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<dgilmore> davidlt: should be okay :)
<rwmjones> davidlt: question about hifive unmatched; you're running a self-built Fedora image?
<rwmjones> so what I have now is an SD card, a 500 GB NVMe drive
<rwmjones> I can boot either ubuntu or FUSDK on the SD card
<rwmjones> but should I put Fedora on the NVMe drive and then ... what on the SD card? self-built opensbi?
<davidlt> I don't run Fedora on Unmatched yet
<davidlt> The SD card must have 2 partitions that incl. U-Boot SPL, U-Boot, OpenSBI an DTB
<davidlt> The current U-Boot source code doesn't support booting from SPI-NOR Flash
<davidlt> It comes empty right from the factory
<davidlt> U-Boot just (few hours ago) merged initial support for Unmatched/FU740
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