 +pgo +ime +graphemes -assertions
<sgm> application is just weechat, latest stable 4.2.1
<bookworm> don't think they can cope with combining emojies
<sgm> who's "they"?
<bookworm> weechat
<bookworm> nvim can't either
<bookworm> dnkl: even plain foot doesn't like it much though, with +grapheme https://labrat.space/irc/a1f99cd26e385c43/whatever.png
<bookworm> funnily it's just the line editing though.. .the output of the echo is fine
<bookworm> is that a zsh thing then?
<dnkl> yes
<bookworm> fun
<dnkl> very few terminal applications support ZWJ emojis properly
<bookworm> I get it for ncurses... but why the input line is screwed is something I don't understand
<bookworm> I though that was handled by the kernel?
<dnkl> zsh handles its prompt, not the kernel. other shells behave differently
<bookworm> I see
<dnkl> if you want to test the kernels handling, run "cat -"
<bookworm> ah, cool
<bookworm> indeed there it works
<sgm> huh, interesting
<sgm> I suppose we are doomed and prone to this kind of attacks, then ;-)
<bookworm> no but the fix is non trivial... the whole grid kinda wants you to do chars... combining things (including ligatures, non latin scripts etc) are a bit of a mess if you get to the specifics. Moving one cell to the right suddenly doesn't just move the char pointer by one but by a whole grapheme (cluster? unsure about the terminology)
<sgm> when I've pasted this kind of emoji to eg. sublime text, then hit backspace, it resolves this emoji into two separate characters, then hit backspace again three times to remove the last character, then two times to remove first character, so... it's a lot of crap there
<sgm> as I'm reading people don't want to implement this because of performance implications, to be the first reason
<sgm> In emails I don't get any of this crap, ie. no one is sending ZWJ emojis, yet. But when this becomes more and more of a "standard", then I probably should somehow disable this globally..
<sgm> nevertheless, my Saturday is not worth any more time to spend on this :-) thanks for help!~
<sgm> it was also discussed here https://github.com/kovidgoyal/kitty/issues/2541 - so as you've said, it's probably a shell thing
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<yorick> hey! can I change the terminal background/foreground colors while it's running? I would like to have a systemwide dark mode toggle
<rockorager> sgm: we aren't doomed!
<rockorager> These things are possible, shells just need to support grapheme clusters as opposed to codepoints
<j`ey> yorick: yes the faq has a bit of an example uaing theme.sh
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