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<Sigm4> sup guys!
<Sigm4> im trying to install crux here, i got an error when i boot from a LiveCD. (ISO burned with dd):
<SiFuh> And the error is?
<Sigm4> Copying files from rootfs.tar.xz... tar: corrupted data
<SiFuh> How much RAM in the machine?
<Sigm4> And successively gives several directory not found errors
<Sigm4> I have 8gb RAM.
<Sigm4> And a got a kernel panic
<SiFuh> Sounds like it is corrupt. Did you verify the ISO image first?
<Sigm4> Yep, SHA256 matches.
<Sigm4> I've redid the ISO writing process a few times.
<SiFuh> From what I see it is stopping short. Usually that happens when you have 1GB of RAM or less, a corrupt rootfs tar ball or the USB device/port fails
<SiFuh> dd if=XXX of=XXX bs=4M conv=sync
<Sigm4> The problem was the pendrive, used another one here and it started correctly, thanks!
<SiFuh> Cool
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<ppetrov^> hmm, upon qtwebengine update i get a missing file
<ppetrov^> MISSING -rw-r--r-- root/root usr/share/qt5/resources/icudtl.dat
<ppetrov^> i did not log the build and to do that, i'll have to run it again which may take some time
<SiFuh> icu port?
<ppetrov^> installed
<ppetrov^> i'll investigate and let you know
<SiFuh> icu-harfbuzz?
<ppetrov^> not installed
<SiFuh> I see qtwebengine has this qtwebengine-5.15.2_p20210224-chromium-87-v8-icu68.patch
<SiFuh> Their website says icudtl.dat provides support for International Components for Unicode (ICU). It is the Chromium version of ICU, which is not needed if Qt WebEngine was configured to use the system ICU.
<ppetrov^> I have harfbuzz installed, but not icu-harfbuzz which is not in the dependencies list
<ppetrov^> wait a moment, there's no icu-harfbuzz port at all
<ppetrov^> :)
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<SiFuh> Ahh yeah they merged it
<SiFuh> No point having two ports
<SiFuh> But if I do remember correctly harfbuzz needs to be compiled after icu
<ppetrov^> will give it a try
<SiFuh> To be truthful, I actually don't know. I icudtl.dat and the paragraph from their website.
<SiFuh> I/I see*
<ppetrov^> well, maybe i misconfigured my system...
<SiFuh> Not always the case, but maybe something is missing
<SiFuh> I haven't seen dlcusa in a long time. I sure hope he is okay
<ppetrov^> who's he?
<SiFuh> He's dlcusa
<ppetrov^> right
<SiFuh> Been here for a long time. Israeli
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-versioningit: 2.1.0 -> 2.2.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libadwaita: 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-xmlschema: 2.2.0 -> 2.2.1
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: vala: 0.56.3 -> 0.56.4
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: winetricks: 20220411 -> 20230212
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: vte3: 0.70.2 -> 0.70.3
<cruxbot> [compat-32.git/3.7]: harfbuzz-32: 6.0.0 -> 7.0.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: greetd: add url of an open ticket (utmp/wtmp logging) to README
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libmpcdec: 1.2.6 -> 1.3.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: Revert "greetd: add url of an open ticket (utmp/wtmp logging) to README"
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: extra-cmake-modules: 5.102.0 -> 5.103.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: kwindowsystem: 5.102.0 -> 5.103.0
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: moc: new optional dependencies, drop obsolete patch
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: sway: 1.8 -> 1.8.1
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<dlcusa> SiFuh, quit acknowledgement I'm still well enough, just way too busy to do more than lurk. Web site dlcusa.net broke when Romster dropped his site, but dlcusa.net/~dlc gets you to it until I can help get it working again.
<dlcusa> Gottah run, but I lurk as much as time permits.
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<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: libmpcdec: rename as musepack, clean up build
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