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<Sigm4> opt/freetype is getting 404 just for me?
<Sigm4> changed the source link, https to http and the curl can fetch, but i got a hash mismatch
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<SiFuh> dlcusa cool, good to see you still around
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<dlcusa> SiFuh, also I'm not Israeli, not even Jewish--I'm a WASP that's lived in the USA all his life. Later...
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<SiFuh> dlcusa Hahahahahahahaha thought you were :-P
<Sigm4> I created a repo: https://github.com/sigmw/crux-ports
<Sigm4> it wasnt very clear to me, whether or not i can make pull requests to bump a port, by example
<Sigm4> or if i can only if i am a contrib developer
<SiFuh> You want your repo to be available to other CRUX users?
<Sigm4> Oh, sure!
<SiFuh> That's easy just do this ^jaeger :-P
<SiFuh> sigm4: I can't see anything wrong with your repo.
<Sigm4> Thanks :D
<Sigm4> I was referring to other repositories.
<Sigm4> Example, i see: httpup is outdated
<Sigm4> 0.5.0 in core, but there is a 0.5.1 version.
<SiFuh> Most repos are using httpup
<SiFuh> Couple, such as mine, use git
<Sigm4> You think git is a better option?
<SiFuh> Entirely up to you. But if you have both httpup and git like I do, you need to make sure they only use one, hence my README ;-)
<Sigm4> Hmm, ok!
<Sigm4> Can i send pull requests to others repositories, or should i just notify?
<Sigm4> I had a problem with opt/freetype package today, tought about send a PR.
<SiFuh> No, best you contact the maintainer
<Sigm4> Oh, ok.
<SiFuh> Maintainer: CRUX System Team, core-ports at crux dot nu
<SiFuh> So that is the main developers
<SiFuh> sigm4: "[22 11 04] [beerman> farkuhar: would you kindly _not_ touch my ports without asking?
<SiFuh> From yesterday
<Sigm4> o.O
<SiFuh> It's all good. There is the mailing list, email or #crux.
<Sigm4> SiFuh: fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
<Sigm4> ??
<Sigm4> When i run "ports -u sigm
<Sigm4> sigma"
<SiFuh> BRANCH=main
<SiFuh> Not master
<Sigm4> :P, i didnt noticed that
<SiFuh> I seem to remember github changed from master to main because of some silly slavery connection with words.
<Sigm4> Hm... same error
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<Sigm4> Changed BRANCH= to main but the error still
<SiFuh> I started with /usr/ports without sigma repo existing at all. Once it was downloaded, I ran it again and it successfully checked
<SiFuh> I have my repo here /mnt/KYASANUR/repo/yenjie/ this is the one I edit and push to gitlab. When I run ports -u it downloads the updated copy to /usr/ports/yenjie
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<ppetrov^> i am afraid to click
<SiFuh> Heh, it's talking about fast simple websites. Has a webpage generator as well
<SiFuh> Loosely thoughs the same words around like they have palilalia or something
<SiFuh> throws*
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<Sigm4> How can i disable a cmake flag build in a port?
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<Sigm4> Forget it, got it
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<jaeger> Glad you got it sorted
<Sigm4> jaeger: Hi! :D, could you please add my repository in crux site?
<Sigm4> By the way, i sent a email to core-ports@crux.nu, disregard the part where i talk about freetype, the problem normalized
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<jaeger> did you send an email with the repo info? Or just the link here?
<Sigm4> Just the link
<Sigm4> I send an email talking about 2 ports, nothing related with the repo.
<Sigm4> But the repo is, to save time: https://github.com/sigmw/crux-ports
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: musepack: add README, drop the out-of-fashion Pkgfile header
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