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<Guest2865> hi
<Guest2865> Can you help on selection of processor board which can support PCIe Gen2 X1 which can be configured as End point
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<Guest2865> hi ikarso
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<Guest83> hello
<Guest83> hey
<Guest83> i have some issue with beaglebone
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<zmatt> noted.
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<the_person48> hey guys, I am writing a dtsi boot overlay file for my beaglebone. I am doing two separate ones for different boot configurations. I got one of them working, and then was just modifying it in terms of which pins are inputs/outputs, and pulled up/down. But I am running into a weird compilation error:
<the_person48> here's my overlay
<the_person48> it's giving me an error on line 244: Error: power_board_boot_config.dtsi:244.7-8 syntax error
<the_person48> FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree
<the_person48> for P9_41
<the_person48> I tried commenting that line, got the same error on the subsequent line. when I commented out line 245 as well, the error went away
<the_person48> the weird thing is I can't figure out what's different about those two
<the_person48> any ideas?
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<the_person48> I'm also getting a warning (that I think is separate) about clock build issues:
<the_person48> make: Warning: File 'Makefile' has modification time 1794 s in the future
<the_person48> make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.
<the_person48> is that important?
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<Guest15> The beaglebone ai gets incredibly hot just sitting idle. Is there a way to tun off unused heaters?
<zmatt> Guest15: are you using TIDL ? if not, try a non-TIDL image
<zmatt> the_person48: the warning is caused when your bbb's system time is wildly wrong because it didn't have internet access to sync its clock (it has no clock battery hence the bbb will lose system date/time when it loses power)
<the_person48> ah I see, so I'll just plug in ethernet then to fix
<zmatt> yeah, once you plug it in I think time should automatically sync
<zmatt> and time will keep across reboots, just not power-cycles
<the_person48> cool, makes sense
<the_person48> I'll try now
<zmatt> as for the error, yes dtc's reporting of syntax errors is absolutely terrible
<zmatt> and uninformative
<zmatt> but a common cause is a bogus identifier showing up in an expression, e.g. because you got the name of a macro wrong
<the_person48> I have internet now but it's still giving me the timestamp and clock skew warning
<the_person48> huh ok
<the_person48> I'll double check the macros
<zmatt> there's probably some files that now have a bogus timestamp because of files modified while the system date was wrong
<zmatt> ls -lt will show files sorted by date
<zmatt> you can use "touch" to set the modification date of a file to current date/time
<zmatt> and the problem is P9_41 and P9_42, check the list of macros in include/bone/black.h to see why
<zmatt> your gpio number comment for P9_15b is also wrong
<the_person48> I'm not seeing a bone directory
<the_person48> and gotcha
<zmatt> well it is there, you're #including bone/black.h at the top of your file
<the_person48> oh I see
<the_person48> I wasn't looking in the include folder
<the_person48> also, I don't see what's wrong with the gpio number comment on P9_15b?
<zmatt> even though I explicitly said "include/bone/black.h" :P
<zmatt> "PIN_NOPULL( P9_15b, 7 ) //gpio 1.16"
<zmatt> it's 2.00
<zmatt> 1.16 is P9_15a
<the_person48> yeah my bad
<zmatt> (two separate cpu pins that both connect to P9_15)
<the_person48> ah, the problem is P9_41 and P9_42 have a and b's
<the_person48> so should I just set both like I did with P9_15a/b to be safe?
<zmatt> yeah so this is dtc's obnoxiously terrible way of saying: Unknown identifier "P9_41"
<the_person48> I see
<the_person48> will adjust
<the_person48> also, I tried touching the file but it's still giving the clock skew thing
<the_person48> will that cause problems or can I just ignore it?
<zmatt> when using P9_15, P9_41, or P9_42, I always recommend configuring pinmux for both pins of the pair even though you're probably only using one
<zmatt> there's no file with an obviously bogus date in ls -lt? have you confirmed system time has indeed synchronized? (use "date")
<the_person48> ok will do
<the_person48> all the dates seem wrong actually
<the_person48> they all say november 3rd for some reason
<zmatt> is your system date set right?
<the_person48> and that fixed the compilation error!
<the_person48> no
<the_person48> it says novemeber 3rd haha
<zmatt> well there's your first problem
<the_person48> yeah
<the_person48> ok I'm googling how to fix the system time
<zmatt> if you have ethernet connection and are too lazy to reboot, try: sudo systemctl try-restart systemd-timesyncd
<the_person48> I already did reboot
<the_person48> but I will try that
<zmatt> with ethernet plugged in?
<zmatt> if you did a reboot then just restarting systemd-timesyncd is pointless
<the_person48> yes, with ethernet in
<the_person48> I'll try again
<the_person48> date is still wrong...
<the_person48> does it matter, or should it work anyways?
<the_person48> maybe I just won't worry about that
<zmatt> you should
<zmatt> date being wrong means file modification dates will continue being wrong, make will continue being confused and not able to correctly do its job, etc
<the_person48> ok
<the_person48> is there any way to manually sync it?
<the_person48> not sure why it's not happening automatically
<zmatt> does the beaglebone not have internet access?
<the_person48> it does
<the_person48> I'm able to ping right now
<zmatt> you must have a weird firewall that's blocking NTP or something
<the_person48> that's possible?
<the_person48> I'm not aware of any firewall on this though
<zmatt> "this" being your office network
<the_person48> no, home network
<zmatt> oh
<zmatt> huh
<zmatt> okay that's really odd
<the_person48> yeah otherwise I would highly suspect that
<the_person48> but yeah, I set up my home network so I can't think of what it would be
<zmatt> timedatectl timesync-status
<Guest15> @zmatt yeah I'm using TIDL Image. Anyway to change, say the dtb, without reflashing.
<zmatt> Guest15: uhh there's lots of differences I think, definitely a different kernel, packages that are installed, stuff that's automatically loaded at boot, auxiliary cores that get fired up
<Guest15> Just had a look at the beaglebone download page. I don't see a non TIDL image for am5729?
<zmatt> the_person48: P8_31-46 should be NOPULL
<zmatt> Guest15: hmm, weird that for some reason there's no SD image, only an eMMC flasher ("AM5729 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB eMMC IoT Flasher")
<Guest15> There's a console image: AM5729 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 1GB SD console
<Guest15> Would that work?
<Guest15> I do need the video acceleration to work too btw. Will that happen in non TIDL images?
<zmatt> I mean, if you want a console image... they're very minimalistic images meant for people comfortable with debian packagement
<zmatt> if by "video acceleration" you mean TIDL then no, if you mean something else then no idea
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<Guest15> I'm not using any UI. I just need the sgx drivers to work.
<zmatt> oh that has nothing to do with TIDL
<zmatt> nor with video for that matter, it's a 3d gpu :P
<Guest15> Ah, good. Thanks ;) Do you know if the DSP cores will be off as well, and is there any way to turn off one of the cpu cores?
<zmatt> the DSPs and EVEs are powered on in the TIDL images but shouldn't be in the non-TIDL images
<zmatt> the hardware supports powering off one of the cortex-a15 cores, I don't know if linux supports it
<Guest15> echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online
<Guest15> cpufreq-info shows the cpu is off
<zmatt> well there you gp
<Guest15> no noticeable change in current draw though
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<zmatt> not super surprised, there shouldn't be if the cpu power management is doing its job
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<Guest15> Okay, well thanks again. Gonna go burn that new image.