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<Guest3817> Can I replace a standard BBBlack with the BBBlack AI to gain the additional RAM?
<tbr> AI is a very different SoC
<tbr> if you 'just' want the RAM, I think there was a UK company that spun it with 1GB
<Guest3817> Thanks
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<zmatt> yeah, sancloud BBE
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<Meet> I am using BBBW currenctly. When look for the python version on my BBBW using the command python --version it gives me 2.7.16 and when I use python3 --version it give me 3.7.3
<Meet> Does it mean python 2 and python 3 both are installed on my BBBW?
<zmatt> yes, a minimal install of python2 is still present in debian buster
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<Meet> Thanks zmatt
<zmatt> though obviously anyone still using it should now really migrate to python3
<zmatt> it's no longer maintained and many projects and python libraries have dropped support for it
<Meet> while surely keep that in mind
<Meet> I have already started the transition
<zmatt> of course it would have been better to start the transition when the original EOL was announced years ago, but better late than never I guess ;)
<rcn-ee> i had to look.... one of the python 2.7 "fork's" is still active, i wonder if python 2.7 will ever be ever fully retired..
<zmatt> I mean, if there are people who insist of continuing to do necromancy then that's their business
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<set_> Ponds. More storms. Rain. GenTooMan: alumnis-gators galore!
<set_> Hey...has anyone figured out how to fly this BBBlue at all?
<set_> I keep hearing stories, which most are categorically incorrect, of BBBlue and the fair voyage into the sky.
<set_> I have yet to get mine up and runnin' w/ any source that declares functionality. Is it me?
<set_> All 'baby-mama' drama aside, can it fly?
<set_> unlike my previous self on this station, chat log, I am going to see PX4 through until the __________ arrives w/ schnauzers.
<set_> ...
<set_> Okay, okay. When running PX4 from the 'file/command line/or however', would one use librobotcontrol source commands to handle the PX4 'file/command line/or however' or would one use the PX4 commands in 'file/command line/or however'?
<set_> Sorry.
<set_> That makes no sense.
<set_> Forget it.
<set_> Booted!
<set_> I am not 9.8ft above sea level. So, the GPS does not work w/ PX4. Ha. Change-a-do!
<set_> This is going to be f to the u to the n, fun. Sheesh. So many files, so much time!
<set_> Man...if it was not for my name in the mixer, I would have never thought to look at set -e && set +e.
<set_> Oh! I am starting to read again. They have neat, very neat, docs. that are all about what I am trying to conquer. Quiet time for me, sorry.
<set_> Does the BBBlue use the InvenSense IMU?
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<set_> For instance...
<set_> this file, I see things. These things I see are bit flipping, registers, and some source in a header file.
<set_> Would I use this specific file, as an altering aspect, to get things started w/ cmake and compiling for the BBBlue, i.e. for the IMU?
<set_> Psh. GenTooMan: You were not even here.
<set_> I have been talking to myself.
<set_> See, all along I was thinking that I could alter the .config file OR alter the BBBlue .dtsi, .dts, and .dtb files to suit my needs.
<set_> Middleman a plenty here. So, I will need to learn again.