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* BryceII is in a daze,..
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<rwmjones> morning
<rwmjones> davidlt: so we don't have rust yet? I was trying to compile rust-hyperfine yesterday but got lots of missing deps
<davidlt> rwmjones, we do
<davidlt> rwmjones, example of missing pacakge?
<rwmjones> one sec
<rwmjones> $ sudo dnf builddep rust-hyperfine-1.11.0-3.fc34.src.rpm
<rwmjones> Problem 1: nothing provides requested (crate(colored/default) >= 2.0.0 with crate(colored/default) < 3.0.0~)
<rwmjones> Problem 2: nothing provides requested (crate(indicatif/default) >= 0.15.0 with crate(indicatif/default) < 0.16.0~)
<rwmjones> Problem 3: nothing provides requested (crate(rust_decimal/default) >= 1.8.0 with crate(rust_decimal/default) < 2.0.0~)
<rwmjones> actually looking again it seems like a versioning problem
<rwmjones> also yesterday I had a lot more errors than that, not sure what changed
<davidlt> rwmjones, these seems to be from modules
<davidlt> we don't have modules
<davidlt> we do have: rust-colored-1.9.3-1.fc33
<davidlt> but "default" suggest this is default some kind of module ?
<davidlt> yeah
<davidlt> I see rust-colored has module builds in the Koji
<rwmjones> the whole spec for this package is weird, it has not BuildRequires at all
<rwmjones> no
<davidlt> Rust works slightly different
<davidlt> rust-packaging (the only BR) is responsible for generating true BRs
<davidlt> ha
<davidlt> interesting
<davidlt> ah, this is from Rawhide
<davidlt> We still didn't start Rawhide build
<rwmjones> oh should I try the f33 build? let me try it
<davidlt> F33 Rust tooling seems to generate slightly different Provides: and the version is slightly older, 1.9.3
<davidlt> Sorry, I haven't started F35 yet
<rwmjones> only one error in f33:
<rwmjones> Problem: nothing provides requested (crate(indicatif/default) >= 0.15.0 with crate(indicatif/default) < 0.16.0)
* davidlt checking...
<rwmjones> oh I see the package in koji is too old
<rwmjones> so probably I can build that first and get it to work
<davidlt> interesting
<davidlt> did you try F33 RPM?
<davidlt> My script says everything is up to date
<davidlt> I checked Koji, and required version (0.15 or higher) never made the final F33
<davidlt> is completely untagged
<rwmjones> the rust-indicatif package in fedora/risc-v is too old, but I'm trying to build the newer version from primary koji now
<davidlt> was part of f33-rebuild, but only somehow got into f34
<rwmjones> weird, maybe there was a problem with it and someone untagged it?
<davidlt> rwmjones, almost all Rust package are noarch so just importing is enough :)
<davidlt> rwmjones, most likely
<rwmjones> so it is ..
<davidlt> rwmjones, but it could be that other packages were built against it in a short amount of thime and those landed
<davidlt> I have seen this before
<davidlt> there the requires package to build is not part of the release
<davidlt> where
* davidlt brain is not working yet
<rwmjones> those noarch packages install fine
<rwmjones> let's see if I can build hyperfine now ..