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<set_> has a bunch of poor hyperlinks. Just a heads up from your dude over here.
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<jduchniewicz> You can correct them :)
<set_> Oh. I am not in charge of the github repo. I guess i can try.
<set_> Like a pull request or something like that?
<set_> The connectors are obsolete or people have stopped producing them, i.e. as it was easier to make them for people making themselves a combo. of pins, wires, and connectors. I think!
<zmatt> which links are you talking about?
<zmatt> oh yeah the hobby king 4-pin JST-SH
<set_> That one and digikey is out.
<set_> Some others are discontinued.
<set_> Like the two shops w/ the bundles.
<zmatt> out of stock doesn't make a link "bad", it just means it's temporarily out of stock
<set_> Oh. I can look around but I have not found any so far. Maybe mouser?
<zmatt> ?
<set_> Oh. So, out of stock does not mean they have been discontinued.
<set_> Let me show you...
<set_> is out of stock * maybe indefinitely *
<set_> And...
<zmatt> I see nothing to suggest the "maybe indefinitely"
<set_> I know but i Have been paying attention.
<set_> I have not caught them w/ supplies for a bit now.
<set_> Years.
<set_> Well, the ren. Robotics site has been out for years it seems.
<set_> I was going to make my own and then blah, I found digikey to be out of stock.
<zmatt> maybe they're waiting for customers on the waiting list, who knows
<set_> Oh.
<set_> That makes sense.
<set_> So, if the demand is there and people are wanting them, bam, supplies!
<set_> Oh well.
<set_> Mr. Patient over here will have to wait.
<set_> @zmatt: Did you ever try to fly the BBBlue w/ ArduCopter-ArduPilot. I never seem to understand how to get this Blue Bird flying high.
<zmatt> I don't have a blue
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> That means, no 'master set_', I have not flown the Blue Bird.
<set_> Ha.
<set_> My DC motor connector came completely off the other day and the pins were still attached to the board.
<set_> I got lucky.
<set_> Anyway, thank you guys for replying. I will keep searching.
<set_> and if by chance, I find a gold mine, I will get a pull request in.
<zmatt> it's a wiki, it's directly editable
<set_> OH.
<set_> Oh Ohio!
<zmatt> just don't make a mess, and don't remove links merely because they're out of stock
<set_> Okay. What about the one you mentioned that is discontinued?
<set_> from Hobby King?
<set_> I mean, can I say something like, "out of stock," next to the ones that are waiting for demand?
<zmatt> the hobby king 4/6-pin JST-SH pigtails are indeed discontinued, although they do have 4-pin connectors themselves:
<zmatt> don't be silly, it's already hard enough for a wiki to stay remotely uptodate without trying to use it for real-time inventory tracking
<zmatt> people can just follow the links and see if it's stock, if not try a different link or ask the seller when stock is expected to be available
<set_> Okay.
<set_> No issue.
<set_> I still use the BBBlue, or try, vigorously while getting shifted back into ardupilot stuff here and there.
<set_> i just thought. That was all. I figured I would run it by someone before making mistakes.
<set_> purchasing links are out? Hmm.
<set_> Oh well.
<set_> I should stop before people have to work more.
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