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<jaeger> ok. I'll give it a look soon
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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: gnuplot: rebuild for silent tarball update by upstream
<cruxbot> [core.git/3.7]: man-pages: update to 6.03
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<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: imagemagick: update to 7.1.0-62
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: monit: update to 5.33.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: pmwiki: update to 2.3.20
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<ppetrov^> sigm4, your spotify port is missing a .footprint
<ppetrov^> also, you probably will have to sign your ports, in this case the .md5sum is deprecated (as far as I understood). Here are nice instructions about it: https://crux.nu/Wiki/SignedPorts
<ppetrov^> lastly, as jaeger advised me a month or two ago, make sure to run prtverify on your ports
<Sigm4> ppetrov: I will see, thanks!
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<jaeger> It's added to the portdbs, should see it show up after the next sync runs
<Sigm4> Thanks jaeger!
<Sigm4> binutils outdated: 2.39 -> 2.40
<SiFuh> :-)
<ppetrov^> sigm4, is the ownership of spotify's files correct? it says sigma/sigma... i checked https://github.com/Sigmw/crux-ports/blob/main/spotify/.footprint
<Sigm4> ppetrov^: I copied the .footprint file from /usr/ports/sigma to the repository and pushed it.
<ppetrov^> also, you may consider to remove usr/share/doc from polybar
<Sigm4> Just remove /usr/share/doc from .footprint file, right?
<ppetrov^> nope
<ppetrov^> if you want to follow the package guidelines, so you don't have doc files, you should remove it from the package
<Sigm4> Ok.
<ppetrov^> the footprint just shows what the package installs
<Sigm4> Now about spotify, what i should do?
<ppetrov^> it's up to you, and people more experienced than me should advise you
<ppetrov^> make sure the file ownership is correct
<Sigm4> How?
<Sigm4> /usr/ports/sigma/spotify/.footprint belongs to root
<SiFuh> Heh
<SiFuh> Contents are not root
<ppetrov^> if you do as root pkgmk -uf
<ppetrov^> what happens?
<SiFuh> Out of curiosity though. Why are you using /opt /usr /usr/local /usr/share?
<ppetrov^> i just built it. a bunch of stuff belong to user/group: pulse
<Sigm4> =======> ERROR: Directory '/usr/ports/sigma/spotify' not writable.
<ppetrov^> also stuff goes to /usr/local
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: Yeah all over the place
<ppetrov^> sigm4, this is great resource: https://crux.nu/Main/Handbook3-7#ntoc41
<ppetrov^> it clearly tells you the packaging guidelines
<ppetrov^> sigm4, do you have write permissions there? are you building as root or in fakeroot (i have no experience with this to be honest)
<Sigm4> as root
<Sigm4> sometimes using doas
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<SiFuh> sigm4: I use doas pkgmk -is
<Sigm4> Hmm, reading guidelines here.
<SiFuh> If you are not actually building spotify, and spotify is a binary and also wants to go to /opt why not put all of spotify under /opt? If you have any libs that may pop up in revdep missing for spotify you can add a file under /etc/revdep.d/ or something.
<Sigm4> I just saw the directories part now
<SiFuh> sigm4: These ports of mine can help you with binary ports and pointing revdep to their lib directories. alizams-bin skypeforlinux-bin supertuxkart-bin telegram-bin virtualbox-bin
<SiFuh> All are under /opt as well.
<Sigm4> SiFuh: So it would only be possible to call spotify if you add /opt to the PATH, no? Another thing, I believe spotify.desktop needs to be in /usr/share/applications
<SiFuh> Yes you will need to modify PATH.
<SiFuh> As for the *.desktop. No idea. I don't use systems with that fancy stuff. ;-)
<SiFuh> Maybe XDG has an option for pointing to it?
<Sigm4> Isn't it simpler to just create the symlinks?
<Sigm4> Or is still an bad idea
<SiFuh> I have links to /sbin in virtualbox-bin
<SiFuh> sbin/rcvboxdrv -> /opt/VirtualBox/vboxdrv.sh
<Sigm4> Yeah, i'll keep spotify's Pkgfile as it is then, i believe the symlink to /usr/bin/ and /usr/share/applications are important
<ppetrov^> sigm4, you may get inspiration from how Arch linux does it: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/spotify
<SiFuh> Maybe a post install script?
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: I saw they installed to /opt but made links
<Sigm4> I think I'll change the spotify source to snap, do a squashfs later
<Sigm4> This spotify.deb is getting a problem
<ppetrov^> what is it
<Sigm4> ix.io/4o4h
<Sigm4> Segmentation fault late
<Sigm4> later**
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