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<guido_rokepo> Hi all, may I ask you if you think it's normal that bulding rust on my old Sony VAIO is making it work for about five days and the work/src folder is now about 13GB and it haven't terminated?
<SiFuh> Heh, rust is massive
<guido_rokepo> ok, then I wait... my poor laptop is burning! thank you
<ppetrov^> guido_rokepo, how old is it? and how many cores you use for building?
<SiFuh> I have never attempted to build on mine. CPU: Pentium E5700 (2) @ 3.000GHz GPU: Intel 4 Series Chipset Memory: 94MiB / 922MiB
<guido_rokepo> it's an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz,... bought around 2010... still perfect for many things with CRUX.... it uses 4 cores, but sometimes it goes down to just 1... maybe because its temp goes over 90 degrees...
<ppetrov^> guido_rokepo, if you have a (more) powerful PC with CRUX installed, maybe you can use it as a build machine
<ppetrov^> :( poor lappy
<SiFuh> It is what I'd recommend as well
<guido_rokepo> yes you're right.... I'll do as you recommended... it's the first time that it "fail" on a build... thanks again!
<SiFuh> I want to compile rust on my machine now. Have to update first. I remember firefox took 2 and 1/2 days
<ppetrov^> there's no rust-bin in 3.7?
<guido_rokepo> now it's just rust
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: Gone
<ppetrov^> atcually i did have problems with the -bin version
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<jaeger> I've started putting a built rust package at https://crux.ninja/tmp/ to save myself time
<ppetrov^> and a qtwebengine! that's also a big one
<jaeger> Yeah... and very annoying to build as it requires disabling a bunch of cores, heh
<ppetrov^> why disable the cores?
<jaeger> Because I have not found any way to make the build process respect a jobs or -j option and it tries to allocate far too much RAM with 16 or 32 cores
<jaeger> The build will fail every time
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<jaeger> Might work if I had a LOT more RAM and it works to build on a slower small VM or something, but it's still faster for me to disable cores temporarily and build it on a fast machine
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<ppetrov^> interesting. well, thanks for going through the trouble :)
<jaeger> Sure
<ppetrov^> btw, all these ports that got dropped, where did they go? Is there sth like a "graveyard" of removed ports, or one should just dig through git's commits?
<jaeger> There's not really any official graveyard or attic
<ppetrov^> fair enough
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: just go back in time. Look at the previous commits
<ppetrov^> yep, that's what I did
<ppetrov^> i had my own xscreensaver, patched to support electricsheep, but every now and then, i used to take a look at the one in contrib/. Was quite surprised to see it gone
<SiFuh> Wasn't that the old commit I sent you before?
<ppetrov^> yep
<ppetrov^> now i realize i probably wrote the exact same thing already
<ppetrov^> should sleep more...
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