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<ppetrov^> ye, good one
<SiFuh> They said if it is -55 Celsius then it is too dangerous to go to school.
<ppetrov^> some 20 years ago, in northern Finland they had -50
<ppetrov^> kids went to school still
<SiFuh> What about -55?
<ppetrov^> well, i don't know
<ppetrov^> even -50 is kinda record
<SiFuh> It was on the other end of the scale for us. If it reached about 40 degrees Celsius it was considered too hot to go to school. We didn't have airconditioners in those days.
<SiFuh> But it wasn't really written into law or acts or anything. It was up to the school
<ppetrov^> +40... crazy
<SiFuh> Remember that heat wave in 2015? The one that went up from Indian over then over Russia and towards Canada? I was in Kyrgyzstan then. I was wearing a suit to go to work and it was around 50 Celsius.
<ppetrov^> heh
<ppetrov^> 2015 in northern finland it got to 35 C. 100% humidity, I remember the airconditioner pipes started condensing water that was dripping. We had to cover the lab equipment and office computers
<SiFuh> They don't generally do that there? We have pipes to drain the water out. Usually once every 6 months I have to clean the pipes inside because they can get blocked from algae
<ppetrov^> i actually don't know. I know that it started dripping :)
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<jubalh> farkuhar: haha :) What a good timing! How did you find my tutorial btw?
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<SiFuh> jubalh: nice tutorial
<jubalh> SiFuh: thanks! I plan to install crux during the weekend and then see if it brings some more stuff up that I should add
<SiFuh> Awesome. So you wrote a tutorial before using it?
<jubalh> I used it crux maybe 8-10 years ago if I remember correctly. And recently developed an interest again
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<ppetrov^> hey, how can i view all possible options when building with cmake? Kind athe equivalent of ./configure --help? I checked cmake -LAH, but that does not display all
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: CMakeLists.txt
<SiFuh> Or you can change cmake to ccmake to get a curses based view/control
<ppetrov^> ye, i went through a bunch of CMakeLists
<ppetrov^> ok, ccmake i'll try
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<SiFuh> ppetrov^: ccmake is pretty cool. I have used it quite a bit
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<farkuhar> jubalh: good timing indeed! Someone shared your tutorial on the link aggregator site lobste.rs, which is how I found it.
<jubalh> farkuhar: interesting :)
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